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AmateurCollegeSex: Kent & Trey’s Bi Threesome

Kent & Trey's Bi Threesome at AmateurCollegeSex

Not surprisingly – Kent’s dick is rock-hard and sticking out of his shorts as soon as he gets in bed with Trey and Danielle! Kent is always up for more in and out of the bedroom. Danielle loves to take on two guys any time she can. And Trey always has a blast in a threesome.

Watch Kent, Trey & Danielle at AmateurCollegeSex

NewYorkStraightMen: Trey Sucks Ryder’s Cock

Trey Sucks Ryder's Cock at New York Straight Men

Our HOT Arab friend Ryder is in need of a blowjob that a chick just can’t provide. He now spends his weekends upstate working with a buddy fixing motorcycles at a garage that they invested in. Biz is great he tells us, but suckers are in short supply. (maybe the male customers might be afraid to ask Ryder if they could blow him??).

Watch Trey Sucks Ryder’s Cock at NewYorkStraightMen

Amateur College Sex: Russ & Trey’s Bi Tag Team

Russ & Trey's Bi Tag Team at AmateurCollegeSex

Boy, Russ has certainly become a quick favorite here at CF! And no wonder. He’s handsome, has a killer smile and loves sex with guys and girls. Plus, there’s something about that hair that just make me want run my fingers through it every time he’s around.

Watch Russ, Trey & Jackie at AmateurCollegeSex

CorbinFisher: Dru & Martin Tag Trey

Dru & Martin Tag Trey at CorbinFisher

Dru, Trey and Martin hang out and discuss the finer semantics of being fucked by two “dudes” vs. being fucked by two “cocks.” Who says CF isn’t educational?

Watch Dru, Martin & Trey at

CorbinFisher: Jack Fucks Trey

Jack Fucks Trey at CorbinFisher

After Jack’s adventure on the staircase in his debut, I knew he needed to pair him up with someone as fun and daring as he is – and that meant Trey!

Watch Jack Fucks Trey at

CorbinFisher: Jon (Grillin’ & Chillin’) (CF Unlimited)

Jon (Grillin' & Chillin') (CF Unlimited) at CorbinFisher

We know our fans love to get up close and personal with our studs, and we get a lot of feedback asking if the guys hang out and do things together when they aren’t shooting. As you’ve seen in previous Unlimited episodes, they most definitely do.

Watch Jon, Philip, Connor, Dawson, Cain & Trey at

American College Sex: Trey & Delila Break In Zeb

Trey & Delila Break In Zeb at AmateurCollegeSex

Some scenes are special because of who’s in them, or what happens. Some are special because they feature a fan favorite. And some are just special because they are super fucking hot.

Today, featuring the return of Zeb, a cute guy who didn’t do much with us last year, but made a huge impression on us and the fans. It turned out to be hotter than any of us thought it would. I knew, given Trey and Delila’s natural, fun chemistry and sheer enjoyment of sex, it would have to be good.

Watch Trey & Delila Break In Zeb at

CorbinFisher: Trey & Aiden Get Wet

Trey & Aiden Get Wet at CorbinFisher

These two had too much fun with each other in their teasing video with Delila. Since then, I knew I had to get them together on their own. Trey’s enthusiasm and Aiden’s sheer eagerness was sure to make this scene extra hot. And it did!

Watch Trey & Aiden at

American College Sex: Cain & Trey’s Bi Tag Team

Valerie Blows Martin at AmateurCollegeSex

Our two most recent Dean’s Listers are together again to tag team new coed, Jackie! That’s right – the Chosen One and the Sly Fox fill Jackie from both ends in this hot scene!

As Cain kisses Jackie, Trey gets her bra off, and in the process, feels Cain’s massive cock through his jeans. The guys kiss before she goes to work sucking on Trey’s long cock. As she sucks Trey, he reaches down to finger her hot pussy.

Watch Cain & Trey at

CorbinFisher: Philip Fucks Trey

Philip Fucks Trey at CorbinFisher

Today’s scene with Philip and Trey is pretty hot for a couple of reasons … and not just for the intense chemistry between these guys. No, there are some surprises in store for CF fans!

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AmateurCollegeSex: Josh & Trey’s Bi Tag Team

Josh & Trey's Bi Tag Team at AmateurCollegeSex

They cut to the chase when Trey tells Josh to “take the top. ” Trey goes down to get Tina out of her pants. Josh goes from kissing her to sucking on her tits. Trey licks her crotch. The guys kiss, then trade places.

Watch Josh, Trey & new girl Tina at

AmateurCollegeSex: Aiden & Trey Teasing Delila

Aiden & Trey Teasing Delila at AmateurCollegeSex

Aiden was such a hit in his solo and tag team videos. I knew he was hesitant about full-on guy/guy action. Delila and Trey obviously made him comfortable enough to get into it and fully enjoy the scene. But what none of us expected was how hot this video would be. Even the crew was blown away!

Watch Aiden, Trey & Delila at

CorbinFisher: Mason & Trey (Mason’s First Time)

Mason & Trey (Mason's First Time) at CorbinFisher

What is it REALLY like here at CF?

It’s fun, of course. Sexy, for sure. At any one time, there’s half a dozen of the hottest, horniest guys around (and that’s just me and the crew ;)) doing what they do best – getting naked and fucking the hell out of each other.

Watch Mason & Trey at

AmateurCollegeSex: Travis & Trey’s Bi Tag Team

Travis & Trey's Bi Tag Team at AmateurCollegeSex

If two über-bottoms meet, will it be like matter and anti-matter colliding, and the whole world will explode? Or does one of them adapt and become an über-top – shattering all previous conceptions of someone’s traditional role at CF? When Travis and Trey tag team Ashley, the answer kind of surprises us all!

Watch Travis, Trey & Ashley at

CorbinFisher: Preston Fucks Trey (Preston’s First Time)

Preston Fucks Trey (Preston's First Time) at CorbinFisher

After working up a sweat sweeping and cleaning the windows, as well as the pool and driveway, Trey cools Preston off with the hose. They dry off in the sun, then Trey takes him inside … where he will be playing with a different kind of hose!

Watch Preston & Trey at

CorbinFisher: Marc Fucks Trey

Marc Fucks Trey at CorbinFisher

Trey’s been in a lot of hot scenes with a lot of hot guys on CF. And he usually connects with them pretty intensely. But whether it was Marc’s thick cock, his muscular body or his gorgeous face, I’ve never seen Trey connect with a guy quite like this!

Watch Marc & Trey at

CorbinFisher: Justin Fucks Trey

Justin Fucks Trey at CorbinFisher

Our ripping new freshman Justin hits the surf and shows us how he knows how to “shoot the pier” in his first guy-guy scene with Trey!

During his solo, Justin revealed he’d messed around with guys before, but only some oral and bottoming. Not only would this be his first time with a guy on camera, it would be his first time fucking a guy. Trey’s eyes lit up when he heard this. It would be a first for Trey too – to take it from a first-time top!

Watch Trey & Justin at

Amateur College Sex: Trey & Ethan (Teasing Cassie)

Trey & Ethan (Teasing Cassie) at AmateurCollegeSex

I don’t know what it is about the teasing videos, but they definitely bring out the dirty side of the guys (and the girls!) I figured if anyone could drive Cassie crazy, it would be Trey and Ethan! Since Trey is already such a sexually-charged hunk, and Ethan showed his adventurous side when getting fucked by Dru in Costa Rica, I knew they’d be hot together.

Watch Trey, Ethan & Cassie at

CorbinFisher: Dru Fucks Trey

Dru Fucks Trey at CorbinFisher

If you’re a fan of hot, intense kissing, you’re going to love this one! Come to think of it… fans of hot sucking and fucking are also going to love this one, as there’s plenty of it all! Trey experiences that first hand as Dru fucks him hard and deep in this hot video!

Watch Dru & Trey at

AmateurCollegeSex: Cain & Trey’s Bi Tag Team

Cain & Trey's Bi Tag Team at AmateurCollegeSex

Trey’s a veteran CF Stud who has shown us that he absolutely loves to get fucked! Cain is a relative newcomer with a big, thick dick and loves to drill another guy’s tight hole with it! Both of these straight studs also can’t get enough of wild, intense fun with a girl. All of that combined makes for a sizzling hot, bisexual threesome!

Watch Cain, Trey & Chloe at

AmateurCollegeSex: Connor & Trey’s Bi Tag Team

Connor & Trey's Bi Tag Team at AmateurCollegeSex

The response we’ve been getting to our bi tagteam videos has been tremendous, and so you can rest assured they’ll be a regular part of ACS going forward! It’s videos like this one – starring hot guys like Connor and Trey – that have made the bi tagteam videos such a popular part of ACS and CF!

Watch Connor, Trey & Chloe at

CorbinFisher: Aaron Fucks Trey

Aaron Fucks Trey at CorbinFisher

As hot as it was seeing Aaron bottom for Dawson, I wanted to also see this young stud fuck another guy! He rarely bottoms, and that was a big part of why his first action video here at CF was so hot. Given he’s more experienced at topping, though, I couldn’t help but think it’d be just as hot seeing him plug a fellow CF stud with that dick of his, and so set about making that happen!

Watch Aaron & Trey at

CorbinFisher: Lucas Fucks Trey

Lucas Fucks Trey at CorbinFisher

One of the things I’ve come to really enjoy about filming Trey in action is how he can be so expressive. He’s always got a hot look on his face, and one of the looks I enjoy the most is the one that betrays his anticipation and eagerness. That look is very apparent here, as he and Lucas first start to make out, and then Lucas works his way down to stroke and lick Trey’s chest.

Watch Lucas & Trey at