MEN Series: Thyle Knoxx Tricks Dante Colle Into Fucking Him by Wearing a Realistic Nicolette Shea Bodysuit in ‘Cheaters, Part 3’

Cheaters, Part Three (Dante Colle Fucks Thyle Knoxx) at MEN

Cheaters, Part Three (Dante Colle Fucks Thyle Knoxx) at MEN

Cheaters, Part Three (Dante Colle Fucks Thyle Knoxx) at MEN

Cheaters, Part Three (Dante Colle Fucks Thyle Knoxx) at MEN

Cheaters, Part Three (Dante Colle Fucks Thyle Knoxx) at MEN

Dante Colle Fucks Thyle Knoxx in ‘Cheaters, Part 3’ at

Thyle Knoxx has been crushing on his new neighbor, Dante Colle, since he first noticed him. Thyle devises a plan to impersonate his wife (porn star Nicolette Shea) with a realistic bodysuit. Therefore he sneaks into the house to wait for tattooed Dante to get home.

Dante Colle is pleasantly surprised to find his wife waiting for him in bed. Then he realizes it’s actually his neighbor, Thyle Knoxx!

Horny Dante Colle decides to give in to his curiosity. He then pleases his big, thick cock with Thyle Knoxx’s slobbering mouth and tight hole!

Cheaters, Part Three (Dante Colle Fucks Thyle Knoxx) at MEN

Cheaters, Part Three (Dante Colle Fucks Thyle Knoxx) at MEN

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treasuretrail says:

Lol first dude looks like a creepy, angry alt-righter looking through those white bars. But then the special effects of the reveal from woman to…him would make any TS envious!!

Scrapple says:

Ms. Shea already has to contend with being in her milf phase. And she’s okay with going along with the idea she looks like a cheap latex doll? Girl.

There’s thirst and then there’s attempted sexual assault.

D. Ja says:

Thyle should’ve stuck with Chaturbate, if he wanted to do porn. This studio and their idea of gay porn fantasies, are making him look real bad.

Me2 says:

Oh, for fuck’s sake…

MC.EMC2 says:

I assume there are many people involved in the production of a scene. Seriously was no one able to see the sheer stupidity that this scenario is built on? Did no one think it was a horrible idea to produce / release this crap?

ArgleBjargle says:

Seriously? What utter garbage.
They can’t just have Dante & Thyle fuck?
Some seriously troubled individuals at this studio.

No_No_No_Yes says:

Just when you think Men has finally bottomed out in the stupid zone, they manage to find another way to drag it to a new low. The absurdity that someone actually presented this as a “story” is exceeded ONLY by the imbecile who’s job included approving this. The sad part is I can actually picture these fools fist pumping over this shit.

Then on the other hand, it does distract from the fact Diefro is growing that ridiculous shrub on his melon and still fucking in every other scene. How better to cover a multitude of spectacularly bad decisions that to cover them with worse ones. I can honestly say I would FUCK Nica Noelle in the middle of La Cienega Boulevard during high tea in WEHO before I would burn a nano cent on a membership to this site.

Forkib says:

so at the end of the day Dante turned out to be another g4p actor


JK3 says:

End of the day? The guy was knee deep in vagina at CF. The only people disappointed are the ones that weren’t paying attention.

Daniel Hayes says:

Dante does all kinds of porn: straight, gay, bi, ts, you name it… I don’t see why would you be surprised that he is g4p. Quite obvious to me.

More says:

g4p is a myth we need to start dispelling. Real straight men wouldn’t dare touch a man unless they were on crack and needed more crack. Same for a gay man who wouldn’t dare touch a woman unless they needed crack. The whole concept is insulting to gay folk bc it insists that being gay is just a job. Porn is a job sexuality is not

WhimsyCotton says:

At the beginning of your argument: “g4p is a myth we need to start dispelling.”

At the end: Porn is a job sexuality is not

Which is it? If sexuality is not a job/choice then straight people can choose to have gay sex for money. Prostitution is a job as old as time. You need to stop perpetuating that silly notion that gay sex = gay. It gives too much credit to G4Pers who are terrible at it.

More says:

Lmao you don’t get the point. truly consider why a real straight person would have gay sex. It makes absolutely no sense. Porn is a job and sexuality isn’t a choice. You don’t get a job unless you’re minimally qualified. By saying the silly notion is that gay sex = gay is saying fuck reality fuck the dictionary and fuck rationality. If you have sex with another man you’re either bi or gay. The fact ppl try to dispute that is homophobic and bi phobic/bi erasure. Even the idea of experimentation is ridiculous bc ppl know what they want and this term is often used when they’re finally ready to explore it.

WhimsyCotton says:

Why would a straight person have gay sex? I don’t know, maybe they’re desperate for money and either can’t or won’t get another job?

The definition of homosexual:

adjective: homosexual
(of a person) sexually attracted to people of one’s own sex.
involving or characterized by sexual attraction between people of the same sex.”homosexual desire”
noun: homosexual; plural noun: homosexuals
a person who is sexually attracted to people of their own sex.

You are delusional. A sexual act does not constitute sexual orientation. Suggesting that experimentation or having sex for money is homophobic or in any way bigoted is utter lunacy. Educate yourself. It’s embarrassing to read your drivel.

More says:

you’re weird. Not once have I insulted you and you’re on here defending a dead end point.I didn’t even speak to you. You could have ignored my comment but you obviously had an issue with logic and had to prove absolutely nothing with dictionary terms. You sound so old school to believe such a thing. In order for someone to have a sexual encounter with someone they have to be sexually attracted to them in the least bit.Whats embarrassing is that gays and bis wont own their sexuality and make these kinds of excuses. ppl need to stop shitting on definitions and trying to change them. And there are millions of other jobs so that is the lamest excuse anyone could come up with.This is obviously resort they go to because they fit into a category other than straight. If I don’t like pizza or have a life threatening allergy to pizza why would I get a job taste testing pizza instead of trying to find another job. Even for ppl who can’t find a job there are still other options.

WhimsyCotton says:

Of course I had an issue with you ignorance and lack of logic. Old school? I’m pretty sure there’s nothing old about facts.

The only person trying to redefine the meaning of words is you. Sorry that your feelings aren’t backed up by facts, but that is simply the way of the world. You honestly think prostitutes are attracted to the sometimes hideous creatures they have to have sex with? No. Regardless of orientation, they do it for the money. Because it’s their fucking job. It’s an incredibly simple concept that anyone with an above room temperature IQ should understand.

moondoggy says:

Every good part of Dante’s porn legacy just exploded and died.

More says:

😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Im fucking dying

andrew says:

Dante Colle has got movie star good looks. So handsome!

WhimsyCotton says:

That’s one way to ignore the bullshit that’s going on in this scene…

JasCo says:

Crap premise aside, I can HEAR THE DIRECTOR in the background! This is the second scene in two days ( the other being Brandon/JJ) that I can hear directions being given in the background! That’s just sloppy, unprofessional editing and really second-rate.

WhimsyCotton says:

Thyle, girl. No. Just no. You deserve better than this. A man should be happy to fuck you for you not for looking like the Michelin Man’s wife… It’s insulting to you.