CockyBoys: Ashton Summers Fucks Troy Accola

Ashton Summers Fucks Troy Accola at

Ashton Summers Fucks Troy Accola at

Ashton Summers Fucks Troy Accola at CockyBoys:

One snowy evening in a high-rise hotel, restless & horny Troy Accola goes to great lengths to get laid. Leaving his door unlatched he sends out a live video stroking his cock and fingering his hole in the hopes that the recipient Ashton Summers will take the bait. Which he does. Ashton enters slowly but quickly doffs his shirt and takes out his cock as Troy teases his hole. Soon his mouth is buried in that musky crevice and Ashton has become a performer in the live sex show.

After cock-teasing Troy’s hungry hole Ashton slides into him and soon they’re both watching themselves, becoming exhibitionists and voyeurs simultaneously. Ashton’s cock and Troy’s ass move together, but as the adrenaline thrill takes hold, Ashton pivots to full-on power top. This is his room now & he takes Troy to a mirror so they can both watch. Ashton sits back as Troy rides his cock in vivid sexual ecstasy. And now so focused on Ashton Troy turns his back to the mirror and sucks him deeply.

What started as an anonymous encounter becomes a passionate connection as they kiss at length before Ashton lies Troy on his back in front of the mirror again. He almost sucks Troy to completion but then switches to fucking him non-stop until Ashton makes him shoot a load built up from hours of edging. Ashton spins Troy around and gives him a huge creamy facial. They kiss again to finish off night time sex fest but it doesn’t look like they’ll be parting any time soon.

Watch as Ashton Summers Fucks Troy Accola at CockyBoys

Watch as Ashton Summers Fucks Troy Accola at CockyBoys

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andrew says:

Blue eyes meet brown eyes – so cute and sexy together.

DaveAtom says:

Sexy. Well done.

Cubankid says:

There’s something about Troy that I really like.

bloodhound says:

Really sexy guys.

Jackson says:

For the love of god, someone get Ashton Summers to a studio that’ll treat him right… and by that I mean have him bent over taking dick left, right and centre.
I don’t mind him topping occasionally, (and this doesn’t look bad) but I’m all about bottom Ashton

von schlomo says:

The top only Ashton is giggle worthy. He’s been fucked in the ass 6 ways to Sunday and for good reason.

Jason says:

He’s bottom a number of times for CockyBoys and LucasEntertainment in 2016/2017. He refuses to bottom now, so it doesn’t matter what studio he goes to he will not be on bottom.

emercycrite says:

Troy is quite beautiful

Sushi says:

Ashton used to get fucked or flip all the time. Is he another born again virgin like Diego Sans?