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Raunchy Bastards #104: Bringing On The Power Fuck! (feat. Tristan Sweet and Devin Marcel)

Episode #104: Bringing On The Power Fuck! at Raunch Bastards

This scene is one amazing fuck. I’ve been filming and fucking Tristan Sweet now for over a year, and he’s an amazing bottom (see all his other videos!). Tristan self-identifies as straight, and hasn’t changed that tune, yet. That said, he is perfectly open minded and doesn’t mind getting pounded down as long as there’s something in it for him. I had been asking Tristan to try fucking a dude – really fucking him, but he had been a little reticent about it. As he explained it, since he was straight it was easy for him to get fucked but he was worried he wouldn’t be sufficiently excited to get a boner and fuck another guy. I certainly thought he could do it, and I finally got him to give it a go. Since I had Devin Marcel on hand, who is a complete cock whore, I figured it wouldn’t be too difficult for Tristan to get up in there. Well, I was right. Tristan fucks the shit outta Devin, and it is hot, hot, hot!

Raunchy Bastards: Episode #99: This Straight Boy Loves the ‘D’

Episode #99: This Straight Boy Loves the 'D' (with Bud Strong and Tristan Sweet) at Raunch Bastards

Bud Strong put an ad online wanting to be a pornstar. He only lived a short drive away, so after a few texts he was over to have a go at it. I told him that I’d take some photos of him and he could “try out.” I didn’t explain exactly what I meant by “try out,” but luckily I had Tristan over that day, so Tristan imparted a lot of words of wisdom about porn as we were getting ready for some photos.

RaunchyBastards #098: Teen Rentboy Project

Episode #130: Teen Rentboy Project at Raunch Bastards

Tristan Sweet and Jared Marzdon are both sexy, horny young guys. What differentiates them is that they have a wild fuse, that if correctly lit, will make them explode with sexual energy. I knew this about Tristan beforehand, but Jared was the big surprise here. Both of the guys live near me, and both were for sale.

Raunchy Bastards #101 (I Knew He Was Gay): Gang-Banged At The Redneck Rodeo

#101 (I Knew He Was Gay): Gang-Banged At The Redneck Rodeo at Raunch Bastards

Grant Porter is a dyed-in-the-wool redneck: sexy with a fantastic body and a cute smile. He’s also always ready with a hard dick, it seems. Castiel, who showed up while Grant was around, first appeared wearing cowboy boots and a massive belt buckle. I thought that with two redneck studs like these, Tristan’s sweet ass was about to get a proper pounding! Sure enough, once the three of them got in the room together, it didn’t take long for the clothes to come off and the sex to commence.

Sketchy Sex: RANDOM LOADS 2 (Austin Floyd, Billy Bottom, Guy Houston, John Finch, Rebel and Tristan Sweet)

RANDOM LOADS 2 (Austin Floyd, Billy Bottom, Guy Houston, John Finch, Rebel and Tristan Sweet) (Bareback) at

Here is a day in the life of a sex addict. A bunch of random footage of me taking loads from total strangers. They just drop it and leave. No big deal. What can I say. Im addicted to big dick and hot loads.

Sketchy Sex: CAN’T GET ENOUGH! (with Austin Floyd, Billy Bottom, Guy Houston, John Finch, Tristan Sweet and Rebel)

CAN'T GET ENOUGH! (Bareback) at

The apartment was busy. Guys were cumming and going. I had a cock in both holes. Cum dripping down my chin. My ass was plugged full of it and more was on the way.

Sketchy Sex: JUST 1 MORE LOAD! (Bareback)

JUST 1 MORE LOAD! (Bareback) at

I was getting spit roasted. Sucking dick for so long. Couldn’t feel my jaw muscles anymore and my neck was killing me. That didn’t slow me down though. I just kept taking the loads. Deep throating em and sucking back all those warm cum.

Sketchy Sex: HOT LOADS (Austin Floyd, Billy Bottom, Guy Houston, John Finch, Rebel and Tristan Sweet) (Bareback)

HOT LOADS (Austin Floyd, Billy Bottom, Guy Houston, John Finch, Rebel and Tristan Sweet) (Bareback) at

I spent the afternoon on all fours taking loads from random dudes. Coming and going. Couldn’t get enough dick. Those big fat dick and hot loads felt so good inside of me. Keep em cuming guys!

Sketchy Sex: SLOPPY, SLOBBERING HOLE (Bareback)


All this cum dump wants is big dick and big loads. He doesn’t give a fuck who dumps a load. As long as its big. Billy spent all day blind folded. Sucking the cum out of random dudes dicks and taking big loads up his sloppy hole.

Raunchy Bastards #100 (Creeper Casting): But You’re Older Than My Dad!

#100 (But You're Older Than My Dad!) (Bareback) at Raunch Bastards

As a professional creeper, I have a few rules of thumb. First, once they have all their clothes off, it’s a fuck-ton easier to cop a feel. That’s why it’s best to start with a photoshoot and reel them in until they are naked and on a bed or a couch. Once a dude is hard, if you grab his cock, he’ll have mixed feelings that will benefit you in the long run.

Sketchy Sex: CHRONIC (Bareback)

CHRONIC (Bareback) at

Sex addiction is a chronic, often relapsing disorder that causes compulsive sex seeking behavior despite harmful consequences to the sex addict and those around them.

Sketchy Sex: SEED IT! (Bareback)

SEED IT! (Bareback) at

I was bent over the sofa taking dick all afternoon. My roommate’s cock is especially nice. I’ll let him fuck my hole anytime he wants. And all the random dudes that come in and out of this apartment. Just don’t forget to spit!

Boys Halfway House: Incident #128: Pickling His Cock Pocket

Incident #128: Pickling His Cock Pocket at Boys Halfway House

Me and my fellow House Manager were horny, and luckily Mr. Goodie-Two-Shoes has an extremely bad short-term memory. Before you know if, we were tormenting him and banging his pussy. That cock pocket sure feels DAMN good. Going back and forth between his hole and his mouth made him cough a little, but overall, he put up with the cards we were dealing out. At the beginning, though, he was laughing like it was a total joke. All of us fuck him all the time, so I guess he’s gotten used to that part.

Sketchy Sex: TAKING LOADS (Bareback)

TAKING LOADS (Bareback) at

I was in my bedroom. Taking loads. Face down. Ass up. Had no idea who was fucking me. I don’t care. I just want some hot loads up in me. The apartment was jammed packed with a line our the door. They all wanted a piece of my hot ass. I love big dick. Can’t get enough. Please just keep em cumming!

Boys Halfway House: Incident #121: Boy Cunt Thump ‘N Dump

Incident #121: Boy Cunt Thump 'N Dump at Boys Halfway House

I had to pick up this fuckwad in Escambia County. From the looks of it, there’s nothing legal to do there except get tattoos and punch concrete walls. But, hey, it was a nice road trip on the way up. Once I took possession of our newest resident, it all went downhill. The dumbass snuck out and got another tat in the middle of the night! I can’t say that I was surprised, this guy is like a wild animal that needs to be tamed. Step one in the domestication process is waking the fucker up and showing him who is in control.