Shane Cook Fucks Collin Adams in ‘Shane’s Seduction’ at Helix Studios

Shane's Seduction (Shane Cook Fucks Collin Adams) (Bareback) at HelixStudios

Shane's Seduction (Shane Cook Fucks Collin Adams) (Bareback) at HelixStudios

Shane Cook Fucks Collin Adams at Helix Studios:

Collin Adams is one of our newest models and we’re initiating the fresh faced fuck boy in a BIG way with super cocked Shane Cook!

Collin Adams kisses the gorgeous gladiator while reaching inside his stretching skivvies, anxious to get at that axe of his. Adams releases the beast before the cock star rips his drawers. The beautiful brunette can’t keep his hands off the incredible appendage but finally tears his tongue away from Shane Cook’s kisser to suck on that cock! The angelic twink looks directly into Shane’s ecstasy filled eyes. Watch as he does the impossible by swallowing every fat fucking inch down to the balls.

Shane Cook is impressed and invests some tasty time of his own on the twinkie boy’s bone. The muscle god gives just as good as he got but does the dude one better by burying his tongue between his supple young cheeks. Shane shakes his face around, digging deeper into the Collin Adams’ ass. He then spits and spanks Collin’s caboose till a cherry hand brand is visible. Horned up and anxious to test drive the top of the line love muscle, Adams begs for a boning.

Shane Cook lays back on the bed like a boss and orders the kid to cum sit on his dick. Collin Adams slides his spit-shined sphincter right down on the duck of big uncut dicks and bounces deep down to Mr. top boy’s balls. The commander in cock orders his beautiful bottom onto his back and quickly gets back to work. Collin is in ass ecstasy, breathing heavy and moaning from every expert thrust Mr. Cook and his muscle meat mash inside his sweet center.


Bottom boy’s toes curl and his tight twink body tenses as squirts a piping hot load of pleasure onto his ripped torso. Shane Cook pulls his perfect piece out and Collin Adams instinctively gets on his knees with an open mouth. Shane’s super soaker has amazing aim! Every ounce of oozy goodness lands on the lusty lad’s tongue. That is except for one sticky drop that stays plastered on pretty boy’s chin dangling. Ultimately, cock hungry Collin can’t get enough. He then continues to deep throat Shane with a mouth full of fresh cream. #Talent

Watch as Shane Cook Fucks Collin Adams at Helix Studios

Watch as Shane Cook Fucks Collin Adams at Helix Studios

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sam my says:

Idk, maybe its just me, but I have been finding Helix videos to be very boring and lame as of late. The pairings arent matching up and the sex is about as forgettable as a horrible one night stand with Flavor Flav.

Scrapple says:

I still can’t believe Shane has yet to be partnered with Josh or Corbin. Or better yet, Josh and Corbin.

gaycockluvr says:

I need more Corbin in my life.

Scrapple says:

His boyfriend made good with that catch.

gaycockluvr says:

probably catches some good dick too…aint mad at that.

Scrapple says:

I ain’t mad, but I am jealous. Fat ass, fat dick, fat lips and that face?

bloodhound says:

Will Shane ever give up the booty?

hvdude says:

Shane is good for HS, not their normal totally twink. But seriously, who does these write ups? They are f*cking HYSTERICAL “hot load of pleasure” “oozy goodness” “top of the line love muscle”?! I’m dying!

andrew says:

Shane’s a stud. He’s the go to top man at Helix. He looks great except for that hair style.

elmtree says:

He really does look delicious here.

Hunter O'Porn says:

I normally skip Helix scenes when I see them listed here. However the image of Shane caused me to look here and at his archive. Is he a good and gay performer?

von schlomo says:

Really? Shane’s face is so severe. Just because he’s their designated jock, hunk, muscley, non-stick, top only model whose sole purpose is to fuck every other Helix model doesn’t mean he can’t be cute. There’s hundreds of models with the same body and cock who have cute and/or beautiful faces. His is just so bad.