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SketchySex: JESUS AND MY DUMPSTER (Bareback)


My roomie ass was getting pounded in the bedroom when I heard a knock on the door. It was the first time I’d stepped outside in days. Some hot young studs were talking about a dude named Jesus coming over later. They didn’t stick around long. I would have loved to suck on their teenage cocks. Bet they got plenty of big loads.

Sketchy Sex: INTERNALLY ADDICTED (Addison Blue, Gabriel Knight, Ryan Pitt, Boe, Kye, Jacob & Lance) (Bareback)


Fill that hole up. I need that load inside. I love the feeling! All that hot cum. Just let me breathe in these poppers while you
push it deep inside of me. Fucking me raw. Its the only way to go.

Alex Chandler Fucks Addison Blue in ‘Finding Father’ Scene 2 at IconMale

Finding Father (Alex Chandler Fucks Addison Blue) (Scene 2) at Icon Male

Michael Delray goes to the bathroom to rub one out and is soon distracted by the loud sex sounds coming from next-door. Alex Chandler and Addison Blue are going at it hot and heavy in this retro themed, uncut cock coupling. In their cut off jeans and oil up bodies, these two horny guys chew on each other’s foreskin, watch each other in the mirror and fuck the night away.

Sketchy Sex: BREED MY HOLE

BREED MY HOLE (Addison Blue, Gabriel Knight, Ryan Pitt, Steven DeLillo) (Bareback) at

I was taking loads all day. Big cocks full of hot yummy cum.

Max Sargent Fucks Addison Blue in ‘House Party’ at Dylan Lucas

House Party (Max Sargent Fucks Addison Blue) at DylanLucas

Addison Blue is throwing a house party at his Stepdads pad and he’s calling up all his friends to invite them over for a night of drinking and adventures. What Addison doesn’t know is that Max Sargent is standing in the doorway listening to his conversation and on his last phone call he tells Addison the only party he is having is the one that’s coming out of his pants and if he wants him to leave he’s going to have to give him some amazing head.

JJ Knight Fucks Addison Blue in ‘Looking For The Big One’ Scene 1 at Falcon Studios

Looking For The Big One (JJ Knight Fucks Addison Blue) (Scene 1) at FalconStudios

JJ Knight can hardly contain himself when he peels off Addison Blue’s shirt to reveal his slim beach body. The two studs fall onto the bed and start tangling tongues as they rub their bulges together through their board shorts. ‘I wanna see your cock,’ Addison begs with a flirtatious look. JJ is all too happy to give his friend what he wants and unleashes his massive hard-on.