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Paddy O’Brian Fucks Theo Ford in ‘Skilled Tricks’ Part 1 at

Skilled Tricks (Paddy O'Brian Fucks Theo Ford) (Part 1) at Drill My Hole

Theo Ford is getting increasingly frustrated with the lack of productivity around the office. He orders Paddy O’Brian to get things moving, but Paddy challenges Theo to show some initiative on himself.

Paddy O’Brian, Diego Reyes and Theo Ford in ‘Paranormal’ Part 3 at

Paranormal (Paddy O'Brian, Diego Reyes and Theo Ford) (Part 3) at Drill My Hole

The ghost hunters report back that the house is definitely haunted but Paddy O’Brian isn’t so convinced. They take him back to the scene of the spotting and realize that some sex is beyond this world.

Theo Ford and Gabriel Cross Flip-Fuck in ‘Paranormal’ Part 2 at

Paranormal (Theo Ford and Gabriel Cross Flip-Fuck) (Part 2) at Drill My Hole

Ghost hunters Theo Ford and Gabriel Cross have been called in to confirm whether the house is truly haunted. Paddy told them it’s not, so they decide to have some of their own fun. But is Paddy really telling the truth?

Theo Ford Fucks Andy Star in ‘Consulting Cock’ Part 3 at

Consulting Cock (Theo Ford Fucks Andy Star) (Part 3) at The Gay Office

After a meeting gets canceled, Theo Ford takes advantage of the open time with Andy Star, putting on a wet and wild show for the rest of the staff.

Diego Lauzen and Theo Ford Flip-Fuck in ‘Consulting Cock’ Part 1 at

Consulting Cock (Diego Lauzen and Theo Ford Flip-Fuck) (Part 1) at The Gay Office

Theo Ford takes office management to the next level when he starts a chain of command beginning with Diego Lauzen’s hole. Their leadership leads the other muscled men in the office to service each other to a sweaty semen explosion.

Theo Ford Fucks Caleb King in ‘Fuck Yeah!’ at RagingStallion

Fuck Yeah! (Theo Ford Fucks Caleb King) (Scene 4) at Raging Stallion

Tall, dark and handsome Theo Ford explores Caleb King’s milky flesh. As their cocks throb against each other passionately, Theo’s dick gets thicker and harder with every stroke. It’s not long before the back of Caleb’s throat is being punished by Theo’s meaty tool.

Theo Ford Fucks Robbie Rojo in ‘Criminal Lovers’ Part 3 at

Criminal Lovers (Theo Ford Fucks Robbie Rojo) (Part 3) at Drill My Hole

Theo Ford fucks a load out of Robbie Rojo before feeding him a load of his own in this episode of ‘Criminal Lovers’ at

MEN Series: Theo Ford Fucks Tony Milan in ‘Criminal Lovers, Part 2’

Criminal Lovers (Theo Ford Fucks Tony Milan) (Part 2) at Drill My Hole

Theo Ford sucks and fucks Tony Milan in a shower giving him every inch of his throbbing dick. Theo fucks a nice load out of Tony before he comes all over his hard body.

MEN Series: Damien Crosse & Theo Ford Flip-Fuck in ‘Another Life, Part 3’

Another Life (Theo Ford and Damien Crosse) (Flip-Fuck) (Part 3) at Drill My Hole

The investigation is closed and Damien Crosse has concluded that Theo Ford is not a threat to the nation. There’s one last thing he’d like to leave open, and that’s Theo’s asshole. These two hung studs flip fuck before covering Damien in two large loads.

MEN Series: Theo Ford Fucks Flex Xtremmo in ‘Another Life, Part 2’

Another Life (Theo Ford Fucks Flex Xtremmo) (Part 2) at Drill My Hole

The mic is planted and Damien is listening to every word between his target, Theo Ford, and his lover Flex. Little do Flex and Theo know that every noise they make is being recorded and listened to, even the sounds of passion as they flip fuck each other with their big uncut cocks!

RagingStallion: XXXPosure (Theo Ford Fucks Alexander Greene) (Scene 3)

XXXPosure (Theo Ford & Alexander Greene) (Scene 3) at Raging Stallion

The meeting of Alexander Greene and Theo Ford produces instant erections. Foreskin meets foreskin, gently massaged by Theo’s hand as they embrace and kiss. Both dudes are tall, toned and moderately furry. Alexander’s balls are huge, but they recede from view when he kneels to suck Theo, using his tongue to tease and his lips to squeeze.

MEN Series: Theo Ford Fucks Dominique Hansson in ‘Bedside Stories, Part 2’

Bedside Stories (Theo Ford Fucks Dominique Hansson) (Part 2) at Drill My Hole

Theo Ford has his sights set to dominate Dominique Hansson this time. Theo thrusts his hard, uncut cock deep into Dominique’s eager hole.

MEN Series: Theo Ford Fucks Darius Ferdynand in ‘Bedside Stories, Part 1’

Bedside Stories (Darius Ferdynand & Theo Ford) (Part 1) at Drill My Hole

MEN: Theo Ford likes to be in control while he is in the bedroom. He fucks Darius Ferdynand until the two unload their hot cum on Darius’ hard body.

FalconStudios: Moving Up (Brenner Bolton & Theo Ford) (Scene 5)

Moving Up (Brenner Bolton & Theo Ford) (Scene 5) at FalconStudios

Brenner Bolton and Theo Ford are kicking back on the sofa. Brenner’s face is buried in the fur on Theo’s chest, and he’s squeezing the growing lump in Theo’s white briefs. He pulls out Theo’s fat, veiny cock and sucks deeply, alternately swallowing it all and nibbling the foreskin.

MEN Series: Dennis West & Theo Ford in ‘Gay of Thrones, Part 8’

Gay of Thrones (Dennis West & Theo Ford) (Part 8) at Drill My Hole

Theo Ford and Dennis West have some insane chemistry as they suck and fuck until they release their loads in this epic episode of Gay of Thrones.

COLTStudioGroup: Heavy Lifting (Theo Ford & Lance Seawell) (Scene 3)

Heavy Lifting (Theo Ford & Lance Seawell) (Scene 3) at

Big hunk Theo Ford is the worksite foreman who catches sexy muscled stud Lance Seawell taking an unauthorized smoke-break while on the job. Catching him red-handed, Theo has Lance right where he wants him and makes Lance suck his big uncut cock. Theo takes Lance off site to a nearby apartment building under renovation so that he can work Lance over good.

Fuckermate: Hot Meeting (Theo Ford & Josh Milk)

Hot Meeting (Theo Ford & Josh Milk) at Fuckermate

Here’s a hot encounter between Theo Ford, and the appropriately named Josh Milk. This is horny fucking at its best. Full of rimming, sucking and intense fucking. We knew what Josh Milk needed, and it fitted perfectly with Theo’s preferences. When these two meet there’s not a second to waste. Its our pleasure to give you pleasure – seeing these two guys enjoy each other to the maximum.

Drill My Hole: Pride Madrid (Letterio & Theo Ford)

Pride Madrid (Letterio & Theo Ford) at Drill My Hole

Theo Ford is finally getting the chance to discover what Pride in Madrid is all about, except he never thought he’d be doing it alone. As he sits in an empty bar, the bartender, Letterio, decides to pick up his spirits a bit. He takes Theo into the back and sucks on his uncut cock before letting him pound his ass and cover him in a hot load.