Corbin Fisher: Calan Cues Up Chris

Calan Cues Up Chris at CorbinFisher

Calan Cues Up Chris at CorbinFisher
Calan Cues Up Chris at CorbinFisher
Calan Cues Up Chris at CorbinFisher

Calan Cues Up Chris at CorbinFisher
Calan Cues Up Chris at CorbinFisher
Calan Cues Up Chris at CorbinFisher

Calan Cues Up Chris at Corbin Fisher:

If you’re as thrilled as the rest of us Calan is back in action at Corbin Fisher, you’ve really been looking forward to this episode – Calan’s first bout of hardcore Corbin Fisher action in quite some time!

What’s so great about having Calan back is he was a total stud during his first round of action at Corbin Fisher, and has only gotten studlier and sexier since – more handsome, more built, and – as you’re all about to discover here, and as Chris is set to experience first hand – even more skilled in the bedroom!

Calan’s returned to Corbin Fisher clearly having learned a thing or two since he was last here. He was in some blazingly hot scenes back then. But, he has even more confidence now and he does nothing short of rock Chris’ world in this special episode that kicks the holiday season into full swing at Corbin Fisher. Chris discovers a vet like Calan can most definitely teach him a thing or two as Calan totally goes to town on Chris’ hole – first with his tongue, then with his big, stiff dick.

With Calan being welcomed back by this new generation of Corbin Fisher stars, first with a massage from Eli and now with a hot fuck with Chris, it’d seem Calan’s back to plant his flag and show these young upstarts how it’s done!

Watch as Calan Fucks Chris at Corbin Fisher

Watch as Calan Fucks Chris at Corbin Fisher

Gazzaq says:

I enjoyed this a lot, as it was energetic, fun and they were well matched. Was not a fan of Calan previously but am liking him now, and his experience in front of the camera really shows. I have now, got over my disappointment of his scene with Eli. Chris always brings it and is one of my recent favourites. Now CF need to pair Calan up with some of the other oldies, like Harper et al. Looking forward to seeing some more of Calan and maybe he can bring Dylan and some of the others out of their shells a bit!

Edwin Stoneback says:

Pretty good scene Calan very sexy and gorgeous but much too smooth to me I’m afraid a shaver is too blame but Chris and his fuzzy furry thighs and legs are really sexy good pairing

Fummer43 says:

Calan is a total dish…… not all tatted up, more mature, beautifully shaven, immaculate hair……. Hope he bottoms again as his body is sublime…… just the total package.

marclyte says:

I always loved Calan especially when he bottomed. I hope he came back to bottom too. Weird seeing him back after a very long hiatus. It didn’t seem like he would be back doing porn when it looked like things were working out for him in his private life.

moondoggy says:

I guess I’m the only one so far who was disappointed. Last month, they had a pattern of really good climaxes for the tops. This month has proliferated bad ones. On consecutive days, they’ve ended with the top looking borderline flaccid at the end of the scene. Clearly some time elapsed between edits because he is decently hard in the second angle.

Quietist says:

Yes, I noticed that ‘problem’ at the end too.
But first of all I’m really happy with Calan’s return. At last we have a decent gay hunk again in the roster. And he still looks damn good.
Let’s hope he stays around long enough to ‘prove’ that he still has it all.

The roster keeps having problems, now that Roman is definitely gone.
He wrote on his twitter on Nov. 18: “I use to go by the name of Roman on CF, …”. In the meantime he is going all out on his OnlyFans, promoting a scene he did with Joey Mills. He also did a scene with a guy named Angelo Sin (@freaky_bandit). So he soon will be part of the big ‘OF-family’ with $$ in his eyes. Noting who he is following on twitter makes me sad, I suspected Roman had more grey matter than the average porn model.
Of course CF still has scenes with Roman in stock. We can only guess how many and when they will be published.
Another model I’m starting to wonder if maybe he left is Dylan. I wouldn’t mind but maybe the very few hints lead me to wishful thinking 😜.

DeeGee says:

Please let it be Dylan who is gone.

Gazzaq says:

Gone where, had Dylan left like Roman then?

sasuk388 says:

dylan needs to stay. he keeps getting sexier. we need new hot ones as well

swan says:

Dylan should go, so sick of him. he keeps getting worst

DeeGee says:

Yes, I’m afraid Calan hasn’t come back better than ever with the added miles on his odometer. He looks great, though.

Paulbon23 says:

Gotta watch this.

JB says:

The bottom (fuckee) has sexy armpit hair. But the face…..

Gazzaq says:

You know JB i think that about this lot of the guys on CF and in porn in general. They are either like R Shabazz’s entourage pretty over preen gay guys or plain faced lads, who have saturated the gay porn industry nowadays and are revered for it!. Chris is no oil painting but the man, he has some excellent fuck skills!

Rough&sweet says:

Chris’s face was so handsome before with perfect hair. I think he’s getting skinny recently

Scrapple says:

Calan’s new look is great and these two look hot together. I’m just not a fan of jackrabbity short strokes. I can’t remember if Calan always topped like that, but he’s older now so there’s no excuse for amateur dick slinging. Chris’ hole deserves better than that. Deeper than that.

DeeGee says:

I fear Calan’s dick lends itself to jackrabbity short strokes, but he could work on correcting that. Not shaming him for being thick and stubby, it’s what he has to work with. But it’s unforgiving of the slightest amount of flaccid.

Pascal says:

O Calan! While you’re at it, can’t you work on bringing back Tom, whom you fucked twice? Convince him to ghost wife and child for a bit in order to show everyone at CF how to top?
I miss Tom’s unwavering erection…

dustin_jamerson says:

Chris bottoming don’t do much for me anymore. Calan is still hot and hope he bottomed for Roman and Rocky.

swan says:

I know bo one doesn’t do much for you, you’re in the military. It’s just so weird.. go to enjoy some ugly type like Adriano

Curlee says:

Wow Calan. I’m speechless.

sasuk388 says:

fuck yes to this scene. need new blood. if roman is really gone. i hope theres scenes of him being a dom. i only like to see him top.

Gazzaq says:

Roman says on his twt page that he has not left but that CF have not asked him to come back and work for them, which is kind of the same thing. Maybe the complaints on here lead to that decision by CF. Either way he has his own business opportunities now!

TomCNR says:

Chris got too skinny. He started out okay and cute but now he’s lanky with bad hair.

swan says:

Hot scene but In the first picture, Chris looks skinny. I like Chris with baby, cute face before 😤

Ted says:

While CF still continues with this same bulsh*t so white scenes the studios will drown on it owns failures!

Joe Hahn says:

Love this Chris is a great choice. These two are hot. Chris is my choice when I see CF pairings..