Tom II (Corbin Fisher)

Big, beefy and blond, Tom is the kind of stud you want on your team. So we’re happy we have him on the starting line-up of Corbin Fisher this week!

Corbin Fisher: Tom Creampies Ellis (Bareback)

Tom Creampies Ellis (Bareback) at CorbinFisher

Some of these guys so obviously and so clearly enjoy the sensations of their first time getting fucked, we have to wonder if they find themselves thinking, “I can’t believe I waited this long to try this!” Ellis would be one of those guys – the way he moaned and groaned during his first bottoming experience and how he thrust his ass up while gripping the bed sheets tight as his hole got fucked left no doubt he could not possibly have enjoyed the experience more…

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Corbin Fisher: Tom & Tanner’s Morning Fuck (Bareback)

Tom & Tanner's Morning Fuck (Bareback) at CorbinFisher

Tom and Tanner are both guys that have come in to their own lately. I think it’s safe to say each one has been doing things at a whole new level in their most recent appearances – Tom has proven himself to be one of the studliest, hottest tops in the roster, while Tanner has shown himself to be one of the most eager, enthusiastic bottoms. Sometimes it can take guys a little while to go from getting in to action with another man to taking things to that whole new level, but Tom and Tanner have definitely reached that point now!

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Corbin Fisher: Drake Likes It Rough (Tom Fucks Drake) (Bareback)

Drake Likes It Rough (Tom Fucks Drake) (Bareback) at CorbinFisher

When we asked Drake if he had any kinks, preferences, or things he might want to try on camera for us, he hinted that getting totally worked over by another CF stud was something he’d definitely be open to. Knowing he was up for and in to such a thing, we immediately set about making that happen as it sounded hot as all hell!

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Corbin Fisher: Calan & Dane Cream Tom (Bareback)

Calan & Dane Cream Tom (Bareback) at CorbinFisher

When the guys of CF aren’t fucking one another’s brains out, they’re hanging out. Of course this results in many conversations about who they’ve had sex with and who they still want to fuck. In one of these conversations, Calan shared his first on-camera experience with Tom. Notably, how much he loved it. Hearing the juicy details gave Dane a boner, which brought a wicked idea everyone’s mind. Flash-forward to today’s episode – both Calan and Dane have fun sharing and using Tom!

CorbinFisher: Justin Creams Tom (Bareback)

Justin Creams Tom (Bareback) at CorbinFisher

Tom is no stranger to big cocks. He’s been known to both dish out and take a pounding. He mentioned he was more than just curious about Justin’s big cock. He’s competitive by nature and wanted to prove that he can not only handle Justin’s big length and girth – but conquer it!

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CorbinFisher: Kellan’s Tag Team (Tom, Kellan & Sebastian) (Bareback)

Kellan's Tag Team (Tom, Kellan & Sebastian) (Bareback) at CorbinFisher

Tom and Sebastian lay back on the pool table, pull out their hard cocks, and Kellan goes down on them, starting with Tom and then his runner-up. Kellan then moves further south and sucks on their feet. Moments later Tom and Sebastian are laying legs up in the air while Kellan eats them out.

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CorbinFisher: Tom Pounds Kenny’s Ass (Bareback)

Tom Pounds Kenny's Ass (Bareback) at CorbinFisher

Kenny gives Tom all the control and Tom takes it (and Kenny’s ass) completely! Along with foot play, we see Tom do what he does best as he dominates Kenny in almost every way possible. He puts his foot on his face to hold him down as he jackhammers down into him. Then he throws him across the room, hangs him over the couch and drills him mercilessly as Kenny squirms and grunts underneath him.

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CorbinFisher: Tom & Hugh Get Wet (Bareback)

Tom & Hugh Get Wet (Bareback) at CorbinFisher

Powerhouse studs, Tom & Hugh, take it outside to have some hot sex in perfect weather. It doesn’t take too long for Hugh to hop on Tom’s big dick, and the look on his face as he slowly lowers himself on it show just how amazing that big cock feels. Meanwhile Tom’s face is just the kind you expect from the Alpha top.

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Corbin Fisher: Harper and Tom Flip-Fuck Bareback

Harper and Tom Flip-Fuck Bareback at CorbinFisher

As two of our veteran Corbin Fisher guys, Harper and Tom know their way around the studio and a fellow CF stud – each are confident, sexy, and almost always ready to give or take in some hot action. Here, these guys get to do both – give and take – as they flip fuck! Tom throws Harper’s legs in to the air and fucks him silly, before Harper bends Tom over and takes a turn on his hole.

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Corbin Fisher: Tom Creampies Zeb (Bareback)

Tom Creampies Zeb (Bareback) at CorbinFisher

Tom’s busy doing what he does best- stroking his thick cock. Zeb’s watching and gets turned on more than I remember him getting turned on before! I’m not sure if it’s the sheer balls of Tom stroking naked on the couch in front of him, or that he’s wanted to play with Tom for the fun of it.

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