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Jamison at ChaosMen

Jamison at ChaosMen

Jamison at ChaosMen

Jamison at ChaosMen

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ChaosMen wrote:

When Jamison came out, he brought one of his friends with him. His buddy’s solo airs next week.

They weren’t ready to play with each other, but I figure I can get them to interact in some way in the future.

Jamison is not very tall – about 5’7″ on a good day. He has got a stocky build, but I think he wears it well, and makes him charming and extra hot. He just looks like a dude. I think he would look great with Clay or even Gerin.

Jamison is open-minded. He says his brother is gay, and he has messed around with guys when he was young, but overall, he identifies as a straight guy.

He is actually quite well-endowed for a “little” guy, and I dunno, he just has that something charming and endearing that makes you want to get him naked to play with.

Jamison has got some great furry, muscular, and enviable pecs on him!

And what a smile!

Jamison should be back for more, so stay tuned.

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  • 1americaninkorea

    I get the feeling he’s one of those guys that ‘films’ much better than he ‘photographs’. I’m not so much interested in the solo, but if he’s paired with someone interesting I’m down for it.

    And I could almost hear the ‘air quotes’, “Oh, yeah, my ‘BROTHER’ (wink wink) is gay, I’m totally cool.” It’s like going to the doctor and saying, “Yeah… my ‘FRIEND’ has an itchy rash all over his cock and ass. Can you give me something for it? To, uh, give to him?”

  • vampiremooose

    It’s a yes for me. Great looking dude, nice lips and check out that ass!

  • jmdrwac

    Don’t we need to lose our spare tire before we do porn?? Still, better than the Mr. Ed guy from SC.

    Grade: C-

    • Riley

      Really need to stop with calling Cliff II from SC that name like him and Mitchell can help the way their face turn out. Some people……

    • porndog

      Agreed, Riley. I try to stay away from putting people down for the attributes they were born with; just because you don’t like said attributes doesn’t mean someone else finds that very thing beautiful. When we start talking about someone’s nose, etc. it sounds very juvenile, something I thought was left behind on the recess playground. It shouldn’t come from grown-assed adults.

    • GAZZAQ

      Cheers Riley and Porndog I agree with you both enough of the lame name calling, this guy is well fit, i’d give him one anyday and wot a fit bum yum ….

  • Badd01

    He is a definite yes for me as well. Extremely well proportioned body, I really like his back and bum

  • Riley

    Grade A++++ don’t know what jmdrwac is looking at. Jamison is perfection and shocker *an ordinary guy*. Not everyone has to be a gym bunny thank you very much. Jamison is just like MY Brody fom last year November A HOTTIE just the way he is DAMMIT!!!!!!!
    DAMN wish he would have came back anywho as for Jamison he is MAN TWUNKY just my type of guy who looks like the HOT
    construction worker!!! I wanna see Jamison with Hayden,Eli,
    Taylor, and MY TEO ,Ransom, hope they show him A Helluva GOOD time can’t wait to see his friend next week!!!! Starting off GOOD chaosmen keep up the GOOD WORK
    I APPROVE its a YES for ME

  • deathgays

    He’s hot, but I like him better in clothes

  • Peter

    Nice face, but I don’t like his fat gut.

    • Ryder25

      This boy is not fat!

      For a look at real fat, you need to roll down to your local K-Mart and look at what’s waddling around in there.

    • Dave

      Peter, I don’t agree with you, but you seriously made me laugh out loud!!!

  • retrophysical

    Damn you guys are harsh. He’s not fat, he’s not even chubby. His stomach just lacks definition, but he’s like, a medium build.

    Anyway, he’s cute in the face. I wouldn’t say no.

  • Bradster

    Horrible haircut

  • Established One

    Well he is a pudgy a little. He has a nice smile, beautiful brown eyes. Not bad of a dick. Nice ass. Overall: A YES!

  • Riley

    MY JAMISON is NOT FAT DAMMIT MY JAMISON is FINE!!! :) If that is fat or pudgy or whatever I’d LOVE to see who you guys who talked smack about MY JAMISONS’ supposed weight bring home every other day.

  • Orion Hunter

    Sexy, thick boy with an easygoing, infectious smile.

  • Will

    He looks much better in the shots taken on the couch and standing in the livingroom set than in the artsy “stark black background” pics.

  • Auggy

    I like Jamison a lot. His smile IS very infectious, like Orion said, and he seems like a sweet guy. His dick is nice too as well as his hole. And I also like that Jamison’s a little chunky, it makes him all the more loveable and different. And those gorgeous penny brown eyes — which remind me of Brent C. for some reason — are…wow…I’m a whore for pretty eyes, lol…so he’s a win in my book.

    I also agree with Bryan. He and Gerin would be a good, good match.

  • Clippy

    Hell yeah. How can you call this guy FAT?

    Sheesh…you guys.

  • Daniel

    Hmmm chunky

  • dragan

    very cute, looks most attractive with clothes on, unfortunately :)

  • Tom

    OMFG … He is just awesome !!! I love his face and his ass is WIN !!!