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CorbinFisher: Feeding Kip A Load (Kip & Dawson) (Bareback)

Feeding Kip A Load (Kip & Dawson) (Bareback) at CorbinFisher

Dawson starts out by sucking Kip’s cock. Kip eats out Dawson’s ass, then shoves his dick into Dawson’s mouth.

Dawson lays back and lets Kip climb on top of his cock. Kip rides Dawson in a reverse-cowboy, and bends over the sofa to get fucked doggy-style. Dawson dicks Kip onto the floor in a piledriver, then fucks a thick load out of Kip. Dawson follows up by squirting his load into Kip’s mouth – which Kip gulps down greedily!

Lucas Entertainment: Michael Lachlan & Sebastian Rossi (Bareback)

Michael Lachlan & Sebastian Rossi (Bareback) at

Michael Lachlan shows off his body to the audience while walking around his apartment the morning after his business threesome — he’s in his briefs and looks incredible. But there’s a plumbing problem — luckily, he has his Polish maintenance man, Sebastian Rossi, on speed dial.

FalconStudios: Rock Star! (Cal Skye & Sebastian Rossi)

Rock Star! (Cal Skye & Sebastian Rossi) at FalconStudios

Sebastian Rossi and Cal Skye are bodyguards tasked with protecting the rock star. They’re stationed outdoors, where the hot California sun proves too much for their black uniforms.

Watch Cal Skye & Sebastian Rossi at FalconStudios

LucasEntertainment: Kings Of New York (Mitchell Rock & Sebastian Rossi)

Kings Of New York (Mitchell Rock & Sebastian Rossi) at

Michael Lucas is overseeing an underwear shoot featuring Mitchell Rock when it’s discovered a second model is needed. This revelation is just the luck for Sebastian Rossi. He wanders onto the set and is enamored with Mitchell from the beginning, and because Sebastian has a gorgeous body himself he’s given the green light to perform with Mitchell.

Watch Mitchell Rock & Sebastian Rossi at LucasEntertainment