Articles Featuring: Nicholas II (Corbin Fisher)

ChaosMen: Nicholas Duff Fucks Timmy (Bareback)

Nicholas Duff & Timmy (Bareback) at ChaosMen

When I was trying to figure out who would blow Nicholas, I thought maybe Timmy would be down for it. I sent Timmy some pictures of Nicholas, and his immediate response was that he would love to have sex with him instead!

Chaos Men: Nicholas Duff

Nicholas Duff at ChaosMen

Nicholas Duff has done video work before, so I was pleased when I got an email saying he was looking to do some videos with ChaosMen.

Corbin Fisher: Nicholas & Hugh Get Busy (Bareback)

Nicholas & Hugh Get Busy (Bareback) at CorbinFisher

Around set, Nicholas is known as the quiet, soft-spoken, nice and polite hunk. The same can definitely not be said about Hugh! Which is why I thought of pairing them up!

Corbin Fisher: Nicholas Gets Fucked Bareback (by Calan)

Nicholas Gets Fucked Bareback (by Calan) at CorbinFisher

A cold front might have swept through the city, but the Corbin Fisher guys can always figure out how to heat things up. One of the best ways to get a guy introduced to something completely new and unexpected for them is to have the right guy around to draw out the freak within!

Corbin Fisher: Nicholas Pumps Daniel (Bareback)

Nicholas Pounds Daniel (Bareback) at CorbinFisher

Seeing Nicholas’s tall and buff body, I immediately though about pairing those muscles with a tight, lean-bodied guy. The contrast made for some hot visuals when he was paired with Alex a bi-tag – but I wanted to see how he’d do one-on-one with just a lean and cock-hungry stud!

American College Sex: Nicholas & Alex’s Bi Fuck (Bareback)

Nicholas & Alex's Bi Fuck (Bareback) at AmateurCollegeSex

Lucky Demi gets two play with two hot guys today – and also get a first row seat of watching Nicholas fuck Alex!

CorbinFisher: Nicholas Tops Luke (Bareback)

Nicholas Tops Luke (Bareback) at CorbinFisher

Luke teaches Nicholas about his favorite new past time, but Nicholas I more interested in poking something else! First his face, then his hot ass, flinging his balls against Luke as he goes as deep as possible.

Corbin Fisher: Nicholas Fucks Kenny (Bareback)

Nicholas Fucks Kenny (Bareback) at CorbinFisher

Nicholas doesn’t know what to expect for his first time with a guy, except that it will probably be a good time – and Kenny makes sure that it is!

American College Sex: Nicholas Gets Lucky

Nicholas Gets Lucky at AmateurCollegeSex

We’ve seen enough of the tall, handsome, hairy-chested, big-dicked stud that is Nicholas to want to see him in action. Now, we get to do precisely that- watch this young stud fuck, and see him show off those skills!