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Raunchy Bastards: #130 (Creeper Casting): Creep Pops Jock’s Virgin Hole

#130 (Creeper Casting): Creep Pops Jock's Virgin Hole at Raunch Bastards

Dominic Phelps and I had only chatted for a few days before I had him over for a photo shoot. He seemed like a pretty sexy motherfucker, and I wanted to tap that virgin hole badly. He said on the phone that he was down for some gay4pay, but only if it paid extremely well. I told him not to worry about it, I had him all set. I explained that I needed to do some photos of him, though, and maybe test out his ability to actually do something with a guy.

Boys Halfway House: Incident #146: His First Bareback Lesson

Incident #146: His First Bareback Lesson (Bareback) at Boys Halfway House

Sometimes it’s the guys you would least expect who show up at the House in need of some help. These are young men who otherwise seem to have a perfect life except for one little problem that over time turned into a big problem. This particular resident had a lot going for him and threw it all away as he was seduced slowly into a cycle of addiction. The guys who are wound tight are always the ones who cause a lot of damage when they lose it.