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ChaosMen’s Holiday Marathon 2017, Day 1: Barton & Zane (Bareback Flip-Fuck)

ChaosMen's Holiday Marathon 2017, Day 1: Barton & Zane (Bareback Flip-Fuck) at ChaosMen

With Zane back doing video, I did have a laundry list of guys I wanted to put him with, and very high up on that list was Barton.

ChaosMen: Lorenzo & Zane (Bareback Flip-Fuck)

Lorenzo & Zane (Bareback Flip-Fuck) at ChaosMen

Lorenzo and Zane are two of my best guys going at it with feral heat! These two pros give you everything you would want. Flip-flop fucking, ass to mouth, and creampie action!

ChaosMen: Alonso & Zane (Bareback Flip-Fuck)

Alonso & Zane (Bareback Flip-Fuck) at ChaosMen

I have been keeping Zane busy, while Alonso also has been eager to do more videos. I wanted to put these guys together but I felt like I had two Tops.

ChaosMen: Andreus & Zane (Serviced)

Andreus & Zane (Serviced) at ChaosMen

I love having Zane ready to go for all types of scenes. Andreus had a great solo, and I knew these two would hit-it-off. With Zane’s mass, I think Andreus is not as aggressive as he mentioned during his solo. Though, Andreus is first to attack Zane’s huge cock.

Chaos Men: Vander & Zane (Bareback Flip-Fuck)

Vander & Zane (Bareback Flip-Fuck) at ChaosMen

I have been hoping for this Dream Team match-up from the earliest days of ChaosMen. Zane did a few scenes, and then stepped away from porn. About that time Vander showed up in the studio. They just barely missed working together.

ChaosMen: Jayme & Zane ‘Serviced’

Jayme & Zane 'Serviced' at ChaosMen

Not sure what order Zane’s videos will appear on the site, but this was his first video back from a long hiatus. The big beefy Texas boy has matured nicely! He still is a massive dude, but looks more cut, and thankfully, has all his natural body hair. His beard is super sexy, and that natural bush framing his big ‘ole cock is a joy to behold.

ChaosMen: Nicholas Duff Fucks Zane (Bareback)

Nicholas Duff Fucks Zane (Bareback) at ChaosMen

As you may have noticed, Zane is back!

After many years doing his own thing, he hit me up to do some video work. He looks fantastic and his new more mature, bearded and furry look is amazing.

Sorry it took me a while to get a full-scene online, but there should be more videos of him coming more regularly.

Zane identifies as gay now, and is normally a Top. He wanted to get back to video work and I told him I had a guy ready to go, but he only wanted top. Zane said he didn’t care if needed to bottom a whole video, and was even more eager to get fucked when I sent him pictures of Nicholas.

ChaosMen: Zane’s Summer Solo

Zane's Summer Solo at ChaosMen

Zane has come back and filmed a couple videos, and with his more mature look, I was hoping to get him out for some photos for some promo artwork. I love all his natural body hair!

ChaosMen: Novak & Zane (Raw)

Novak & Zane (Raw) at ChaosMen

I finally found someone to match Zane’s height, stamina, and size! I had been stepping Novak through the idea of doing more with dudes, and the Edge video kind of snapped him into the idea of doing full-on work.

ChaosMen: Davin, Dyson & Zane (TagTeam)

Davin, Dyson & Zane (TagTeam) at ChaosMen

I don’t do very many TagTeams, mainly because they cost more, and I really don’t make more on them. So if you love more than two guys, tell your friends and get them to join, ‘cuz I like shooting them, but dang they get expensive.

Watch Davin, Dyson & Zane at

ChaosMen: Nash & Zane (Raw)

Nash & Zane (Raw) at ChaosMen

I know both Nash and Zane really do love to fuck and get fucked, but they also are motivated to keep you fans happy.

ChaosMen: Silas & Zane (RAW)

Silas & Zane (RAW) at ChaosMen

I think I found someone to put with Zane that doesn’t look miniaturized. Silas’s body is just getting better and better, and though he is not as tall as Zane, Silas sure brought the muscle on this time.

ChaosMen: Vance & Zane (RAW Flip-Flop)

Vance & Zane (RAW Flip-Flop) at ChaosMen

Vance seems to have taken a liking to bottoming especially if he gets to top. His one requirement – Not to have the guy’s dick too big. Ooops!

ChaosMen: Ransom & Zane (Raw)

Ransom & Zane (Raw) at ChaosMen

Ransom starts off by being intimidated by how huge Zane is. He felt um..petite compared to Zane’s ginormous build. This was Zane’s first “real” full time with a dude. Yeah, I had played with him during and Edge video, but we took baby steps, and most of the time he was blindfolded.

ChaosMen: Zane ‘Edge’

Zane 'Edge' at ChaosMen

Did you ever want to make the high school jock sniff and eat his dirty jockstrap?

I did.

Maybe you do to?

Watch Zane at

CorbinFisher: Cade Fucks Todd

Cade Fucks Todd at CorbinFisher

I think it was pretty clear, when he got paired up to bottom for Brent, that Todd had a real curiosity about doing stuff with another guy and was more than willing to get fucked. It was pretty hot seeing the looks of obvious pleasure on his face as Brent did him, and immediately after I filmed that video I decided we really had to get another one shot, as well!

Watch Cade & Todd at

ChaosMen: Zane

Zane at ChaosMen

Wowie Zowie! Zane is like a super hero! Wholesome boy-next-door looks (for his secret identity), but with a body that would make any comic book hero envious.

CorbinFisher: Brent Fucks Todd

Brent Fucks Todd at CorbinFisher

If you’re curious about having sex with a guy and about to do it for the very first time, what better guy to do it with than Brent? He’s a remarkable specimen of man, as well, and we know just how passionate, intimate, intense, and great he can be when breaking in a new guy! We’ve seen him make other CF studs’ first time bottoming experiences pretty amazing, and so he was the ideal choice to do the same for Todd. Todd definitely appreciated it as well, and I don’t think there’s any doubt he thoroughly enjoyed this experience!

Watch Brent & Todd at

CorbinFisher: Todd

Todd at CorbinFisher

Todd’s intro video here on CF is especially striking given the recent introduction of Dylan. Whereas Dylan is 21 years old but looks quite younger, Todd has a physique that makes it quite a surprise when you find out he’s just 19!

Watch Todd at