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Raging Stallion Studios: Tom Wolf Fucks Trent Locke

Tom Wolf Fucks Trent Locke at The Rear Stable

a href=”” target=”_self”>Tom Wolfe doesn’t waste any time getting Trent Locke out of his shirt. Tom liked making out, but he wanted to work Trent’s nipples and hairy chest. Trent the mouths his way to Tom’s huge, veined tool for a face fuck. Tom buries his face in Trent’s hole for a taste next, before thrusting forward deep into that hole with his rock-hard cock.

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The Rear Stable: Mickey Drake & Tristan Phoenix

Mickey Drake & Tristan Phoenix at The Rear Stable

Cute Mickey Drake and ripped Tristan Phoenix passionately kiss as they tear off each other’s clothing. Mickey forcefully fucks Tristan on the couch doggy-style, showing us the long, penetrating strokes in and out, before Tristan shows his talent by riding the full length of Mickey’s poker.

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The Rear Stable: David Taylor and Lucky Daniels

David Taylor and Lucky Daniels at The Rear Stable

Heading back to the Castro, Epoc watches the throngs of people walking the street. Epoc is in search for more but what is it that he seeks? He seeks the vibrations of pure love. Epoc watches two lovers, David Taylor and Lucky Daniels, on the street as they look at each other deeply and kiss with a soulful connection.

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The Rear Stable: David Taylor & Cole Streets

David Taylor & Cole Streets at The Rear Stable

It’s muscle man and hairy boy with this David Taylor and Cole Streets combination. One is the muscled and inked bisexual stud that has come to be one of the most sought after tops in the biz, the other is a skinny furball that just loves being slammed by his dominant partners.

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Rear Stable: Logan McCree & Wilfried Knight (Giants – Scene 3)

Logan McCree & Wilfried Knight (Giants - Scene 3) at The Rear Stable

After feeding on each other’s kisses, Wilfried fishes Logan’s uncut cock out and sucks it down. He works his mouth and tongue all around his tattooed warrior’s body. Then Logan takes his turn and sinks to his knees to gobble up Wilfried’s big unclipped dick. Logan then gets behind Wilfried, holds onto his waist and churns his cock in and out of his ass. Wilfried can barely take it but doesn’t cry uncle. Instead he takes his turn with Logan’s ass, juicing it up with spit and poking it with his tongue and a finger. Then he plunges his dick inside and fucks the younger man.

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RearStable: Justin Christopher & Adam North (On The Job – Scene 3)

Justin Christopher & Adam North (On The Job - Scene 3) at The Rear Stable

Justin unbuttons Adam’s overalls and soon is down on Adam’s cock in this video. Justin then unleashes his large uncut cock from his pants and begins to stroke it. Adam manages to get it all in his mouth and Justin slowly fucks Adam’s face, but he wants it in another hole. Bending over the ladder, Justin eases his large cock into Adam’s tight hole. Intoxicated by Adam’s boyish looks and smooth white skin, Justin picks up the pace and he begins to fuck him harder. Adam unloads his bucket of cum all over Justin’s back. Worked up and ready to pop, Justin turns over and shoots his white creamy load all over his smooth stomach.

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The Rear Stable: Diamond Auto (Scene 1)

Diamond Auto (Scene 1) at The Rear Stable

Derrek Diamond’s back for another tune-up. This time his ass is being well and truly remodeled by the very hot and hairy Alexsander Frietas in the back of the auto shop. After the duo swap blowjobs, it’s straight into that hard ass-pounding action we’ve come to love seeing Derrek receive.

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RearStable: Scott Tanner Solo

Scott Tanner Solo at The Rear Stable

In an empty elevator Scott Tanner finds a quiet moment to stroke his dick. Dressed in a cop uniform, sunglasses and all, Scott’s massive cock bounces in the soft blue light. The uniform accentuates Scott’s body as he massages his pecs and his massive balls. Scott bends over and shows the camera his big round furry ass, pushing his dick straight down and creating the perfect image.

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The Rear Stable: The 5th Floor (Aaron Action & Roman Ragazzi)

The 5th Floor (Aaron Action & Roman Ragazzi) at The Rear Stable

Muscled furball Roman Ragazzi and his equally hairy counterpart Aaron Action out those chest rugs together for a hot action set that sees Roman’s ass get the complete work-over by Aaron’s tongue and cock.


RearStable: Damien Crosse (Set 2)

Damien Crosse (Set 2) at The Rear Stable

Damien Crosse’s body just keeps getting better and better. This highly underrated performer was most deserving of a solo set and we’re giving you on you’re unlikely to forget.


RearStable: Logan McCree (Set 1)

The Drifter (Set 1) at The Rear Stable

Logan McCree is quickly becoming famous for his cute, boyish face and phenomenally tattooed body. Nearly every inch of this German’s body is inked, and then there is his sturdy, cut cock! Talk about sex on legs – WOOF!

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RearStable: Max Schulter

Max Schulter at The Rear Stable

Delectable young hunk, Max Schutler is one of our favorite models – you may recognize him as the cover man of Raging stallions film “Bang That Ass”. With his full muscular build, large pecs, and an ass that invites action, Max looks sultry in these pics with a stare and presence that is undeniably sensual.


RearStable: Max Blue

Max Blue at The Rear Stable

Here’s a gorgeous twink if we’ve ever seen one. Newcomer Max Blue has innocent good looks, a lean, defined body and a long, uncut cock that almost seems too big for his body! With his popularity quickly growing, expect to see much more of this sexy youngster.


RearStable: Marcos David (Set 1)

Marcos David (Set 1) at The Rear Stable

Check out the dick on this Latino dude…Marcos David is not well hung, he’s horse hung. It sure is a thick dick, and it perfectly compliments his solid build as he strips out of his mechanics overalls in a garage workshop.

The Rear Stable: AssQuest (Part 1)

AssQuest 1 at The Rear Stable
AssQuest 1 at The Rear Stable
AssQuest 1 at The Rear Stable
AssQuest 1 at The Rear Stable

Watch Carlos Morales, Justin Christopher, Remy Delaine in AssQuest (Part 1) at The Rear Stable