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CollegeDudes24/7: Clay Hansen Busts A Nut

Clay Hansen Busts A Nut at CollegeDudes247

Clay Hanson is a sexy, confident 18 year old with an athletic bod and an urge to get a little crazy. When Clay is not having sex or jerking off, he likes to keep fit. He even went for a 6 mile run right after he busted a nut for us. In his debut video, Clay strips down to show us his great abs, toned muscles, and beautiful bubble butt. This is the kind of kid everyone in school is always lusting after, and from the twinkle in his eye, it seems like Clay knows this. After working up his big dick, he starts pounding away, getting really into himself, breathing heavily, and beginning to work up a sweat. We love it when Clay bends over and shows us his tight young butthole, and he seems to enjoy showing that off almost as much as anything else. After giving us a nice taste of his perfect ass, Clay flips onto his back and really works up a hot sweat before blowing his jizz all over himself. Hot jerk off!

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CollegeDudes 24/7: Jerry Ford Fucks Rob Ryder

Jerry Ford Fucks Rob Ryder at CollegeDudes247

Jerry Ford has been receiving quite a few requests in the last weeks to pound some hole with his thick uncut cock. He was more than happy to oblige, especially when Rob Ryder stuck his hot bubble butt up in the air to beg for Jerry’s dick.

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CollegeDudes247: Ashton Rush Busts A Nut

Ashton Rush Busts A Nut at CollegeDudes247

Ashton is a junior in college, who apparently likes to get down and dirty any spare chance he gets. He has nice trim abs, a bubble butt that is hot as hell, and a sexy little grin on his face. It is not hard to guess what Ashton is thinking about, either – it usually has to do with sex.

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College Dudes 24/7: Chad Davis Fucks Felix Sharpe

Chad Davis Fucks Felix Sharpe at CollegeDudes247

We have been waiting quite a while to get Felix Sharpe back for some hot action – thankfully summer break has begun, and we were able to fly him out ASAP after his last final. Chad Davis is our resident newbie, and though Felix had some reservations initially about Chad’s thick one, the minute these two get together it is all about Felix enjoying the cock.

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CollegeDudes247: Clint Curran Busts A Nut

Clint Curran Busts A Nut at CollegeDudes247

Clint Curran is a 19 year old college sophomore from up north. Having hung around him a day or two before the shoot, we could just imagine him hitting up the frat parties and getting wild and crazy. Luckily for us, when his preppy clothes come off, he is hiding quite the package! Clint has a deliciously large dick, amazing abs, and a very hot butt. After seeing Clint strip we were eager to watch him jerk his schlong.

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College Dudes 24/7: Shane Fucks Colin Stride

Shane Fucks Colin Stride at CollegeDudes247

Shane and Colin together has to be the most exciting scene we have released in months. From the minute Shane and Colin locked lips, these two generated a lot of heat! Shane had said before the scene that he was very turned on by Colin and could not wait to have a go at his ass, and Colin seemed to get those vibes and in return turned it up a notch like never before. Just the way Colin treats Shane’s big cock with his mouth and throat was enough to give the entire crew boners, and then when Colin starts riding Shane, you can feel the hot raw intensity of fucking between these two.

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CollegeDudes247: Dan Estrada Fucks Colin Stride

Dan Estrada Fucks Colin Stride at CollegeDudes247

It had been a long time since we worked with Dan Estrada – the last time he was here he had a really quick trip from out west. He got in contact with us saying he was down on spring break, and wondered if we could do a shoot. Colin Stride was in town, too, so we had these too hotties give it a go. Dan has a large uncut cock, and Colin really falls in love with it. As Dan is fucking him, Colin keeps screaming how big it is and how good it feels. Dan and Colin both give us huge loads in this scene, and we always love watching a big stud pound a hot bottom. Nice stuff!

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CollegeDudes247: Buck Daemon Busts A Nut

Buck Daemon Busts A Nut at CollegeDudes247

Buck Daemon is a great new find for CD247. He is a 21 year old junior with a bit of a wild side. He has a great body and strong legs from all the rugby playing he does at school, his dick is hard as a brick, and his butt looks delicious. Buck had absolutely zero nervousness before he threw his clothes off and got into jerking it, and even when he gets on all fours and shows us his beautiful ass, he has great charisma. Buck lubes up his dick a lot in this vid – he mentioned later that he really like getting his dick glistening for the fans. When he flips over onto the chair to finish off, he starts jerking it extremely hard and fast, and his face is in ecstasy as he blows a huge wad all over his hot pecs and tight abs.

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CollegeDudes247: Reed Talon Busts A Nut

Reed Talon Busts A Nut at CollegeDudes247

Reed Talon is our new favorite Texan, and he really shows us what he has got in his first solo video. Reed stands tall at six foot two inches, and he has a beautiful uncut cock. After he talks about sports and sex, he strips down and starts working his dick for all its worth – fucking his fists, playing with his foreskin and his pre-cum, and giving us a peek at his sexy ass. You will definitely be getting off along with Reed, and he would not want it any other way!

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CollegeDudes247: Dustin Randal Busts A Nut

Dustin Randal Busts A Nut at CollegeDudes247

Dustin Randal is a full time student, part time semi-pro football player, and weekend surfer. He has a beautiful toned body with nice abs, a cute butt, and an incredible dick. His nerves show through a little bit in his first jerk-off video, but once he is stroking it he really gets into the pleasure he is feeling. Dustin has a hot pink ass, too – and it looks awfully tight to us. After giving us the full monty, Dustin flips back and lets go of a tremendous shower of cum. His jizz flies everywhere and he breathes a sigh – this jock has some sexy moves!

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CollegeDudes247: Buddy Davis Fucks Isaac Conn

Buddy Davis Fucks Isaac Conn at CollegeDudes247

Buddy Davis was in town last weekend, and Isaac Conn had been begging us to do a scene with him. The chemistry in this scene is intense, and Buddy is getting better than ever – his cock was rock hard from the minute Isaac and he started making out. After Isaac polished Buddy’s hot thick cock, Buddy really went to town on Isaac…

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CollegeDudes247: Jesse Davis Busts A Nut

Jesse Davis Busts A Nut at CollegeDudes247

Jesse Davis is a hot college football player who has a nice confident attitude and what seems like an unlimited sexual appetite. Jesse talks about his more exciting moments before stripping down, flexing his muscles, and getting to work on his nice cock. We really like it when Jesse rolled onto the couch and threw his legs up in the air for a nice view of his tight butthole while he was stroking his cock. This is definitely the kind of guy who does not have many inhibitions! Jesse begins pumping furiously and releases a nice load of cum all over himself, breathing a heavy sigh of release after a hot jerk off session!

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CollegeDudes 24/7: Hayden Wolfe Fucks Rob Ryder

Hayden Wolfe Fucks Rob Ryder at CollegeDudes247

Hayden Wolfe is our resident ass-destroyer, with his truly massive dick and his love for fucking tight holes. Rob Ryder gives Hayden a ride in this exciting fuck scene. Rob must be really coming to enjoy cock more than we thought, because as Rob is blowing Hayden it is like he is making love to that fat cock with his mouth and tongue. Hayden loosens Rob up and proceeds to ram Rob with all the force he has – Hayden pretty much rips into Robs nice pink hole with lots of spunk! Rob tries riding Hayden’s monster, and then Hayden flips Rob onto his back for another several minutes of pure fucking. After getting his hole abused for so long, Rob surprises us all by gulping down Hayden’s big load. Very hot scene!

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CollegeDudes247: Johnny Bronco (Busts A Nut)

Johnny Bronco (Busts A Nut) at CollegeDudes247

Johnny Bronco is a sexy nineteen year old college student from up north. We met him through another College Dude, and even though he was pretty nervous about jerking off on camera, he did not take long to get into the groove. From the minute Johnny starts stripping down, his tight body is on full display, and he starts working up his cock slowly at first. He really shows off his abs, arms, and butt in this vid. We cannot help but think that he really adores all the attention. When he flips over to give us a peep at his tight virgin hole, he starts breathing even harder and jerking his pole with more gusto. Right before he cums, his toes start twitching and his entire body tenses up for a nice warm load of jizz.

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CollegeDudes 24/7: TJ Hawke Fucks Colin Stride

TJ Hawke Fucks Colin Stride at CollegeDudes247

TJ Hawke and Colin Stride really hit a home run with this fuck video! Colin is a passionate, masculine, sexy dude, and TJ could not wait to get him out of his clothes and rip into him. TJ and Colin make out, strip down, and get hot and heavy right away. Colin is getting so much better at sucking dick, but TJ shines Colin’s knob like a pro…

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CollegeDudes247: Romeo Taj Busts A Nut

Romeo Taj Busts A Nut at CollegeDudes247

Romeo Taj is the perfect Midwestern Stud. Even though his family hails from the Mediterranean, Romeo is a real meat and potatoes, football watching, corn-fed 19 year old. Thankfully he was uninhibited enough to give us a taste of his beautiful bod in his first solo vid. Romeo has a cock that is long, thick, and made for fucking.

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CollegeDudes24/7: Carter Nash Fucks Logan Birch

Carter Nash Fucks Logan Birch at CollegeDudes247

For months, our fans have been wondering when Carter Nash would be pounding Logan Birch. With two hot guys like these, we knew this scene was bound to be spectacular. Carter gets a hot deep blowjob from Logan, and then he flips this 18 year old over for an intense ass-rimming. We think this must be the best rim job Logan has had judging from the look on his face and the moans that he gives up. Pink asshole primed, Logan sits on Carter’s thick cock and rides like he is in heat! Logan does a lot of bouncing up and down, but it is really hot when he inches Carter all the way inside him balls deep – and he is still beggin’ for more.

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CollegeDudes247: Connor O’Reily

Connor O'Reily at CollegeDudes247

Conner is one of those Southern guys with a little bit of an accent and a shy unassuming mannerism. Like most Southerners, though, he definitely knows when to come out of his shell. In this hot jerk-off vid, Conner gets his nice thick tool hard and wet, then gives us all a really entertaining show. After pulling on his cock for a good while, Conner sits down, throws his legs into the air and starts playing with his asshole…

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CollegeDudes247: Shane Fucks Tucker Vaughn

Shane Fucks Tucker Vaughn at CollegeDudes247

Tucker Vaughn has quickly become one of the favorite bottom boys of CollegeDudes247. This sexy 18 year old cannot seem to get enough cock, and he is always hungry for it. We decided to pair him up with Shane because in the few years we have been filming Shane, he has never failed to disappoint, and he knows how to drill ass almost better than anyone else. Not to mention his volcano-like cum explosions!

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CollegeDudes247: Felix Sharpe Busts A Nut

Felix Sharpe Busts A Nut at CollegeDudes247

Felix Sharpe applied to work with us not more than a few weeks ago, and we were glad we could get him down from cold Colorado to show us what he has got! Felix is probably the most innocent looking wild boy we have met in a while. His aww-shucks boy next door demeanor really hides his impulsive crazy side, until you get to know him. He was so excited to strip down naked and pump his cock up, and after he dropped some lube on his dick, he pumped away like a madman! He mentioned after the shoot that it was the first time he had ever sweated while jerking off. We chuckled at that, and we are definitely hoping that we get to see this sexy 20 year old sweating a lot more in the future!

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CollegeDudes24/7: Trevor Hall Busts A Nut

Trevor Hall Busts A Nut at CollegeDudes247

Trevor Hall is a beautiful Sicilian-American hottie with a cute smile and big thick dick. We always love it when a guy is popping major wood even before his underwear comes off. Trevor was rock hard and really ready to go even during the photo shoot before the video. Once he starts jerking it in the vid, he really gets sensual with the camera, and strokes his cock with one hand, then the other, then with both. The pre-cum starts oozing a little too. It is hot to see a guy so turned on just by being filmed. Trevor shows us his hairy underarms, his nice virgin butt, and every other part of his bod before he oozes a volcano of cum all over himself. Great vid!

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CollegeDudes247: Jimmy Durano Fucks Rob Ryder

Jimmy Durano Fucks Rob Ryder at CollegeDudes247

Jimmy Durano is looking better than ever fucking one of our most requested bottom boys, Rob Ryder. Jimmy knows how to jackhammer a hot tight butthole, and Rob is the recipient of an intense fucking. These two dudes start out with an incredibly passionate make-out session, and Jimmy and Rob trade blow jobs. The way Rob swallows Jimmys cock is a pre-cursor to how badly he seems to want it inside of him. Our favorite part of this vid is when Rob is squatting on a small stool while Jimmy goes to town on him. At the end, Rob takes a huge facial from Jimmy, and he really enjoys the warm cum oozing down his cheeks.

Watch Jimmy & Rob at

CollegeDudes247: JB Downs Busts A Nut

JB Downs Busts A Nut at CollegeDudes247

JB Downs is a great guy, and he has a great body to match. JB has not had too much experience, and had never had a dildo up his ass – what a better way to break JB into CollegeDudes247 than see if he could put on a hot show? Even though he admitted that the dildo we gave him was the biggest thing that had ever been up his ass, after some effort he worked his hole just loose enough to give himself some incredible pleasure. In the video you can see how much he is enjoying it as his eyes roll back in ecstasy every time he shoves it deep up his tight hole. After some acrobatics that will give you all some ideas on future scenes, JB shoots a nice warm load all over his perfectly chiseled abs. Hot solo!

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CollegeDudes247: Buddy Davis Fucks Colin Stride

Buddy Davis Fucks Colin Stride at CollegeDudes247

Buddy Davis is one of the hottest tops on CD247, so we definitely wanted to see him with Colin Stride, who after his first bottom scene made us begging to see more. After some intense deepthroating by Colin, Buddy got really worked up. It is really hot to see Buddy’s boner at full mast the entire time he is pleasuring Colin, licking his dick and eating his ass!

Watch Buddy & Colin