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Fratmen.TV: Brent (Naked College Lumberjack)

Brent (Naked College Lumberjack) at

Brent (Naked College Lumberjack) at

Brent (Naked College Lumberjack) at

Brent (Naked College Lumberjack) at

He’s a lumberjack… really. Welcome Fratmen Brent.

Watch Brent at Fratmen.TV

  • Fazz

    OH FUCK! I’m in loooooooove! Hello heals, what are you doing there over my head? :p
    Ever since Fratmen Max i’ve wanted to see another lumberjack at the Pad.
    And now we might get one if we’re lucky.

    For now he’s on FMTV, looking absolutely gorgeous and actually he even reminds me of Max a little; especially in the face.

    FMTV very rarely fails in having the most beautiful men in adult entertainment.

    It’s a HUUUGE YES!

    • Riley

      Sorry FAZZ Brent is MINE AND I ain’t sharing. J/K or am I. And can I Just Say DAMN Brent can wear that Abercrombie t-shirt HOLY CRAP What camp is Brent in I have to pick up my future HUS/LVR/and perfect BF and hard working man you cab take home ti meet the rents!!!
      I will be getting Brents’ DVD when FM puts it out!!! ;)
      and HOT DAMN!!!!!!! :)

    • Riley

      And because Waybig was slow posting you beat me posting
      but oh well.

    • Fazz

      hahaha We can share him Riley. But you’re very promiscuous; so many models on Waybig are yours ;)… they are very lucky :D

      He just “taps” into something within me that makes me just completely drool. It’s a medical condition :p

      And yeah, so great to see a hot guy with really big muscles that actually look human and that dont make him look a steroid monster like so many others. Those arms for one OMG! And he’s got an amazing frame.

      gah nothing about him that I dont like, except maybe his accent :P aka, north east coast accent :P

    • AaronJL

      Northeast Coast accent?

      OH MY I’d love it! I’m a New Englander by birth, French-Canadian by ancestry.

      Now I gotta go pahk my cah. Whoo hoo! :-p

    • josh69

      I feel flustered…oh my! I want him to pahk his cohk in my mawth!…

  • 007james

    Nice. manly man who likes to play with wood. seems like he’s in the right company.

  • Nate

    Yum. He can work with my wood anyday. Those arms!

    • elmtree

      Yes his arms are flawless, as is the rest of him! Actually my fav pic is the first pic of him in the plaid shirt. Damn, Brent is beautiful!!!

  • FeydRautha

    Fratmen doesn’t do much for me, but I will say that their guys tend to have the best asses.

    • Neobamboom

      Yes they do but their cocks are always passable

    • Dave

      You speak the truth.

  • Peter

    He’s adorable.

  • Orion Hunter

    THAT ASS!!!!!!

    *slowly winches tongue back into mouth*

  • deathgays

    Holy shit this guy is perfect

  • von schlomo

    Very cute, great body and nice cock!

    Love the curly hair, tan lines and semi-natural pubes. They’ve all been mostly skinned the last several months so badly that I was beginning to think he was not paying them extra anymore to leave the damn trimmers and razors alone before the shoot.

  • Costumer

    I don’t care what it will cost them, SOME studio better pick up this guy to do m/m scenes…

  • Established One

    I approve. This guy is really hot. Nice body, nice dick, nice smile. Just fucking nice! It’s a YES for me!


    Damn….my my my.

  • Mass

    Love the fact that he’s cut, and that the cut is done so well. Skins are hot, but guys who are beautifully circumcised are a work of art at the hands of the circumciser. Some are done so well — as this dude — while others are not! Love this man!

  • Fireball

    Oh I get it! The wood in the first picture is meant to look like an anus! They are so clever at Fratmen.TV

    Speaking of anus’, his is nice.

  • TaterTot

    I love him.

  • bob80

    Pity that good looking guys like that are not willing to have gay sex on camera.

    • 1americaninkorea

      I’m holding out hope!!! But I have a sinking feeling you’re right.

      He shore is purty to look at, tho… dang.

  • EmpireState

    Oh fuck! They had me at ‘naked lumberjack,’ but then I saw the photos. DAMN fine.

  • Jakub


    • Vic

      Absolutely right! There’s NOTHING else to say!!

    • AshBry

      agreed agreed agreed!!! DAMN, it’s going to be a good day today ;)

  • TK

    He is so gorgeous and hot but he is being wasted on this site.

  • FFVIIMidgar

    GodDAMN he is HOT!

  • tyler

    another gorgeous ass on a perfect specimen of young manhood from these guys. they may not have the biggest cocks, but they know how to photograph every vein on them beautifully. something cocksure needs to fucking learn. buy a good camera porn site operators !

  • BrianRatliff

    My cock is aching for his body next to mine and alot of frottage….dick sucking, kissing, love making…hell, you name it and I’ll take it with this built like a “shit brickhouse” as the old saying goes. I wish he did guys but we can only hope…doubtful! Damn….

  • VegasRich

    Ok not much to add but “DAMN!”

  • TonyC

    THIS is the FIRST site, where I do not mind that these guys have smaller dicks than regular porn sites…their bodies are just overwhelming, that I never get down there and usually I am STUCK TO THEIR ASSES..just amazing MEN!!..DID ANYONE go to school with guys that looked like THIS???..I was a pharmacist and talk about GEEKS!!!..well UGLY DUCKLING GEEKS I was stuck with for FIVE FUCKING wonder, when I finally CAME OUT at 23yo, I was a CRAZY MAN!..BUTT still had good taste in my men..I think so?!?!?!


  • sliderboi

    boring and uninspiring.

    • AshBry

      Did you get overly excited and skip the pictures? ;)

  • Paul D

    DAMN. Makes me want to return to this site…I’d like him as a friend (at the very least). The most intimidatingly perfect man this site has EVER had and I would know. I can’t believe his arms, eyes, overall physique, oozing masculinity, ass, legs, etc….WHY is he not pro modeling? He has the hair/face/eyes that cameras LOVE and I stared at the first pic for a long time before going on to the others. Can’t imagine he’s on a porn site instead of Abercrombie, Gap, etc’s ads.

    • Paul D

      Forgot to say that I froze up completely when I hit the pic in the button up plaid shirt (5th one). STUNNING. Wish I looked like that…

    • 1americaninkorea

      He’s definitely handsome, but I’d say he’s a bit too bulky to be a mainstream model. He probably wouldn’t fit in the sample sizes- he’d look like the Hulk bursting at the seams, hahaha… (on second thought—– maybe that’s not such a bad idea…) Look at arguably the most successful male models of the last 15 years- Markus and Tyson… even at their most ripped, they were still a lot leaner than this guy.

      He’d be perfect for ‘sports modeling’ like the covers of fitness magazines or, even better, maybe underwear packages!!!

      Or, failing that, he could just come live with me.

  • Daniel

    How masculine. Cute cock.

  • AaronJL

    Wow he’s so nice. Perfect everything. Forget it Riley and Fazz. No sharing on this guy. If he’s got that Northeast coast accent, WE two are the only ones who can communicate perfectly.

    I can’t click on any other WB updates this morning. They would all be a letdown, no matter how good they are.

    Looks like my ‘work’ is done for the day then. Come Brent. Or is that Cum Brent? Wicked!

  • AshBry

    How can you fault this flawless flesh of Man!!! His eyes are entracing, his body so masculine and defined, and that ass! Don’t get me started there ;) Then again, it would look even better in my bedroom.

  • Sushi

    “FMTV very rarely fails in having the most beautiful men in adult entertainment.”

    WELL SAID, Fazz! It’s just such a pity that they only do solos. All these other sites get such uggos.

    What a beautiful man. I loved looking at these photos.

  • poison824

    best looking dude for a long long while. heaps better than all the recent models from all the other sites.

  • Kiron

    WOW this guy has AMAZING arms and a cute face and good given body.

  • douwd20

    Very cute. Underwhelming cock.

  • HKguy

    Hot Damn!!! He can come play with my wood

  • Brock722

    For me the only picture that *wasn’t* a 10 was the plaid shirt, where I thought he looked a little too pretty.

    But damn, yes, the rest of them… OMFG. Wow. And that cock might be a bit “underwhelming” (as was said above) when it comes to porn, but I have plenty of ideas for it that would not leave me dissatisfied in the least.

  • baignehuile

    Can somebody please tell who is this model in this photo from FRATMEN???

    Thanks! :)

  • Anonim

    I can see him somewhere yet?

  • lanztn

    Brent is incredibly built for a 19yo. The deep voice and calm demeanor make him sexy. He could have a profitable career in porn.

  • superme

    Perfect strong guy.