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Jim Kerouac Fucks Lars Norgaard in ‘Blond Ambition’ at Bel Ami Online

Blond Ambition (Jim Kerouac Fucks Lars Norgaard) at

Although all of our scenes this month are fantastic, it has to be today’s encounter between Lars Norgaard and Jim Kerouac that has generated the most excitement. Issue #11: Kevin Warhol Fucks Lars Norgaard (Scene 2)

Issue #11: Kevin Warhol Fucks Lars Norgaard (Scene 2) at

…and in the 2nd part Kevin Warhol again has the privilege to take away Lars Norgaard’s cherry! Believe us that despite all the uneasiness, it was also the moment when Lars found out a bit more about his sexuality and his erogenous zones and wasnít sure if to be happy or scared about it. Some members looked at the cover picture for this scene and figured out that it was Kevin bottoming for Lars in this duo and rejoiced, but trust us the real reward here is Lars bottoming, not Kevin. Issue #11: Lars Norgaard with Kevin Warhol & Joel Birkin (Scene 1)

Issue #11: Lars Norgaard with Kevin Warhol & Joel Birkin at

So in this issue some of you may be unhappy with the fact that 1 of our 2 scenes is only a blow job. On the other hand all 3 entries are featuring Lars Norgaard, which should make up for it. The first part of this issue has Kevin Warhol with the good luck to be sucking 2 of the biggest and most beautiful Hungarian dicks around…

BelAmi: Lars Norgaard (Model of the Week)

Lars Norgaard (Model of the Week) at

BelAmi gave you a peek at this Lars Norgaard photoset over on a while back and have decided to bring you the extended selection here today. Lars Norgaard (First Look at Lars)

Lars Norgaard (First Look at Lars) at KinkyAngels

We all know that reality interferes with our fantasies. Lars Norgaard from Budapest proves that fantasy can interfere with reality as well. Lars’ has some fantastical ideas about shooting porn that makes shooting with him difficult. Don’t be optimistic about seeing him a lot. As Lars’ shares a “plastic doll” chiseled physique similar to Hoyt’s I’m sure you will hate him anyway. Never fear, I have Dehanoia busily preparing our Jelly-belly June edition now. ;-)