XtraInches: Mitch Vaughn Tops Marc Dylan

Mitch Vaughn Tops Marc Dylan at XtraInches

Tall daddy Mitch Vaughn leads his leashed and collared muscle pup, Marc Dylan, into the alley. After some heavy making out and nipple play, Mitch unbuckles Marcís jeans and pulls his cock out…

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XtraInches: Damien Stone & Wilfried Knight

Damien Stone & Wilfried Knight at XtraInches

Perfectly bearded and furred stud Damien lubes up his tool and strokes it well while coworker Wilfried is watching from behind the shelving. It doesn’t take long before Wilfried wants in on the action…

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XtraInches: Christian Wilde

Christian Wilde at XtraInches

Wilde is just about right! Our rugged big-dicked favorite Christian has a great time in his outdoor solo video. Stroking that beautiful dick with absolute skill, he shows us why he’s become one of the hottest properties in the porn world. From his hung tool to that yummy body, he’s a performer you’re going to kill to get your hands on…

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XtraInches: Rafael Alencar & Francois Sagat

Rafael Alencar & Francois Sagat at XtraInches

Rafael Alencar has one of the biggest dicks around and Francois Sagat just loves big dicks. One of the best things about this video besides watching two superstars of porn in action, is the two sets of cum shots you get to witness as well. Definitely a pair you have to see together.

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XtraInches: Justin Christopher & Marcos David

Justin Christopher & Marcos David at XtraInches

It’s two for the price of one guys – with two huge dicks needing some attention. Marcos David has a big one and Justin Christopher is happy to service him. But Justin’s dick is massive too and needs the same attention. Marcos works from the bottom to the top of Justin’s 10 inch cock, with his lips and tongue making sure to get the whole thing wet. Marcos loosens Justin’s asshole up with his tongue before driving that fat dick of his deep inside. Justin takes it like a pro, his huge dick hard the whole time as Marcos really gives it to him.

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XtraInches: Topher DiMaggio & Austin Wilde

Topher DiMaggio & Austin Wilde at XtraInches

Topher and Austin show us some excellent oral sex in a fantastic 69 position and then Austin Wilde gets fucked hard by that big tool of Topher’s. Austin doesn’t bottom much, but he will stick his ass up in the air for the right guy–and Topher is definitely the right guy.

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XtraInches: Gunner, Erik Grant & Dominic Pacifico

Gunner, Erik Grant & Dominic Pacifico at XtraInches

Talk about one hell of a double-penetration fuck train. These three gorgeous and well-endowed hotties sandwich themselves in a ass-fucking three-way that’s unforgettable.

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XtraInches: J.P. Dubois and Sam Slade

J.P. Dubois and Sam Slade at XtraInches

What they’re putting in the water over there in the UK, we have no idea. But clearly it’s doing something to engorge twinks like John-Paul and Sam with enormous cocks. Sam, the larger of the two, puts his massive member mutation to good use and pounds gorgeous bottom boy John in multiple positions after both of them have tasted thick rod in their mouths first

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XtraInches: Jimmy Tripps & Rick Powers

Jimmy Tripps & Rick Powers at XtraInches

Jimmy Tripps gets his massive monster deep-throated by hot muscle daddy Rick Powers in this barn fuck before getting up on all fours above Rick to give him a good ol’ proper throat fucking. Both guys have hot bodies, with Jimmy sporting a bit of chest hair and their facial is very becoming. When they get round to the anal portion of their hot encounter, it’s Jimmy’s big cock that does the fucking – naturally – causing the buff Powers to moan like a bitch.

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XtraInches: Leo Strong

Leo Strong (Set 1) at XtraInches

Who doesn’t love a hot, buzzed-headed spunk like Leo Strong. Add to that the size of his delicious looking package and we have ourselves one very appealing gentleman.

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XtraInches: Justin Christopher (Set 9)

Justin Christopher (Set 9) at XtraInches

Justin Christopher seems so unassuming in this solo set. It’s as if he hadn’t realized he’s got a monster attached between his legs. Not to worry, we’re sure you’ll give this modest fellow all the appreciation his cock deserves.


XtraInches: Ben Duer

Ben Duer at XtraInches

Latino spunk Ben Duer has a very nice ripped body, especially those hard abs with a light spattering of fuzzy belly hair. Oh, did we mention he’s got a huge uncut cock? No? Well, he’s about to let you get up-close-and-personal with it. Be sure to check out his extra-white cum too, it practically shines pearly white on his brown skin.

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XtraInches: Marcel Duhau

Marcel Duhau at XtraInches

There are no words to describe the girth of Marcel’s fat, uncut 8-inches. His hot solo session leaves nothing to the imagination as he whips out his massive appendage and goes to town.

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XtraInches: Jackson Wild

Jackson Wild at XtraInches

Motherfuckin’ hot young’n Jackson Wild has a great cock indeed! Its hard to believe this pretty pornstar prefers to bottom, as his cock looks like a pleasuring machine if we’ve ever seen one. The quality and location of the pics are of A-1 standard too making this a must see set.


XtraInches: Ewan Drayton

Ewan Drayton at XtraInches

Yum, yum, yum, yum, yum! Look a this guy! Ewan is sexy, and he knows it! Yep he knows he is hot and he loves to show off what he’s got! And what he has is a big, thick dick. Good looking and super hung – what a Lucky bastard! This cockiness comes across as a “fuck you, ill suck your cock if I want” attitude, but he gets away with it! His sexy confidence transcends into the bedroom too, where he enjoys plenty of dominant dirty talk and hard, rough fucking. Ewan is little South American bad-boy, with a big bad cock, and a sexy attitude you guys will love.


XtraInches: Pierce

Pierce at XtraInches

Pierce by name and pierced by nature – check out the ring in the end of this blonde hunks massive cock! If that doesn’t impress… his ripped muscles will or the fact he can lick the tip of his own cock!


XtraInches: Diego

Diego at XtraInches

Dark, brooding looks and a strong, hot body make Diego quite the attractive guy. He has a damn hot ass with a pretty hole, is well built and is the lucky owner of a really tall standing cock. God I could go on describing the sexy qualities of this amateur for hours. And it’s because of these impressive physical attributes that we think he may move on from the amateur status and soon become a big star. So keep an eye out for this guy.


XtraInches: Deano

Deano at XtraInches

Thick cocked amateur Deano was clearly nervous as hell to start, it sure can be intimidating jumping in front of a camera for the first time. Deano is a good sport though and he follows along with the game and gives a great performance, considering his amateur status…

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XtraInches: Tony Bishop

Tony Bishop at XtraInches

Perverted slut stud Tony Bishop may look all sweet an innocent in the face, but looks can be deceiving! Bishop decked out in leather jacket and sitting atop a motorbike makes this an incredibly sexy set, which will conjure up many fantasies we’re sure.