Titan Men

TitanMen: Jak Black, Petr Majer and Thomac Cruise in ‘Farm Fresh, Scene 1’

Farm Fresh, Scene One (Jak Black, Petr Majer and Thomac Cruise) at TitanMen

Blond, smooth and strapping Petr Majer’s hard at work splitting wood, gearing up for one of those cool Czech nights.

TitanMen: Command Post, Scene 1 (feat. Alexy Tyler, Marko Hansom and Tober Brandt)

Command Post, Scene 1 (feat. Alexy Tyler, Marko Hansom and Tober Brandt) at TitanMen

In scene one of TitanMen’s Command Post: Tober Brandt arrives on his motorcycle while Alexy Tyler and Marko Hansom are setting up the main tent; Marko is tying down the posts while Alexy is getting a fire started.

Titan Men: Dakota Rivers Fucks Dirk Caber in ‘NEW RULES, Scene 4’

NEW RULES (Dakota Rivers Fucks Dirk Caber) (Scene 4) at TitanMen

“You still smell like him,” smiles Dirk Caber at his hubby. Dakota Rivers’ dick head peeks out of his shorts, Dirk having a taste (“Sexy fucker!”) before they free their beasts. “Less talk, more suck,” says Dakota, Dirk wrapping his bearded lips around it…

Jesse Jackman Fucks Luke Adams in ‘BEEF’ Scene 3 at TitanMen

BEEF (Jesse Jackman Fucks Luke Adams) (Scene 3) at TitanMen

Jesse Jackman lounges in the pool, a stunning overhead shot looking down on his big body. Luke Adams catches the naked sunbather, stroking as he admires the view. Jesse motions him into the pool, Luke kissing him as he strokes the muscle man’s monster.

Dakota Rivers Fucks Matthew Bosch in ‘West Texas Park & Ride’ Scene 1 at Titan Men

West Texas Park & Ride (Dakota Rivers Fucks Matthew Bosch) (Scene 1) at TitanMen

Former Army intelligence officer Matthew Bosch meets Dakota Rivers in a secluded parking lot. When they head inside and realize they’ve reached a dead end in their dealings, Dakota makes a plea for some “me” time—whipping out his rock-hard boner.

Liam Knox and Lorenzo Flexx in ‘BIG Brother’ Scene 4 at Titan Men

BIG Brother (Liam Knox and Lorenzo Flexx) (Scene 4) at TitanMen

Electrician Liam Knox gives apprentice Lorenzo Flexx some pointers at the switch box. “I really enjoy working with you,” says Lorenzo, staring intently at him. Liam grips his shoulder, moving in for a kiss as their jean bulges grind.

Jason Vario Fucks Dallas Steele in ‘Muscle Daddies’ Scene 1 at Titan Men

Muscle Daddies (Jason Vario Fucks Dallas Steele) (Scene 1) at TitanMen

Gripping Jason Vario’s tight balls, Dallas Steele moans “Fuck!” as he slobbers on the stud’s meaty cock. He rubs his hand on the jock’s muscular chest, Jason guiding the sucker down deep on his dick again. Dallas’s big boner throbs as he pulls up Jason’s foreskin and tongues the head. He wraps his hand around the thick shaft, stroking Jason as he worships it.

Adam Thicke Fucks Luke Adams in ‘SWAP’ Scene 4 at TitanMen

SWAP (Adam Thicke Fucks Luke Adams) (Scene 4) at TitanMen

Stroking his cock, Adam Thicke gets distracted by smooth Luke Adams and joins him in the pool. Luke wraps his legs around the hairy stud, the two kissing before hopping out—Adam’s thick, uncut piece dripping wet. “You’re such a tease,” smiles Adam as Luke shows off his backside, tempting his host.

Jason Vario Fucks Jack Hunter in ‘BOOM’ Scene 4 at TitanMen

BOOM (Jason Vario Fucks Jack Hunter) (Scene 4) at TitanMen

“I kind of had a feeling you like dick,” smiles Jason Vario, catching Jack fresh from his fuck. “Want some more?” He frees his huge meat, a spit strand connecting it to Jack’s hungry mouth (“Fuck, that’s a big dick!”). Jason grabs hold of the sucker’s hair, spreading his lips wide as he plows his mouth. “Choke on that,” moans Jason, his cock disappearing as Jack gulps it up, spit dripping from his chin.

Adam Ramzi and Jack Hunter Flip-Fuck in ‘BOOM’ Scene 3 at TitanMen

BOOM (Adam Ramzi and Jack Hunter Flip-Fuck) (Scene 3) at TitanMen

With no working bathroom, Adam Ramzi uses a piss bucket in front of construction bud Jack Hunter. Adam tugs his foreskin, motioning Jack over. They stroke each other, kissing deep before Adam wraps his bearded lips around Jack’s tool. “Suck that big dick,” moans Jack, guiding Adam’s head down. “Lick my balls, too.”

Adam Thicke Fucks Hunter Marx in ‘BOOM’ Scene 2 at TitanMen

BOOM (Adam Thicke Fucks Hunter Marx) (Scene 2) at TitanMen

At their latest renovation project, Hunter Marx is drawn to foreman Adam Thicke’s bulge: “Jesus, does everyone at Big D have a big dick?” Adam smiles, grabbing his groin: “It’s a job requirement.” Adam whips out his beauty, tugging on his own foreskin as he shows it off. Hunter feasts on it, spitting a wad on the shaft and whipping Adam’s dick in his hand. He gets his face fucked, then nibbles on the foreskin before his tongue slides in and teases the head. They kiss, Hunter’s huge bulge aching to burst out of his jockstrap.

Matthew Bosch Fucks Liam Knox in ‘BOOM’ Scene 1 at TitanMen

BOOM (Matthew Bosch Fucks Liam Knox) (Scene 1) at TitanMen

While being shown around their latest project by fellow worker Matthew Bosch, Liam Knox is instantly distracted: “Big D told me you had a big dick,” says Knox. “But I didn’t realize it was that fucking huge!” Matthew smiles: “You wanna see it?” He takes out his meat, Liam moaning “Oh shit!” as he grabs hold of it. The two kiss, grunting as their beards connect.

Dirk Caber Fucks Lorenzo Flexx in ‘Cum Laude’ Scene 3 at Titan Men

Cum Laude (Dirk Caber Fucks Lorenzo Flexx) (Scene 3) at TitanMen

A lounging Lorenzo catches the professor’s attention from across the pool, eliciting a smile from Dirk. Lorenzo rubs oil on his own huge pecs, asking “Can you get my back?” Dirk obliges, the growing bulge in his swimsuit grazing Lorenzo’s ass. Dirk helps himself, rubbing, fingering and tonguing Lorenzo’s hairy hole before turning him over—feasting on his chest and cock. Lorenzo then makes Dirk’s dick disappear, the professor moaning as his knob gets slobbered. Lorenzo’s ass shakes as he gets slammed from behind, the bottom then sitting on Dirk before getting on his back—unleashing his load and then yelling “I want your cum!” before he gets a messy facial.

Jonah Fontana Fucks Jackson Grant in ‘Cum Laude’ Scene 2 at Titan Men

Cum Laude (Lorenzo Flexx with Jonah Fontana) (Scene 2) at TitanMen

Anxious to get inside Jackson Grant’s shorts, Jonah Fontana grabs his own groin while chatting about their steamy encounters. Jackson strokes his big meat between his hairy legs, moaning “Choke on it! Spit on that dick!” as Jonah dives down on it, gasping for breath.

Jonah Fontana Fucks Lorenzo Flexx in ‘Cum Laude’ Scene 1 at TitanMen

Cum Laude (Lorenzo Flexx with Jonah Fontana) (Scene 1) at TitanMen

Voyeurs Lorenzo Flexx and Jonah Fontana grow huge wood. Jonah guides Lorenzo down to his big dick, slapping it on his face and spitting into his mouth. Jonah pulls him up, staring into Lorenzoís eyes as their noses touch, kissing him as they passionately embrace. Jonah fucks his face, then sucks Lorenzoís thick slab while fingering his hairy hole. Jonah munches him, stroking the sub’s boner before pounding him from behind (‘Gimmie that dick!’). The tattooed bottom sits on Jonah (‘There you go! Ride that fucking dick!’), then gets on his back for more before shooting a thick load. ‘Open that mouth!’ demands the top, who blasts a rocket onto Lorenzo’s face.

Tex Davidson and Alex Mecum Flip-Fuck in ‘Sling’ Scene 2 at TitanMen

Sling (Tex Davidson and Alex Mecum Flip-Fuck) (Scene 2) at TitanMen

Tex Davidson delivers a sling to Alex Mecum, the clean-cut jock staring at the blue-collar stud as they set it up. “Anything else I can do for you?” asks Tex, getting up close to the tall Alex as they rub each other’s bulges. Tex releases his huge cock, Alex smiling as he drops to his knees: “Fuck, you’re so big!” Tex fucks his face, repeatedly dick whipping the sucker’s eager mouth.

Adam Ramzi and Bennett Anthony Flip-Fuck in ‘Pool Service’ Scene 4 at TitanMen

Pool Service (Adam Ramzi and Bennett Anthony Flip-Fuck) (Scene 4) at TitanMen

Tree trimmer Adam Ramzi has some wood he can’t cut down thanks to pool man Bennett Anthony. They take a break, passionately kissing as their hands roam. Adam gets his handsome face fucked by Bennett’s boner—then stuffs the red beard, gripping the back of his neck as he shoves it in. Adam’s uncut cock pulses as he sucks him back again, his lips brushing Bennett’s bush. They take turns planting their scruff in each other’s holes, a moaning Adam then propping up his boner as he gets fucked fast (“Take that dick!”). Bennett gives up his ass—his boner bouncing as he takes it. He rubs Adam’s abs, the top stroking him before pounding the cum out.

Liam Knox and Jack Vidra Flip-Fuck in ‘Pool Service’ Scene 3 at Titan Men

Pool Service (Liam Knox and Jack Vidra Flip-Fuck) (Scene 3) at TitanMen

Jack Vidra returns to work, finding Matthew’s slumbering (and naked) husband Liam Knox—who catches a glimpse of Jack’s ass peeking out of his jeans. “Is there anything else I can help you with?” asks Jack. Liam drops his towel, his boner popping up in Jack’s smiling face.

Jason Vario Fucks Bennett Anthony in ‘Pool Service’ Scene 2 at Titan Men

Pool Service (Jason Vario Fucks Bennett Anthony) (Scene 2) at TitanMen

Sunbather Jason Vario rolls over, his uncut throbber attracting the attention of pool man Bennett Anthony—who darts over to gulp up the muscle man’s meat, barking “Woof!” as he comes up for air.