Dario Leon

Lucas Entertainment: Jordan Starr Rides Dario Leon’s Huge Cock in ‘Bareback Auditions 24: Thrusted And Pumped, Scene 2’

Bareback Auditions 24: Thrusted And Pumped, Scene 2 (Jordan Starr Rides Dario Leon’s Huge Cock) at LucasEntertainment

Join Jordan Starr and Dario Leon in “Bareback Auditions 24: Thrusted And Pumped.” Witness their sensual interview, followed by an intense encounter where Dario showcases his alpha-top skills. Sensational kissing, man handling, and a passionate anal experience – an unforgettable rendezvous!

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Dario Leon Fucks Logan Rogue’s Ass at ‘Well-Fucked!’ Scene 3 at Lucas Entertainment

Well-Fucked! (Dario Leon Fucks Logan Rogue's Ass) (Scene 3) at Lucas Entertainment

Dario Leon might be all top, but he’s sure a passionate one who knows how to relax and soften his men up before stripping down and sticking it in. This approach works very well on Logan Rogue, who gets hot and bothered after being passionately swooned by the deep and wet kisses of Dario.

Lucas Entertainment: Dario Leon Fucks Nico Deen in ‘Cum-Pumping Papis, Scene 2’

Cum-Pumping Papis (Dario Leon Fucks Nico Deen) (Scene 2) at Lucas Entertainment

Nico Deen might be a hair taller than Dario Leon, but his physical stature doesn’t indicate his sexual desires. The handsome (and very hell hung) Dario Leon is a total top, and Nico Deen has an intense sexual desire to hand over his mouth and butt to an alpha-male.

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Lucas Entertainment: Dario Leon, Tomas Brand & Vlad Larin in ‘Barebacking Abroad, Scene 3’

Barebacking Abroad (Dario Leon, Tomas Brand & Vlad Larin) (Scene 3) at Lucas Entertainment

Though Vlad Larin looks a bit nervous when he first sees the hulking Dario Leon and Tomas Brand, they both know how to take care of him and ease his concern. We’ve seen the work of Tomas Brand before, and he certainly knows what he’s doing.

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