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MEN Bareback: Dean Phoenix Fucks Michael DelRay in ‘Shameless Thot’

Shameless Thot (Dean Phoenix Fucks Michael DelRay) at Str8 To Gay

MEN: Michael DelRay is trying to get the perfect thotty picture to tweet out to his followers, when his new step-dad, the DILFy and muscular Dean Phoenix catches him in the act.

Dylan Lucas: Stepdad Surprise (Dean Phoenix Fucks Timothy Drake)

Dean Phoenix Fucks Timothy Drake at DylanLucas

Timothy Drake is at home alone beating his dick while watching some porn on his phone. Dean Phoenix his stepdad comes home and notices that Timothy’s clothes are all over the house and he isn’t too happy about it. Dean calls for him but he doesn’t hear a reply back so he heads to Timothy’s room.

MEN Series: Will Braun and Dean Phoenix Tag-Team Casey Jacks in ‘Pimp My Daddy, Part 1’

Pimp My Daddy, Part 1 (Will Braun and Dean Phoenix Tag-Team Casey Jacks) at Drill My Hole

Will Braun’s stepdad Dean Phoenix comes out to him and in turn Will reveals that he’s gay too! Will is determined to help him find a man and his first pick is Casey Jacks.

MEN Series: Dean Phoenix Fucks Jake Porter in ‘Tutor Me This, Part 2’

Tutor Me This, Part 2 (Dean Phoenix Fucks Jake Porter) at Drill My Hole

Dean Phoenix catches a naked Jake Porter in his bed and thinks he’s actually there for him. Jake happily plays along and gets a second go-round of some ass pounding action.

Dylan Lucas: Dean Phoenix Fucks Chase Chandler in ‘My Hot Boss’

My Hot Boss (Dean Phoenix Fucks Chase Chandler) at DylanLucas

Chase Chandler has a hot boss by the name of Dean Phoenix and every weekend Dean has Chase come over to be his servant but today turns out to be different. Chase has just finished up cleaning and Dean once him to grab him one more drink before he is off for the weekend. Chase comes back with his fresh tea but Dean wants him to service his cock.

Dean Phoenix Fucks Xander Brave in ‘Daddy’s Deep Dick’ at NextDoorSTUDIOS

Daddy's Deep Dick (Dean Phoenix Fucks Xander Brave) (Bareback) at Next Door Studios

When Xander Brave comes home from school in the middle of the day, he’s not expecting his mom’s boyfriend to be there. Dean Phoenix is equally surprised to see Xander so early, and especially concerned with the pain Xander keeps alluding to. No longer able to ignore the obvious discomfort Xander is in, Dean tells him to lay down for a massage & grabs his oils, only to find Xander naked with a towel over his bare ass.

Dean Phoenix Fucks Dakota Young in ‘Mom’s Big Dick Boyfriend’ at NextDoorRAW!

Mom's Big Dick Boyfriend (Dean Phoenix Fucks Dakota Young) at NextDoorRAW!

Dakota Young has been clashing with his mom’s boyfriend since the beginning, and today it seems to have all finally come to a head. As Dakota rifles though the bags of birthday gifts Dean got for Dakota’s mother, he finds a naughty little gift that he’d like to try out for himself, so he pillages the bag and locks himself in his room to try out the massive new dildo. Dean quickly realizes Dakota’s plan, and picks his lock, only to find Dakota spread eagle on the bed with a dildo up his hole. Dean is both pissed off and turned on at the same time, and when Dakota eggs him on, Dean decides to take matters into his own hands, bending Dakota over his knee and commencing to give him a spanking.

Dean Phoenix Fucks Gabriel Cross in ‘Professor Fantasy’ at NextDoorStudios

Professor Fantasy (Dean Phoenix Fucks Gabriel Cross) at Next Door Studios

As soon as he exited the tarmac, exchange student Gabriel Cross knew Professor Dean Phoenix’s tutelage would be an experience he’d likely never forget. His attraction was instantaneous, and when he accidentally spies Dean mumbling his name in the shower, Gabriel realizes his education will not just be in the classroom.

Dean Phoenix Fucks Lance Ford in ‘Busting The Innocent’ at Next Door Raw

Busting The Innocent (Dean Phoenix Fucks Lance Ford) (Bareback) at NextDoorRAW

With a knock at the door, Lance Ford suddenly finds himself in a very compromising position. Officer Dean Phoenix has found the stash and is looking to bust the guilty party. Luckily for Lance, Dean has a soft spot for good looking perpetrators and a particular hard on for Lance. Dean is willing to look the other way provided Lance can give him a reason to do so. Lance seems confused at first, so Dean unzips his pants and pulls out his baton to give Lance a better idea.

Dean Phoenix Fucks Quentin Gainz in ‘Straight Chexxx: Surprise!’ Episode 3 at Next Door Studios

Straight Chexxx: Surprise! (Dean Phoenix Fucks Quentin Gainz) (Episode 3) at Next Door Studios

The drama continues as Mark and Markie face troubling times in their friendship following Markie’s steamy encounter with Mark’s ex, Ty. While the tensions rise, Mark discovers that his over-sexed Captain American neighbor is actually his hot trainer he has been lusting for and finds himself in an opportune moment when Jimmy invites him to explore the wild side with him as his girlfriend watches.

Dean Phoenix Fucks Chris Blades in ‘Virgin Politics’ at NextDoorBuddies

Virgin Politics (Dean Phoenix Fucks Chris Blades) at Next Door Buddies

As his neighbor’s son, Chris Blades, casually grills him about his private life, politician Dean Phoenix senses that there’s more than just professional curiosity spurring him on. Dean asks Chris what he’s trying to get at, and Chris confesses that he’s feeling alienated from his friends and family because of his sexual preferences.

Dean Phoenix Fucks Johnny Riley in ‘Daddy Dean’ at NextDoorRAW!

Daddy Dean (Dean Phoenix Fucks Johnny Riley) (Bareback) at NextDoorRAW

With his mother gone for the morning, Johnny Riley and step-father Dean Phoenix have the place to themselves, and what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. Johnny likes Dean’s more mature approach, and Dean appreciates Johnny’s youthful exuberance, as the two of them spend the morning engaged in some quality father/son time in the bedroom, as Johnny strips off Dean’s clothes.

CocksureMen: Dean Phoenix & Zack Randall (Topping 101)

Dean Phoenix & Zach Randall (Topping 101) at

Have you ever been sitting somewhere private with your partner when suddenly you get an erection? If you’re like us, you may have wondered, well what should I do with this hard cock? Dean Phoenix and Zach Randall are here to help you answer that age old conundrum in “Topping 101”.

Watch Dean Phoenix & Zach Randall at

CocksureMen: Boyfriends (Dean Phoenix & Tucker Scott)

Boyfriends (Dean Phoenix & Tucker Scott) at

Boyfriends Dean Phoenix and Tucker Scott let you in for a peek at what normally happens behind closed doors. The foreplay is passionate and playful, with both guys taking their time pouring over each other’s hot bodies. Tucker is a masterful cock-sucker and gets Dean’s cock throbbing hard and ready to fuck. Our furry bottom jumps on top and bounces up and down on Dean’s swollen dick. He soon finds himself on his back, on his side…whatever Dean wants Tucker is more than happy to give him. So happy in fact he shoots a load all over Dean’s ripped stomach and chest. Dean follows suit unleashing a gusher of his own. Not a bad way to end your day.

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