Dylan Lucas: Stepdad Surprise (Dean Phoenix Fucks Timothy Drake)

Dean Phoenix Fucks Timothy Drake at DylanLucas

Dean Phoenix Fucks Timothy Drake at DylanLucas

Dean Phoenix Fucks Timothy Drake at Dylan Lucas Scene Summary:

Timothy Drake is at home alone beating his dick while watching some porn on his phone. Dean Phoenix his stepdad comes home and notices that Timothy’s clothes are all over the house. Dad isn’t too happy about it. Dean calls for him but he doesn’t hear a reply back so he heads to Timothy’s room. Timothy Drake still beating off thinks he hears something but he continues to stroke his thick cock. Dean hears some moans coming from his room and he peaks around the corner to find his stepson stroking his hard cock.

Dean watches for a bit until he walks in and startles Timothy. Timothy freaks out for a second but Dean tells him that he will show him how to correctly masturbate. Timothy agrees and Dean grabs his stepsons throbbing cock with his hand and begins to slowly stroke every inch of this young cock. Timothy loves it and kicks back while his stepdad plays with is hard dick. Dean begins to suck on Timothy’s cock deep throating it tasting all that he has to offer.

Timothy Drake takes Dean’s clothes off and begins to worship his Daddy’s big uncut cock sucking and slurping it. The enjoyment begins to heat up and Dean pushes his thick throbbing dick into Timothy’s tight young ass making him squirm and moan with pleasure. Timothy has been waiting for this moment for months and so has his stepdad.


They both get lost in the moment as Dean fucks that young tight hole until his stepson shoots a thick load all over the place. Dean Phoenix pulls out and strokes his nut all over his young stepson’s body. Enjoy!

Watch as Dean Phoenix Fucks Timothy Drake at DylanLucas

Watch as Dean Phoenix Fucks Timothy Drake at DylanLucas

dabc8177 says:

Dean, retire with dignity! Stop doing these crappy incestous scenes

Erudite says:

Dean needs to retire or lose the spare tire that’s made him a “well rounded” Marine

Cubankid says:

Its so weird because it some scenes Timothy looks great, then in others he just look meh.

Kj says:

Dean Phoenix is an amazing hot man. His scenes are always first class and scorching hot.

JK3 says:

I normally don’t mind tattoos, but Timothy’s stomach tattoo is horrendous and incredibly off-putting.