Corbin Fisher: Myles

Myles at CorbinFisher

Myles at CorbinFisher
Myles at CorbinFisher

Myles at CorbinFisher
Myles at CorbinFisher

Myles’ Solo at Corbin Fisher:

The first thing you notice about Corbin Fisher newcomer, Myles is how brilliantly blue his eyes are. The second thing you notice is how well his muscles fill out his shirt. Having played high school football, Myles loves spending time in the gym and pushing himself to see how far he can push his body. Apart from his own all-American muscles, Myles says that American muscle cars are really what get his heart pounding, and we definitely love the image of a hot guy in a classic car, but we’re also sure that we can find another way to get his blood pumping.

Myles has a smoking hot body, with a hot six-pack, big, hairy chest, and amazing arms. But his cock is definitely a show-stopper. Even he can’t keep his eyes off of it while he’s showing off!

Watch Myles as Corbin Fisher

Watch Myles as Corbin Fisher

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some charge says:

At least they saved us from the vagina this week… or did they?

Mihayl says:

You fool! Vagina is coming! They’d never skip it

some charge says:

that would mean no gay scene this week which is new low even for CF

some charge says:

You were right, it’s vagina day this Saturday. They’re dead.

Mihayl says:

Corbin Fisher never fails to disappoint

Ed Stoneback says:

I usually don’t like huge muscle men …..but Myles and the nice natural ? Body hair and sexy eyes …..we have a winner now we need some scenes with other sexy hairy Fisher men nice

von schlomo says:

Closer to natural than we usually get, for sure. I’d say he, or the Corbin Fisher gang, did some grooming. He’s not amazing but he’s “close enough” in the other ways that I can definitely look into his future and hope to see him getting pounded in the ass nicely. I didn’t watch his interview but he has a masculine look and it’s always nice to see the butch boys getting fucked.

I also don’t gravitate toward the muscley guys but his body looks muscular for a purpose, other than appearance. Almost every guy in porn goes to the gym but not as many are athletic.

Dkingz33 says:

Surprised they released another solo so soon I guess this means Bradley ain’t coming back. They usually release at least one straight scene with the last model a week later.

Matteo says:

Me too. I wasn’t expected a new guy until next week… always so confused by their schedule.

Usually I’m not into these fitness men; nevertheless he is sexy and I enjoyed the solo. He looks very handsome during the little interview.

Speaking of perfectly muscled body, I still hope for a Calvin surprise (sadly by now quite improbable).

SacsayhuamanAntoninus says:

@disqus_zE4LdfXPjp:disqus dont forget about “Shoot Your Eye Out” Flynn man I miss him.

SacsayhuamanAntoninus says:

Nor Flynn

Scrapple says:

I would fuck 500 Myles. And I would fuck 500 more.

Body like a back road. He’s thic as fuc. He can’t stop giving his dick the death stare. He’s hairy. He likes his nipples played with. He shoots an arching load. That hair needs some styling but we can work with that. Barron, Imma need you to come back and drop those fatigues so you can drop to your knees.

Also, it looks like Myles has a tongue ring. And if he does, we damn well know he didn’t get it to lick clitorises. Or is it clitori?

moondoggy says:

“500 Myles.”

Okay, that was good. I was going to scold you for snarking about London’s tape measure, but this was inspired.

Scrapple says:

Nobody told London to measure from his asshole.

moondoggy says:

Wherever he measures from, he will still have a huge dick. You’re carping.

Scrapple says:

Lying for the sake of lying speaks to other issues.

moondoggy says:

PS – The plural of clitoris is clitoris. It doubles as a collective noun. One clitoris, two clitoris — one fish, two fish.

Scrapple says:

You’re funny.

Keir Grey says:

Lol, a The Proclaimers gif! Those were the days. I would like to see a handsome, masculine guy like Myles at corbinfisher in gay scenes. Barron should return to get with him and Sawyer.

Scrapple says:

I want Sawyer to have all of the dicks. All of them!

Target says:

This country boy could like…get it.

Redphyro says:

I want him back to fuck another guy ASAP.

emercycrite says:

I want to bury my face in his armpits and deepthroat his cock.

DaveAtom says:

I want to do that too. All day long.

James Johnson III says:

Same here. That’s what a college jock should look like. I haven’t wanted a Corbin Fisher model this much since that sexy mound of muscle, Cade. Here’s hoping he comes back for duo work

DaveAtom says:

Amazing. He is so big in the best way possible, manly, hot and with a very nice dick. We are ready for him.

moondoggy says:

I never thought I’d say this, but too bad he’s at this studio.

An aside, I hate when new updates post under old ones. When I saw SeanCody at the top, I almost closed the browser because I thought there were no new updates.

DaveAtom says:

Me too, but then I think he could fuck the shit out of Max and Saewyer and that’s more than ok.

And I hate that too! They want to highlight one update, but that makes you miss the rest.

Colton, The Major Hussy says:

Hot body, hideous haircut. Love all the natural hair in chest and armpits.
He looks much better in the video stills than the photos.

hvdude says:

Holy crap – where’d they find this stud!

Parrin McCoy says:

It’s time for the X Chaosmen guy (Sawyer?) to have a flip fuck!

SacsayhuamanAntoninus says:

Is This Galens’ HOT (country Bumpkin cousin) in a good way replacement? If So Its A YASSSS

Young Neil says:

He is hot… but I have a sinking suspicion that he isn’t going to do anything interesting… I REALLY hope I am wrong though…

MC.EMC2 says:

If they don’t release another new gay scene on Saturday, that will mean two weeks in a row with ONLY ONE new gay scene…Let’s wait and see if anyone will have the audacity to defend them if they release a str8 scene on Saturday….

Marcel Anthony says:

Hot guy but I prefer a sex scene than solo.

MK says:

CF is desperately trying but they have lost my interest and respect a long time ago. Is he gay or bi? If he’s straight/gay4pay, bye!

Guy says:

Hot and apparently quite the3 shooter. Hope he returns for man to man action!

ajholditdownbaby says:

I’m wit it! 👍🏾


What’s with the NO ASS shots ? U can just look at Myles and tell he has a nice one !

gaycockluvr says:

Who’s in charge of the photography at this site? They really need to do better. He looks a lot better in that video. I hope we see more from him and soon.

andrew says:

Myles is a hunk.

Maximus says:

Now, do we think that his parents are siblings, or just cousins?

Capello says:

It’s difficult to believe this guy is interested in gay sex. I still have a hope because he makes me think to Cain who wasn’t afraid at all, to sensually enjoy sex with men .

Gazzaq says:

Nice but what is his Butt like as there are no Pics of it ????

coolcoolboy says:

Of course as soon as I let my Corbin Fisher subscription lapse they have to add the second cumming of Cade to the roster! So are we sure he’s coming back for some real mansex? Especially with Max, Elian, Sawyer, and Barron?

david david says:

OMG! Hot! Hot! Hot! I really hope he’ll be back.

Jamie says:

He’s too busy hitting the gym to worry about a pretty haircut, and you can tell he doesn’t care how it looks. That’s cool.

Parrin McCoy says:

I hoped Bronson would stay around….guess he got run off….then there was Shepherd from my neck of the wood’s and he only played around with two guy’s and hit the road and back to work in the warehouse he call’s home in NC….

some charge says:

they heard you, that’s why it’s 0 gay sex scenes now lol