America’s Finest

JJ Knight Fucks Paul Canon in ‘America’s Finest’ Part 3 at

America's Finest (JJ Knight Fucks Paul Canon) (Part 3) at Drill My Hole

Hot cop JJ Knight can’t seem to get rid of naughty boy Paul Canon, even when he tries to let him go free of charge. There’s only one way to shut Paul Canon up—and it’s with thick law enforcement cock down his throat. Watch as he takes JJ’s cock up on the hood of the police cruiser out in the open air.

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Roman Todd Fucks Landon Mycles in ‘America’s Finest’ Part 2 at

America's Finest (Roman Todd Fucks Landon Mycles) (Part 2) at Drill My Hole

Roman Todd has found himself in quite the pickle—chained naked to a shower rod, his calls of distress are answered by first responder Landon Mycles who knows just how to get his mind off the situation. From one rod to the next, Roman fucks Landon’s hot ass hard to thank him for saving him.

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Phenix Saint Fucks Jack Hunter in ‘America’s Finest’ Part 1 at

America's Finest (Phenix Saint Fucks Jack Hunter) (Part 1) at Drill My Hole

Time for the service man to be serviced! Phenix Saint barely makes it in the door when he returns home to Jack Hunter after eighteen months on duty. These all-American boys pledge allegiance to each other’s rock hard cocks, culminating in a facial that would make Uncle Sam proud.

RagingStallion: America’s Finest (David Benjamin & Shawn Wolfe) (Scene 5)

America's Finest (David Benjamin & Shawn Wolfe) (Scene 5) at Raging Stallion

Shawn Wolfe and David Benjamin meet up and leave the clothes behind for some downright filthy fucking. David’s yellow jock strap barely conceals his raging erection. Shawn eagerly rims David’s pits, and every now and them, David lifts Shawn’s chin and spits in his mouth. If you love a stud with fur, ink, muscle and a dirty mouth, David is your man.

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RagingStallion: America’s Finest (Ryan Rose & Sean Zevran) (Flip-Flop) (Scene 4)

America's Finest (Ryan Rose & Sean Zevran) (Scene 4) at Raging Stallion

In jock straps that accent the curves of their muscled asses, Ryan Rose and Sean Zevran explore each other’s bodies with their hands and tongues. Ryan devours every millimeter of Sean’s endowment, and his face becomes smeared with saliva as Sean’s thrusts become a full-on face fucking.

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RagingStallion: America’s Finest (Johnny V & Derek Atlas) (Scene 3)

America's Finest (Johnny V & Derek Atlas) (Scene 3) at Raging Stallion

Facing each other on their knees, Johnny V and Derek Atlas bang their foreheads like bulls locking horns. Each man gropes the hard-muscled body confronting him. Derek’s chest heaves; Johnny’s abs ripple. They lock lips, and the bulging pouches of their jock straps swell. Derek’s face slides across Johnny’s pecs, down the midline of his torso and stops at his cock. Derek slurps and strokes on Johnny’s massive tool.

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RagingStallion: Brian Bonds & Boomer Banks in ‘America’s Finest, Scene 2’

America's Finest (Brian Bonds & Boomer Banks) (Scene 2) at Raging Stallion

A St. Andrew’s cross in the background lets you know that Brian Bonds and Boomer Banks are getting ready for some seriously nasty fucking! They are locked at the lips and at the hips, with only jock straps providing a thin barrier between them–but not for long. Boomer spits in Brian’s mouth and Brian uses it to douse Boomer’s armpits.

RagingStallion: America’s Finest (Andrew Stark & Brent Corrigan) (Scene 1)

America's Finest (Andrew Stark & Brent Corrigan) (Scene 1) at Raging Stallion

Brent Corrigan is all man: his lean body is packed with defined muscle. Andrew Stark towers over Brent, with a toned swimmer’s build and an epic, meaty boner. Brent swallows Andrew’s cock in an impressive display of deep throating, and it comes out even thicker and harder than it went in. Brent gasps and drools, exclaiming, ‘Big!’ and switches to Andrew’s enormous balls.