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MEN Series: Ryan Bones Fucks D.O. in ‘Cheaters, Part 4’

Cheaters, Part Four (Ryan Bones Fucks D.O.) at MEN muscular D.O. is on a mission to get inside of beefy Ryan Bones’s pants; however, he knows hunky Ryan is mostly into younger men.

MEN Series: CHEATERS, Part 2 (Alex Mecum Fucks Thyle Knoxx)

Cheaters, Part 2 (Alex Mecum Fucks Thyle Knoxx) at MEN

Alex Mecum is obsessed with Davey Wavey and Thyle Knoxx isn’t too pleased. Thyle informs him that a mutual friend met Davey via a popular dating app. Thyle Knoxx has a little surprise planned for him.

MEN Series: Diego Sans Fucks William Seed in ‘CHEATERS, Part 1’

Cheaters, Part 1 (Diego Sans Fucks William Seed) at MEN

Diego Sans gets an anonymous phone call about his boyfriend William Seed cheating on him. He devises a plan to catch him in the act. Watch what happens when he does!

[Coming Soon To MEN] Diego Sans Fucks William Seed in CHEATERS, Part 1

Cheaters, Part 1 (Diego Sans Fucks William Seed) at MEN

Diego Sans finds out his boyfriend William Seed is cheating behind his back. Find out how Diego exacts his revenge in “Cheaters Part 1” this Friday, only on MEN.

Billy Santoro & Kory Houston Flip-Fuck in ‘Cheaters’ Scene 3 at IconMale

Cheaters (Billy Santoro & Kory Houston Flip-Fuck) (Scene 3) at Icon Male

Billy Santoro is worried that his boyfriend suspects of his affair with Kory Houston. But Kory figures that it might be for the best, since they won’t have to sneak around anymore. Their secret love affair would finally be out in the open. Nonetheless, Billy fears for their lives, seeing as his boyfriend has done time for attempted murder in the past.

Jaxton Wheeler Fucks Armond Rizzo in ‘Cheaters’ Scene 2 at IconMale

Cheaters (Jaxton Wheeler Fucks Armond Rizzo) (Scene 2) at Icon Male

Armond Rizzo wasn’t expecting anyone to show up at his place tonight. Yet, someone is knocking on his door. He opens to see a man he has never seen before. After introducing himself as Billy’s boyfriend, a very alarmed Armond invites Jaxton Wheeler inside for a chat. Jaxton begins by telling him that Billy is unstable and warns him that he shouldn’t mess with his head, but Armond refuses to believe anything this stranger is telling him.

Billy Santoro Fucks Armond Rizzo in ‘Cheaters’ Scene 1 at IconMale

Cheaters (Billy Santoro Fucks Armond Rizzo) (Scene 1) at Icon Male

Young Armond Rizzo isn’t very content with the fact that Billy Santoro, the older man he’s been seeing in secret, is still with his boyfriend. Feeling ‘second placed’, Armond feels he should tell the truth so they could finally be together. But Billy is concerned that if he tells his boyfriend that he’s been cheating on him, he might get violent. Despaired, Billy lowers his head and places his hands over his face. To comfort him, Armond leans in to kiss Billy’s ear, then slowly makes his way down the neck. To forget about his concerns over his boyfriend, Billy turns his head to face Armond and makes out with him.