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ChaosMen: Davin Returns and Fucks Sean Peyton [Bareback]

Devin Fucks Sean Peyton [Bareback] at ChaosMen

ChaosMen: Sean Peyton handles his cock like a pro, and you really see how big Davin’s cock is when Sean has it in his mouth.

ChaosMen: Damien Reign Fucks Sean Peyton RAW

Damien Reign Fucks Sean Peyton RAW at ChaosMen

ChaosMen: Sean Peyton was down to get fucked, and I was glad Damien Reign is a verbal guy. It turned Sean on big time.

ChaosMen: Blaze Burton Fucks Sean Peyton

Blaze Burton Fucks Sean Peyton at ChaosMen

Sean Peyton was eager to cum from getting fucked, so has Blaze Burton fuck him hard until he busts his load.

ChaosMen: Kurt Tucker & Sean Peyton ‘Serviced’

Kurt Tucker & Sean Peyton Serviced at ChaosMen

Kurt Tucker was more in the mind to service Sean Peyton rather than receive head. He wanted to please his new friend and got in passive-mode.

ChaosMen: Sean Peyton Services Jake Hart

Sean Peyton Services Jake Hart at ChaosMen

Sean Peyton worked hard for this nut! Chaos Men newcomer, Jake Hart, got his cock hard for a couple initial photos, and as usual we try to have the guy sucking jump in and take advantage of the inertia of an already hard cock.

ChaosMen: Dani deMuse and Sean Peyton (Serviced)

Dani deMuse and Sean Peyton (Serviced) at ChaosMen

Wow! Dani deMuse sure turned out to have some great oral skills. I am eager to get him back to do more. There is something to be said about these guys in the their mid 20’s. They come skilled and prepared!

ChaosMen’s Holiday Marathon 2017, Day 11: Sean Peyton & Angel (Serviced)

ChaosMen's Holiday Marathon 2017, Day 11: Sean Peyton & Angel (Serviced)

Angel and Sean Peyton start immediately by kissing and stroking each other’s cocks. Sean, as usual is hard first, so he decides to help his camera-shy buddy out to help get him hard. He has him at almost full-staff, but once Angel turns the table and starts sucking on Sean, his cock gets really hard.

ChaosMen’s Holiday Marathon 2017, Day 3: Nicholas Duff Fucks Sean Peyton (Bareback)

ChaosMen's Holiday Marathon 2017, Day 3: Nicholas Duff Fucks Sean Peyton (Bareback) at ChaosMen

Sean Peyton has gone full on carpet and embraced his hairy nature! Yum! While Nicholas Duff does not have full chest hair, between his beard and hairy legs, I also consider him a hairy dude also. If you like hirsute guys, you will love this hair fest!

ChaosMen: Sean Peyton Services Luka Jay

Sean Peyton Services Luka Jay at ChaosMen

Luka Jay (formerly Lane at Corbin Fisher) seems to be down for testing his limits, but despite his dominant sex vibe, he just wanted to sit back and get head to see how it goes. He is a little wobbly when Sean Peyton rims his ass, but with some tugging and prodding, his cock wakes up, and he begins to get into the Servicing.

ChaosMen: Sean Peyton & Thompson (Serviced)

Sean Peyton & Thompson (Serviced) at ChaosMen

I was so pleased that Thompson mentioned muscular hairy guys as his favorite during his solo. I had Sean Peyton set to come in the next day, and knew that I would have some great chemistry.

ChaosMen: Calhoun & Sean Peyton (Serviced)

Calhoun & Sean Peyton (Serviced) at ChaosMen

Calhoun was eager to swap head with another dude. Sean Peyton was overwhelmed having such a big cock, but he jammed as much of it in as he could. He kept Calhoun hard and occasionally had to slow down or risk making him cum.

ChaosMen: Cayden & Sean Peyton (Serviced)

Cayden & Sean Peyton (Serviced) at ChaosMen

After Cayden did his solo he went home and browsed through ChaosMen like he was shopping. He sent me a list of guys he would love to play with. This is not something I encourage, because well, they pick guys from 8-9 years ago. Sure enough, he had dug back through many years, but thankfully at the top of his list was Sean Peyton.

Ash & Sean Peyton ‘Edge’ at Chaos Men

Ash & Sean Peyton 'Edge' at ChaosMen

It has been a while since I have done an Edge video. It is hard to find new guys who will do some of the fantasy elements.

But when Ash said he could easily cum from a blow job, but was not sure about doing anything back, I figured I had better get him in the chair for some edging.

ChaosMen: Jason Hillcrest & Sean Peyton (Serviced)

Jason Hillcrest & Sean Peyton (Serviced) at ChaosMen

I swear Jason’s cock has got to be more than 8-inches. He was really turned-on in this video and it seems to have grown an inch or more overnight!

ChaosMen: Sean Peyton and Michael (Flip-Fuck Bareback)

Sean Peyton and Michael (Flip-Fuck Bareback) at ChaosMen

After I tossed Michael into the deep end of the pool by doing a TagTeam with Jerome and Wren, I thought he needed some one-on-one time. He was a little lost in that video. Not sexually lost, but he just seemed unsure how to open-up to the cameras and let us see all the naughty things he was doing.

ChaosMen: Sean Peyton Services Matthieu

Sean Peyton Services Matthieu at ChaosMen

I had forgotten how nice Matthieu’s body is. He looks amazing all slicked-up with oil. Sean Peyton is also looking extra furry and extra pumped these days! Yum!

ChaosMen: Sean Peyton and Anton (Serviced)

Sean Peyton and Anton (Serviced) at ChaosMen

Anton and Sean Peyton certainly know how to give each other head! No newbies this day!

Anton was giving-off a bossy vibe in this video, so after some making out, he makes Sean suck on his cock. Anton is a lot less nervous than he was for his solo, so he is horny and eager to play with Sean.

ChaosMen: Barton & Sean Peyton (Serviced)

Barton & Sean Peyton (Serviced) at ChaosMen

Sean Peyton was especially pleased when I sent some pictures of Barton to him the night before the shoot.

ChaosMen: Easton Fucks Sean Peyton (Bareback)

Easton Fucks Sean Peyton (Bareback) at ChaosMen

Wow! Another Serviced video that got out of control! During his solo, Easton stated he had mostly been a Top, but now considered himself versatile. But with Bottom Boy Sean in the room, he definitely gave off some serious Top vibes.

ChaosMen: Sean Peyton Services Ron

Sean Peyton Services Ron at ChaosMen

I love this Serviced video!

At first blush, it is much like any video with a straight guy being serviced. Disclaimer, I just go with whatever sexuality they say they identify with. You and I both will form an opinion, but my guess is Ron has to be at least Bi.