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Lucas Entertainment: Manuel Skye’s Bottoming Debut with Tomas Brand in ‘Daddy’s Good Boy, Scene 2’

Daddy's Good Boy, Scene Two (Manuel Skye's Bottoming Debut with Tomas Brand) at Lucas Entertainment

Manuel Skye’s bottoming debut is a must see! Tomas Brand goes in deeper and rougher, proving why he’s is the King of All Muscle Daddies and why Manuel Skye chose him to bottom for.

Lucas Entertainment: Daddy’s Good Boy, Scene 1 (Manuel Skye and Tomas Brand)

Daddy's Good Boy, Scene One (Manuel Skye and Tomas Brand) at Lucas Entertainment

While Manuel Skye is making some breakfast, Tomas Brand snatches him away for some fun. It’s not toast Tomas wants — it’s Manuel Skye on his knees swallowing his uncut alpha cock.