Jake Preston Fucks Damian Night (aka Noah) in ‘Banging The Jolly Humper’

Banging The Jolly Humper (Jake Preston Fucks Damian Night) at

Banging The Jolly Humper (Jake Preston Fucks Damian Night) at
Banging The Jolly Humper (Jake Preston Fucks Damian Night) at
Banging The Jolly Humper (Jake Preston Fucks Damian Night) at

Jake Preston Fucks Damian Night (aka Noah) in ‘Banging The Jolly Humper’ at

When Jake Preston wakes up with a boner in his holiday PJs. He then asks his boyfriend Damian Night (aka Noah at Sean Cody & Roman at Corbin Fisher) for attention, but Damian doesn’t want to fool around at his parents’ house. The unconcerned Jake goes downstairs with an obvious tent in his onesie, so Damian runs after him to try to hide it from the folks!

Jake Preston pulls his hard dick out and convinces Damian Night to spread his butt flap for some sneaky doggystyle; Damian rides his man on the couch. Once the coast is clear, the twinks strip off to suck each other, and Jake pounds Damian in spoon and missionary till they cum for a jolly holiday present!

Watch as Jake Preston Fucks Damian Night at

Watch as Jake Preston Fucks Damian Night at

Gazzaq says:

Ah well good for Damian/Roman as he looked a bit lost on twitter since he was not asked back to work at Corbin Fisher. He will do well wherever he ends up as he is damn good performer, although many complained that he overused on Corbin Fisher!

Stephensteven says:

Kinda strange to see Roman at a new studio after all his years at CF. I wish the lad all the best wherever he goes, he was a terrific asset at CF, it’s a shame they lost him, he was one of the reasons I signed up to them.

Gazzaq says:

Yeah he is great asset and he is doing better then he was a while ago as he looked bit lost. He probably has loads of old scenes waiting to be released from CF though, I mean they released Riley and everyone’s favourite Dull Dylan’s early 2021 scene on Tuesday.

I briefly looked at the new Friday CF scene and am not a fan of the new lad, so I could not be bother to leave a comment. Others are singing its praises but it pretty porn by numbers for me. And as for that other scene enough said!

DeeGee says:

Yeah but he’s doing that thirsty ppv thing on OF 🤬

Quietist says:

Well, who would have thought this … Roman participating in a stupid charade at MEN?
His saying on his Blue Bird channel that “CF didn’t ask him back” is —according to me— just bullocks. He is trying to play the innocent victim here. But in fact he is the perpetrator.
For quite some time he has been flirting with many on his Blue Bird site. And testing his OF.
Something must have happened in the very beginnings of CF’s trip to Oregon/California. Roman only appeared on some of the photos taken in Portland. After that he disappeared completely, followed by openly advertising hard-core MxM stuff on his OF.
He, for some time now, just doesn’t want anything more than to be a part of the big family of OF-models, always doing collabs with each other, harking in the dollars of a lot not so very smart men.

Malik Dullgaty is one of those he is following for quite some time on his Blue Bird channel, so it’s just a matter of time and MEN will show a circus act with the two.
He also was following Jordan, one of CF’s models on the Oregon/California trip, and suddenly he dumped him.

This is all the personal decision of the Cuban and CF/Jason is not to blame. CF is to blame for a lot of other stuff instead.

Bair says:

Who cares if anything you are IMAGINING is or will be true or not. NOT ME! I file it under “marlarkey”. All I know is this looks like a FUN scene. As a Gay man I enjoy watching 2, young, cute, nekkid guys having Gay sex. Jake is new to me but luscious Damian has proven himself to be an incredible performer. Do you think you will find yourself “able” to see it, as you found yourself “able” (according to you) to see other MEN scenes that you (according to you) do not subscribe to? Tehehehehe! This is another of the FUN scenes in which 2 sexy guys are SOOOOO horny for each other that they must have one another NOW, no matter what, where, how, or who else is there. It’s ONE type of fantasy. Porn is about presenting different fantasies. If it’s not a fantasy for you I guarantee you it’s a hard-on causing fantasy for others.

Gazzaq says:

Well Said Man. Jeez some commentators who think they are experts on here, just love complaining about things that they cannot change. They think its the old days when the studios actually listen to to the fans, which they dont now.

Fummer43 says:

Jake Preston is super cute… what do we gotta do to get up dick up his ass?

Jamie says:

Glad to see Jake again and hope to see more of him.

Anthony says:

The sex it’s hot and i’m fucking crazy for Jake but this acting stuff it’s just so cringe. Can this company just release a normal sex scene without all that stupid acting thing?

inukaiser says:

another shitty scene which proof how low MEN has fallen

Julio Carlos says:

Does anyone know the name of the actor who plays the father?

Gazzaq says:

Well thats what Damian stated on his twitter page, so that’s that really.