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ChaosMen: Claudio Fucks Vander (Bareback)

Claudio Fucks Vander (Bareback) at ChaosMen

Claudio said he was ready to try some raw action. I wanted to put him with one of my best. For a guy who has done video with dudes before, he seemed pretty nervous. I knew Vander would make him feel at ease.

ChaosMen: Claudio & Ransom (Serviced)

Claudio & Ransom (Serviced) at ChaosMen

Ransom gets him on his back to show-off his cock-sucking skills. He had him fully hard in no time, while Claudio strokes on Ransom’s cock.

ChaosMen: Claudio

Claudio at ChaosMen

Claudio (formerly Romeo Alfonso at RandyBlue) has done video work before. As always, sorry about the name change as I never know if a studio feels like they own the name that they gave him. Think of it this way, he is an actor who is now playing the role of Claudio at ChaosMen.

RandyBlue: Welcome To LA: Silverlake (Austin Wolf, Sean Zevran and Romeo Alfonso) (Episode 3)

Welcome To LA: Silverlake (Austin Wolf, Sean Zevran and Romeo Alfonso) (Episode 3) at RandyBlue

Austin Wolf takes a drive in Silverlake and ends up in a threesome with 2 gogo dancers. Sean Zevran and Romeo Alfonso are happy to continue their lap dance after the bar closes and Romeo and Austin take turns fucking Sean senseless.

RandyBlue: Josh Conners & Romeo Alfonso

Josh Conners & Romeo Alfonso at RandyBlue

Josh Conners sucks Romeo Alfonso off and cannot get enough of his long straight and hard cock.

RandyBlue: Nicco Sky & Romeo Alfonso

Nicco Sky & Romeo Alfonso at RandyBlue

I am not going to lie. I was fucking excited for this scene. Romeo Alfonso has one of the most beautiful rock hard dicks at Randy Blue, and Nicco Sky has one of the hottest holes.

RandyBlue: Patrick Dunne & Romeo Alfonso

Patrick Dunne & Romeo Alfonso at RandyBlue

Patrick Dunne is back. It has been a while, but as soon as I heard that southern twang come through the doors, I realized how much we have all missed this hot stud. And as soon as he saw that he was with muscle god Romeo Alfonso, a big huge smile went across his face.

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RandyBlue: Addison Graham & Romeo Alfonso

Addison Graham & Romeo Alfonso at RandyBlue

It has been a few months since Romeo Alfonso did a scene with us. And he came back huge. His muscles were bulging and heaving like I have never seen them before. I knew they needed to get rubbed down. So I set up the massage table. Addison Graham came in and was excited to get a massage.

Watch Addison Graham & Romeo Alfonso at RandyBlue

RandyBlue: Romeo Alfonso (Solo)

Romeo Alfonso (Solo) at RandyBlue

Romeo Alfonso shows off his amazing chiseled body, adorable face and hard throbbing cock.

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