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Jimmy Clay, Quentin Gainz & Ty Thomas in ‘Straight Chexxx: All Aboard!’ Episode 4 at Next Door Studios

Straight Chexxx: All Aboard! (Jimmy Clay, Quentin Gainz & Ty Thomas) (Episode 4) at Next Door Studios

Just when you think things are calming down, Quentin discovers that his roommate and his girlfriend were a bit careless in their sexual adventures and managed to live cast Jimmy and Mark’s sexual adventure. Overwhelmed by the responses from viewers and the amount of money it made, he convinces Jimmy to keep the video up and think about keeping the business going. Unfortunately, Mark doesn’t feel the same way about the situation when Ty gives him a call and let’s him know about the now viral video.

Dean Phoenix Fucks Quentin Gainz in ‘Straight Chexxx: Surprise!’ Episode 3 at Next Door Studios

Straight Chexxx: Surprise! (Dean Phoenix Fucks Quentin Gainz) (Episode 3) at Next Door Studios

The drama continues as Mark and Markie face troubling times in their friendship following Markie’s steamy encounter with Mark’s ex, Ty. While the tensions rise, Mark discovers that his over-sexed Captain American neighbor is actually his hot trainer he has been lusting for and finds himself in an opportune moment when Jimmy invites him to explore the wild side with him as his girlfriend watches.

Markie More Fucks Ty Thomas in ‘Straight Chexxx: Noises Off’ Episode 2 at Next Door Studios

Straight Chexxx (Markie More Fucks Ty Thomas) (Part 2) at Next Door Studios

Quentin Gainz is finding it hard to work on his career in acting due to the lack of respect his straight roommate Jimmy shows. Even if tolerating it solves his rent issues, the sound of the straight couple fucking all the time is more than he can bare. Quentin finds himself at the mercy of his friend Ty Thomas who seems to be facing troubling times as well with his struggle to find his own sexuality and what he wants out of life. Desperate to find a why to expand his webcam business and clients in order to kick Jimmy out of his place, Quentin decides he enter a local underwear dance content at a gay bar to promote his webcam show.

Mark Long Fucks Jimmy Clay in ‘Straight Chexxx: Daydreams And Tech’ Episode 1 at Next Door Studios

Straight Chexxx: Daydreams And Tech (Mark Long Fucks Jimmy Clay) (Episode 1) at Next Door Studios

Mark Long has just moved into a new apartment with some interesting neighbors. His best friend, Markie More, who in experiencing some tough times helps him move in and is occupying Mark’s couch while he is working on getting back on his feet. Luckily, there is a trade out considering the one thing that Markie does have to offer is a car which comes in handy when Mark needs a ride to his first training session at the gym with Jimmy Clay.