Squirtz: Micky (Solo)

Micky (Solo) at

Micky is a serious type of guy. Right now his focus is on working out and getting more muscular and he’s not fooling around. He works out hard and with purpose and he pays strict attention to diet and resting. You probably won’t be surprised to find that Micky is straight and does fairly well with the girls. And he takes his sex as seriously as his bodybuilding. He’s a real expert.

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jinger says:

He’s wonderful

Res1 says:

Cute in pics. Dreck in video. They do too much airbrushing.

von schlomo says:

yeah, they do. Huge difference.

manu says:

Woooow I agree!!
I wish we could see more guys with long hair in gay porn .
This one has a nice hole..that’s all I can say!

My head immediately played “All i can say is that my life is pretty plain. I like watching the puddles gather rain….” when I saw him.
I wasn’t even born yet back then, HA!

danni says:

makes me wanna throw-up!

markjohnson200947 says:

Cute one… Like the hair, maybe next time he should wear tuft.

HKguy says:

It’s the lost Hanson brother

porndog says:

Beautiful. He does benefit from the airbrushing, however. But overall, quite lovely. I doubt we’ll see him do anything besides this.

Res1 says:

I don’t think I care to.

Ryder25 says:

Okay til he opens his mouth. Needs braces bad.

elmtree says:

Pretty nice in the pics…

Kelo says:

he looks kinda derpy.

like the long hair tho

David7 says:

Can’t get hot over someone that looks like a member of the group, Hanson…MMMBop…..LOL

Daniel says:

He’d benefit from a haircut.

Redboy70 says:

I hope a serious makeover is in his future. I don’t mind the hair, it’s the ear grommets I don’t like.

wkybuilt4 says:

Even if the hair looked decent, the teeth are nasty

twinkemopunk808 says:

very sexy face and hair! that body is pretty hot too but shaved pits? reallY?

Ike says:

Micky can make a squirtz in my ass ANYDAY.