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Boys Halfway House: Incident #145: One Hole Bred, Two Holes Red

Incident #145: One Hole Bred, Two Holes Red (Bareback) at Boys Halfway House

One of the big reasons these guys get into trouble in the first place is that they have nothing to do. In particular, they don’t work. They have no jobs, and they don’t have much of an inclination to find one. Blame it on pop culture, which shows celebs constantly relaxing and partying, or blame it on their parents for being lazy asses themselves. Whoever you blame, though, these guys need to shape up. They are adults, and the sooner they begin acting like it the better off the rest of us will be.

Boys Halfway House: Incident #144 (He Played, He Paid)

Incident #144 (He Played, He Paid) at Boys Halfway House

The biggest problem with today’s younger generation is that they think that they can get everything for free. They also think that their actions won’t have consequences. So, these lads – on the cusp of being completely independent and productive members of society – fuck up yet still believe that they shouldn’t have to deal with the blowback. This guy for instance: He’s a new resident who has a problem with more than just the bottle. Pretty much every word that comes out of his mouth is either a lie or general blather. Even worse, like so many others he thinks he can hide things from the House Managers (such as a bottle full of illicit liquid).