Bentley Race

BentleyRace: Alexander Morales

Alexander Morales at Bentley Race

I’ve been checking out Alexander’s profile online now for a long time, and last week I finally asked him if he would model for me after I saw him posting some bare bum photos. I first saw him on a promo poster for a party here in Australia and thought he looked really hot! I was so glad that he agreed to come around and try on some gear while I shot around him. Alexander is a student in Melbourne and loves to hook up with local guys when he’s not studying.

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BentleyRace: Luke Piper

Luke Piper at Bentley Race

It’s been a busy couple of weeks as the BentleyRace team made the big trip from Australia to Europe. Our first stop was London and there were so many cute guys waiting for us! Our position in the heart of the city was perfect to get some of the London scenery into the shoots. Our first British lad was Luke Piper.

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Bentley Race: Anthony Blaize Returns

Anthony Blaize Returns at Bentley Race

I was so impressed by Anthony Blaize when I was back in San Francisco that I got him to drop by again for another photo and video session. We met in an old hotel in downtown San Francisco where Anthony would pose and strip off for me once again. Anthony is a really sweet guy and I hope our paths cross again sometime. Anthony is model and tattoo artist in the US and I’m sure he will be very successful. All the ink on Anthony was done by himself.

BentleyRace: Brad Thomas

Brad Thomas at Bentley Race

On a regular basis the local fire department come around to my building to inspect the fire safety equipment. All of the guys are pretty hot. But it was Brad who started asking about my photography equipment and lighting when they came through last week. It turns out that Brad is a bit of an exhibitionist himself and asked if I thought he would make a good model. Well hell why not??


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BentleyRace: Rocco Milano

Rocco Milano at Bentley Race

While I was spending some time in Sydney recently my mate Rocco dropped over to watch the football with me. And since he had come dressed for the part we got in a very hot photo and video shoot with each other. These are just some of the shots we took during the game’s breaks. Rocco has to be one of most beautiful guys I know. He’s not only sexy as all hell… but he is a really sweet guy too. We first met at the beach 2 summer’s ago when he stripped naked and went surfing. I’m can’t wait to see more of him in action this coming summer in Australia. Make sure you check out the video where Rocco tries to choke me with that fat cock and eventually cums all over my face.

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BentleyRace: Mikey Rey

Mikey Rey at Bentley Race

After meeting in New York 2 years ago I knew that I had to meet Mikey one more time. I remember how hot he looked stroking that long tick cock in front of me. Unfortunately it was raining the day we met this time. So we couldn’t get to see him naked out on the roof again. So instead Mikey jumped into a pair of my Aussie Bums before stripping off again for me. I like shooting with Mikey. He’s a lot of fun an amazingly hot to watch. Oh… and did I mention that he’s straight? During this shoot Mikey shows off his muscular body and his beautiful round butt before stroking himself hard with my rubber stroker. I still dream about having that big cock in my mouth… maybe Mikey will let me taste it next year.

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BentleyRace: Ryan Anderson (Suck-Fuck-Piss)

Ryan Anderson at Bentley Race

Ryan moved to Melbourne recently and heard about my site through his mates. We have been in contact for a while now but it was only recently we were able to get together and check him out… naked. Ryan is so dam cute!! This skinny sexy guy is so flexible. I knew exactly what I wanted to do when I saw him going head over heels on my couch and showing off that perfect asshole. Once we got the photos out of the way it was time to taste that beautiful hole. Later Ryan told me that he had never been fucked in that position before. I can tell you that it felt fantastic sinking my cock into his asshole from above. Afterward Ryan jumped on top of me and rode my cock until he was emptying his balls into my face. What a hot fuck Ryan Anderson is! Make sure you check out the video where Ryan also pisses over himself. Hot stuff!

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