Jake Preston Fucks Jay Stroke in ‘Breaking a Sweat’

Breaking a Sweat (Jake Preston Fucks Jay Stroke) at

Breaking a Sweat (Jake Preston Fucks Jay Stroke) at
Breaking a Sweat (Jake Preston Fucks Jay Stroke) at
Breaking a Sweat (Jake Preston Fucks Jay Stroke) at

Jake Preston Fucks Jay Stroke in ‘Breaking a Sweat’ at

In this electrifying scene from, models Jake Preston and Jay Stroke take their fitness routine to an exhilarating new level. The action kicks off when Jake stumbles upon his houseguest, Jay, preparing a protein shake in the kitchen. Misinterpreting the situation, Jake believes Jay is indulging in a bit of solo pleasure.

Unexpected Turn of Events

As Jay continues his muscle-building regimen, Jake can’t help but observe, growing more aroused by the minute. The atmosphere heats up when Jake decides to add a playful twist, yanking down Jay’s shorts during a set of pull-ups. This bold move sets the stage for what’s to come, with Jay swiftly commanding Jake to escalate their interaction.

Escalating Desires

The intensity between them spikes as Jay takes control, guiding Jake in a steamy exchange. The kitchen workout quickly transitions into something far more intimate, with Jay demonstrating his skills on Jake, who’s precariously positioned on the pullup bar. The kitchen’s steamy air is filled with their escalating excitement, leading them to take things to the next level.

Intense Physical Connection

The duo swaps roles, allowing Jake to showcase his dominance. Their connection deepens as they engage in a vigorous physical encounter that tests the limits of their endurance and strength. The action moves from the makeshift gym to the bedroom, where their dynamic shifts yet again.

Climactic Moments

In the bedroom, the intensity of their workout reaches its peak. Jay, showcasing his versatility, takes the lead, riding Jake with unmatched enthusiasm. The scene culminates in a powerful display of passion and pleasure, leaving both men satisfied and marking an unforgettable moment on

This scene, featuring Jake Preston and Jay Stroke, combines athleticism with deep, physical connection, making it a standout addition to’s diverse array of content.

Watch as Jake Preston Fucks Jay Stroke at

Watch as Jake Preston Fucks Jay Stroke at

Young Neil says:

I think this is the first time they have Jay bottom? Either way it looks hot

Jorden says:

Why wasn’t this a top to bottom scene?

Scrapple says:

I don’t get why Jay spent all that time in gay porn trying to not do gay porn, to then come back and do a one-sided oral scene, then a full topping scene with sucking, then he’s bottoming. Bills to pay? New truth unveiled? Girlfriend no longer in the picture?
The body looks good though.

ETA – How is it this man was so hesitant to do gay porn and out the gate he’s getting Jake’s thick cock, begging for more, busting out a handsfree cumshot while getting slammed, then having ANOTHER cumshot right after? What the fuck?

Jason says:

I wanna ride Jake so bad!