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Rego Bello Fucks Ace Era in ‘Doc, I Need Your Cock!’ at MenOver30

Doc, I Need Your Cock! (Rego Bello Fucks Ace Era) at

Ace Era has come to the Doctor because he has been very sexually active recently and has noticed that the feeling in his ass is not as great as it once was and he is concerned. Dr. Rego Bello begins and exam of his ass and when inserting a finger, Ace indicates he cannot feel it. So, Dr. Bello inserts two fingers and Ace says he can feel a little pressure.

Rego Bello Fucks Bruno Bernal in ‘Frustrated Lovers’ at MenOver30

Frustrated Lovers (Rego Bello Fucks Bruno Bernal) at

Bruno Bernal is in bed watching porn on his laptop and enjoying his time alone when his lover Rego Bello comes home. We can tell that Bruno is annoyed when he hears Rego, but he continues watching the porn until Rego walks into the room.

Rego Bello and Colby Jansen Flip-Fuck in “Let’s Be Versatile, Baby!” at Pride Studios

Let's Be Versatile, Baby (Rego Bello and Colby Jansen Flip-Fuck) at PrideStudios

Colby Jansen & Rego Bello are sitting in bed discussing their sex life and the fact that they always do the same thing. They want to spice it up a bit and try fucking each other. They share blowjobs to warm each other up and then Colby goes right for Rego’s big bubble but and he rims his ass deep before fucking him Doggy style.

Devin Adams and Rego Bello Flip-Fuck in ‘Cheating Lovers’ at MenOver30

Cheating Lovers (Devin Adams and Rego Bello Flip-Fuck) at

Rego Bello and Devin Adams are both sitting in bed and discussing the fact that they both have boyfriends, but have enjoyed hooking up with each other once before.  Rego says he does not know why, but the sex with Devin is awesome and then he says ‘We did not kiss last time?’

Mike Maverick Bottoms For Rego Bello in ‘Long Time Cumming’ at Pride Studios

Long Time Cumming (Mike Maverick Bottoms For Rego Bello) at PrideStudios

Mike Maverick is sitting alone in the locker room looking at his phone and he is visibly upset. Rego Bello walks in and strikes up a conversation with him and Mike tells him he is upset because the guy he recently starting dating has a boyfriend and he would be nothing more than a ‘side piece.’ He is upset about always meeting the wrong guys. Rego is a little exasperated because he has heard this before from Mike, but he tells him he can relate as he has been single for the past year and meeting all the wrong guys too.

Rego Bello Fucks Fernando del Rio in ‘Fucking At Work’ at MenOver30

Fucking At Work (Rego Bello Fucks Fernando Del Rio) at

Fernando del Rio is organizing the wardrobe and prop area of the studio he works at when Rego Bello comes in and tells him that it looks great and they are all set for their clients the next day. He then starts making moves on Fernando, who is hesitant at first. Soon they are embraced in a passionate kiss and groping each other. Fernando drops to his knees and begins to suck Rego’s hard throbbing dick and he gives him a deep wet blowjob.