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Girth Brooks at ExtraBigDicks.com

Girth Brooks at ExtraBigDicks.com

Girth Brooks at ExtraBigDicks.com

Girth Brooks at ExtraBigDicks.com

Watch Girth Brooks at ExtraBigDicks.com

EBD wrote:

This week we are proud to bring you one of the “biggest” names in the industry. Well, he may not be the biggest name around; but at 27 Girth Brooks definitely has the equipment to make even the seasoned size queen take stock. Originally from Massachusetts Girth more than lives up to his name. He has a boyish air about him yet he’s definitely a manly man. The physique is delicious, the chest is defined and hairy…

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Peter says:

What is not to like about Girth, aside from his horrible porn name?

Alatin1 says:

His face.

NE1956 says:

Yeah Alatin1, and just about everything else. Too big (not in the dick…I like big did) too hairy and too much.

elmtree says:

I’ll give you the “his face” comment. But the “too big” and “too hairy” comments…are you serious??? I think his body is perfect with just the right amount of muscle and hair. I’d love for that body to be on top of me (and that dick deep inside me!).

Vic says:

Totally agree but I don’t mind the face either! Would certainly not rule out spending a night (or day) in the sack with him.

LuckyinKentucky says:

LOL at Alatin1! Agree about his face. Not cute enough for me to get excited about and I’m not like a lot of guys on here who will stick any ogre’s dick up their ass as long as it’s big.

Established One says:

Yes, he is big and huge…and has girth to go with his name.

Kiron says:

Girth is so hot. He’s got such an amazing body and dick !

jayare says:

Definitely intro him from the neck down, but the face makes him look like a total creeper. One of those dudes at the gym who walk around and give you looks ha

Daniel says:

Amazing cock on Girth

FTLRSW says:

His cock is freakishly huge. I would need lessons on downing that.

TaterTot says:

Girth needs to try lovin’, touchin’, squeezin’ men, instead of just tearin’ them apart (thanks, Journey). Meaning, he needs to suck cock, eat ass, kiss, touch in an erotic way, instead of just being “dude who gets serviced because he has a big dick.”

That is what I think anyway.

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