Lucas Entertainment: Daddy’s Good Boy, Scene 1 (Manuel Skye and Tomas Brand)

Daddy's Good Boy, Scene One (Manuel Skye and Tomas Brand) at Lucas Entertainment

Daddy's Good Boy, Scene One (Manuel Skye and Tomas Brand) at Lucas Entertainment

‘Daddy’s Good Boy’ at Lucas Entertainment, Series Summary:

Only when you learn what true submission is will you have what it takes to be “Daddy’s Good Boy”! This is a lesson Yuri Orlov learns times two by servicing both Tomas Brand and Sergeant Miles’s alpha-male cocks. Devin Franco and Ricky Verez share Hans Berlin’s daddy dick. Manuel Skye shows his submissive side by bottoming for Tomas Brand, only to return afterward to fuck Dakota Payne and Blaze Austin!

Manuel Skye and Tomas Brand in ‘Daddy’s Good Boy’ at Lucas Entertainment, Scene Summary:

There is no doubt that Manuel Skye is a sexy-as-hell alpha daddy with an incredibly muscled physique. Just ask all of the bottom boys he’s pounded the hell out of in the past. But sometimes even an alpha daddy needs to take a break and given in a little. This is exactly what happens when Manuel runs off on a summer getaway with the King of All Muscle Daddies, Tomas Brand.

While Manuel Skye is making some breakfast, Tomas Brand snatches him away for some fun. It’s not toast Tomas wants — it’s Manuel Skye on his knees swallowing his uncut alpha cock. Manuel gets a rock-hard erection from sucking on Tomas, who switches spots and gives Manuel an incredible blowjob in return.


Watch Manuel Skye and Tomas Brand at Lucas Entertainment

Watch Manuel Skye and Tomas Brand at Lucas Entertainment

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pokok789 . says:

BJ only on a Lucas site?

moondoggy says:

And not released for another whole week!! They act like this is Tomas’s 20 Load Weekend. If I weren’t obsessed with Tomas, I might be annoyed right now.

pokok789 . says:

Precisely. And we know that both of these guys are versatile. At least make it a flip-flop scene. Does Marc MacNamara owed both Manuel & Tomas as well cause it seems like both guys are limiting their roles to top only?

moondoggy says:

They do flip later.

elmtree says:

Well I share your obsession with Tomas but I’m still annoyed!

moondoggy says:

I saw a fuller preview elsewhere. As I suspected, “scene one” is not the limit of what they do. They managed to overplay their hand and underplay it in the same update. They should have either shown the whole thing today or shown scene one next week. But they still do good work, so I will put this complaint in its rightful place: Their complaint box doubles as my lube jar.

Ozjohn says:

Tomas and Manuel will be fucking each other in part 2 of this scene, to be released July 20th.

Philip Broad says:

I’m looking forward to watching Ricky Verez in another threesome but not terribly excited about these two dinosaurs.

Jean Grey's Anatomy says:

I died and went to daddy heaven.

Scrapple says:

What’s really sad is I saw who was in the scene and just knew it would be oral only. But part of me thought “Maybe Tomas has returned to bottoming.” Alas, no.

emercycrite says:

The two hottest daddies of all time