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ChaosMen: Jayme & Zane ‘Serviced’

Jayme & Zane 'Serviced' at ChaosMen

Not sure what order Zane’s videos will appear on the site, but this was his first video back from a long hiatus. The big beefy Texas boy has matured nicely! He still is a massive dude, but looks more cut, and thankfully, has all his natural body hair. His beard is super sexy, and that natural bush framing his big ‘ole cock is a joy to behold.

ChaosMen: Jayme (Solo)

Jayme (Solo) at ChaosMen

I guess the most obvious thing about Jayme is his amazing height. At 6’8″ I think he is the tallest ChaosMen model. I didn’t even ask him about playing basketball, for fear of getting an eye-roll for asking a question he must hear 3 times a day.