BentleyRace: Mikey Rey

Mikey Rey at Bentley Race

Mikey Rey at Bentley Race

Mikey Rey at Bentley Race

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Bentley Race wrote:

After meeting in New York 2 years ago I knew that I had to meet Mikey one more time. I remember how hot he looked stroking that long tick cock in front of me. Unfortunately it was raining the day we met this time. So we couldn’t get to see him naked out on the roof again. So instead Mikey jumped into a pair of my Aussie Bums before stripping off again for me. I like shooting with Mikey. He’s a lot of fun an amazingly hot to watch. Oh… and did I mention that he’s straight? During this shoot Mikey shows off his muscular body and his beautiful round butt before stroking himself hard with my rubber stroker. I still dream about having that big cock in my mouth… maybe Mikey will let me taste it next year.

Orion Hunter says:

OMFG!! That shot of Mikey’s ass in the penultimate pic is PHREAKIN’ awesome. Now that’s how you give it up to the camera! He’s got it all; killer face, sexy bod, amazing dick, and luscious booty.

If this is how they grow ’em in Australia, then I know my next vacation destination.

Enders says:

I’m with you 100%! What I wouldn’t give to bury my tongue in that beautifully presented ass! Me likey Mikey Rey!

Urs Jans says:

Wow, what a hottie. Great smile.

Note that he is from NY. Tons of hotties in NY.

Orion Hunter says:

@Urs Jans: You’re right about Mikey being a New Yorker. That’s what I get for not reading those ridiculous descriptions (instead I relied on the tagline in the pictures – “Just Me And My Aussie Mates!” – and made a silly assumption).

Although, in my defense, most of these back stories are about as fanciful as a Grimm’s fairy tale. There’s virtually no way of separating truth from fiction.

baz says:

Absolutely nothing negative I can say. You know, other than the fact that he isn’t mine.

AaronJL says:

Wow, he’s huge. He’s also very appealing all around. Awesome face, great body, HUGE ody.

BentleyRace used to be kinda odd. I guess when you’re odd, there’s always up from there.

Established One says:

Very nice dick….well hung. YES!


He is a friggin hottie…he’s the kind that you’d like to suck and eat his ass and prep him for a good fukkin, and then he flips the switch and fukks u until the sun cums up.

Orion Hunter says: