Freshmen: Ethan O’Pry Photoshoot

Ethan O'Pry Photoshoot at

Ethan O'Pry Photoshoot at
Ethan O'Pry Photoshoot at
Ethan O'Pry Photoshoot at

Ethan O’Pry Photoshoot at Freshmen:

There are many labels that you could apply to Ethan O’Pry, but the truth is that he is a one-of-a-kind phenomenon who would probably not understand why we are making such a fuss over him. Viggo Sorensen and Eluan Jeunet will soon become his first on-screen partners here on Freshmen.

But for now we will let you enjoy this ‘official’ first look at Ethan O’Pry.

Watch Ethan O’Pry at Freshmen

Muscular AND adorable – unusual combo, but not for Freshmen! 🙂 Anyways, I can pass the long hair this time around, he’s too cute to let go 👏🏻

DaveAtom says:

<3 Reallh beautiful

CJXXX says:

Ethan reminds me of a younger Jared Padalecki.

Kanaka says:

He has some gorgeous hair.

JJG says:

Funny enough this is filming from years back. He has a regular short cut currently

joback says:

This hair really works for him.

Tim says:

I’d climb him like a tree

jinger says:

Gorgeous body and hair. Can’t wait for this one to come back.

Ed Stoneback says:

Ethan is stunning in every way handsome and gorgeous body with some nice body hair and his long hair is pretty sexy too