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CockyBoys: Jarred’s Poolside Stroke

Jarred's Poolside Stroke at

Okay, so one of the many bonuses of having your own jacuzzi is that it’s REAL EASY to get boys to take their clothes off. Jarred came over to my pad one afternoon for a couple mid-day Mai Tai’s and a quick dip in my hot tub. It didn’t take long before the convo quickly turned to sex and Jarred started bragging about how big his dick is. I told him to put up or shut up and pretty soon I was getting a one man show out of this lean ripped hottie. And let me tell you – he wasn’t lying. This boy was packin’ some serious heat.

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CockyBoys: Ridge Michaels Fucks Tyler Peter

Ridge Michaels Fucks Tyler Peter at

So here’s a boy that I’ve been waiting to show you. Tyler Peter. He’s not as innocent as his smile may lead you to believe. Not even a twisted ankle will stop this stud from getting what he wants. Ridge is swimming laps naked in the pool when Tyler gimps out to lay out poolside. Convo starts and soon Tyler is in the pool making out with Ridge (Tyler has that affect on people). They start playing with each other’s hard, submerged cocks while they kiss. Ridge sits up on the edge of the pool and starts pulling Tyler’s eager mouth onto his big dick.

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CockyBoys: Derrick Vinyard & Wake Riley

Derrick Vinyard & Wake at

Derrick Vinyard – the big man returns in his final scene before retirement. This time Wake is his victim. You know by now Vinyard is a power top. He has a massive, thick cock and isn’t afraid to shove it in a boy’s ass hard, fast, and all the way. Honestly Wake was only supposed to give Vinyard a blowjob. We were all just screwing around in my loft, and decided to break out the camera and do one last scene with Vinyard…

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Broke Straight Boys Superwide Banner #2

CockyBoys: Jonathan Lowe & Guy Flip-Flop-Fuck

Jonathan Lowe & Guy Flip-Flop-Fuck at

OK I admit it – I love pool sex. Boys in speedos, hot, wet, getting hard and getting off, it doesn’t get much better than that. One of the great things about living in Los Angeles is there are lots of pools, and lots of horny hotties in speedos. This scene features two of my closest boys – Jonathan and Guy – doin’ what they do best. The scene opens with Guy deepthroating Jonathan’s cock…

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CockyBoys: Phenix Saint & Jonathan Lowe

Phenix Saint & Jonathan Lowe at

This scene starts with some great oral – both these boys have big dicks – and Jonathan gets especially turned on working Phenix’s Prince Albert. The boys switch to 69’ing each other, and Phenix starts fingering Jonathan’s hole to prep it for his cock. Then Phenix pushes Jonathan onto his stomach and starts fucking him – not a lot of easing into it – Phenix immediately starts pounding Jonathan’s ass…

CockyBoys: Phenix Saint Slams Tristan Tucker

Phenix Saint Slams Tristan Tucker at

What is it about Phenix Saint that puts so many boys in heat? Is it his ripped abs, hot tatoos, or Prince Albert? Maybe its his ‘fuck all’ attitude. Maybe I should just ask Tristan Tucker, because he certainly had a thing for Phenix. Tristan is a pretty aggressive bottom, so when he wants a boy’s cock he doesn’t stop until he gets it. The boys were screwing around all day at a friend’s pool. You just knew something was going to happen, and sure enough… This one starts with Tristan going down on Phenix’s cock. Tristan sucks Phenix’s dick like it’s a hotdog and Tristan hasn’t eaten for days. Of course Tristan won’t end it with sucking dick, and before you know it Phenix is pounding Tristan hardcore all over the hottub. Tristan finally maxes out and cums while Phenix is fucking him. Phenix them pulls out and shoots his load all over Tristan’s neck. Pearl necklace anyone? Check it.

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CockyBoys: Derrick Vinyard Tames Jackson Wild

Derrick Vinyard Tames Jackson Wild at

Jackson Wild loves to get fucked hard by muscle men. The first time I shot him, I paired him up with Dorian. Dorian fucked his brains out, but Jackson wanted to take on the big man himself – Mr. Derrick Vinyard. Vinyard is not really into ‘on camera’ play anymore. So I told Jackson he needed to catch Vinyard off guard. Jackson actually caught Vinyard horny and jerking off, and the big man agreed to give it a go. I kinda had to rework the jerk off part once the camera was rolling, but the rest is vintage Vinyard: a power top tearing up some ass. The scene starts with Jackson demonstrating his cock sucking skills. Vinyard has a massive cock, and Jackson deep throats it like a kid swallowing a candy cane…

Derrick Vinyard Tames Jackson Wild at

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CockyBoys: Lucas

Lucas at

Lucas is one fucking hot Latin boy. He’s my perfect fuck. Standing at 5’9″ with ripped abs and a bubble but, this boy just needs to grab his ankles and bite down. He claims he’s straight, but I’m working on it! Meanwhile I did convince him to jerk off for me. He wanted to shoot it in the tub to feel more comfortable, so that’s what we did. It starts by watching Lucas take off his clothes and strip down to his jock. Then he drops the jock and runs bath water. He gets in the tub and lathers up his ass…

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CockyBoys: Jesse Santana Drills Kevin Cavalli

Jesse Santana Drills Kevin Cavalli at

OK we all have seen a straight boy passed out, and thought about pulling his pants down and fucking him. Even if you’re a bottom, you’ve at least thought about messing around with a drunken straight guy. Santana told me a story about fucking this drunken straight kid at a party when he was in school, and how much the straight boy liked it. I was like – fuck – we have to shoot that. Kev is always hanging out with us, and he already had his cherry popped, so he seemed like the perfect candidate.

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CockyBoys: Gamon Walker & Connor Corrigan

Gamon Walker & Connor Corrigan at

I like to film guys who are couples in real life – there’s a comfort level to it – and they know how to push each other’s buttons. We met up hanging out with some friends of mine in Laguna Beach. I just had to watch them fuck – Gamon’s big dick tearing up Connor’s twink ass – that shit should be in an Omnimax.

Watch Gamon Fuck Connor at

Life Is Better With BelAmi 2022 – Superwide & Tall

CockyBoys: Marc Cody Fucks Himself

Marc Cody Fucks Himself at

At long last, here is Marc Cody’s CockBoys debut. He wanted to start blogging before his scenes came out so I created a model profile for him. I have never gotten so much email asking about a model! When you see his scene, you understand why. This boy just screams sex. When you see that hot ass, you just want to fuck him until one of you passes out. In this scene he gets his hot hole loosened up…

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Life Is Better With BelAmi 2022 – Superwide & Tall

CockyBoys: Jude Collins Hazes Andrew Blue

Jude Collins Hazes Andrew Blue at

College hazing – we all fantasized about it in college – a hot jock making us prove we’re worthy, then abusing our mouths and asses with his cock. Even straight guys think about it. It’s certainly one of Andrew Blue’s fantasies. He heard about a college hazing scene where the pledge got paddled then fucked. It was just too hot to pass up. I tapped Jude Collin to make it happen…

Watch Jude & Andrew at

CockyBoys: Jonathan Lowe and Orlando Dawson Flip-Fuck

Jonathan Lowe & Orlando Dawson Flip at

Orlando Dawson got such rave reviews from his first CockyBoys scene that I just had to bring him back. Who better to team him up with Jonathan Lowe. Originally the boys were going to kick it by the hotel pool, swim some, and kind of get to know each other. Well that lasted all of a minute. The next thing I knew they were on their way up to the room to fuck.

CockyBoys: Kyle York (Takes A Toy)

Kyle York (Takes A Toy) at

Kyle York is a Cockyboy bad boy. With his shaved head and street attitude, he looks like he might punch you if you grabbed his ass. He’s only topped so far for the site. But in this one you see a whole new side to him. In his first solo for me, Kyle ‘explores’ his tight hole and starts getting it ready for ‘bigger and better’ things to come…

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CockyBoys: Phenix & Derek (Phenix Bottoms Out)

Phenix & Derek (Phenix Bottoms Out) at

It was my boy Phenix’s turn to give it up – arch that tight ass up in the air and take some cock. Phenix warmed up with a toy in a prior scene. This time – he gets fucked. We decided to tap Derek to do the deed – hot, straight, nice cock and a ‘lets get it done’ attitude. Most of this scene is Phenix taking it.

Watch Phenix & Derek at

CockyBoys: Derrick Vinyard & Kevin Cavalli Fuck Tory Mason

Derreck Vinyard & Kevin Cavalli Fuck Tory Mason at

Anyone up for a twink sandwich? This one is really Derrick Vinyard, Kevin Cavalli and Tory Mason fucking around at my loft, that turns into some pretty hot three-way fucking where Tory takes it from Derrick and Kevin. It’s a great chance to see the guys in a more informal setting as the guys really have fun with it while Tory’s ass takes a good workout…

Watch Derrick, Kevin & Tory at

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