Baker (Corbin Fisher)

American College Sex: Fletcher & Baker Fool Around (Bareback)

Fletcher & Baker Fool Around (Bareback) at AmateurCollegeSex

Baker, in the long Corbin Fisher tradition of our veterans showing newbies the ropes, is here to help Fletcher realize his full potential. Being the generous soul that he is, Baker’s going to share not only our hot co-ed with Fletcher, but will offer up his own hot jock ass for Fletcher’s pleasure!

Broke Straight Boys Superwide Banner #2

Broke Straight Boys Superwide Banner #2

American College Sex: Baker & Warren’s Bi Fuck

Warren & Baker's Bi Fuck at AmateurCollegeSex

While Baker normally plays up his shy side, he jumped right into the action with Warren and our co-ed. My favorite thing about Baker is how eager he is to please – that makes him an excellent complement to Warren, who has more than enough horny energy to keep up with him! It’s definitely a pleasure to see boy-next-door Baker paired with Warren’s cut muscles and hot cock.

CorbinFisher: Jace Snowballs Baker (Bareback)

Jace Snowballs Baker (Bareback) at CorbinFisher

There’s nothing quite like splashing around in the pool with your buddies to get the blood pumping for Jace and Baker. Here, of course, innocent fun in the sun can’t ever stay that way – after only a few rounds of “an epic cockfight” in the pool with Quinn and Dane, swimming trunks come off and Jace and Baker start looking for an excuse to sneak back into the house together.

Corbin Fisher: Thomas Feeds Baker (Bareback)

Thomas Feeds Baker (Bareback) at CorbinFisher

Thomas is really intent on getting that hot dick of his deep inside Baker from the second the cameras start rolling. Whether it’s a reaction to Baker’s youthful good looks or just him becoming more comfortable letting loose on camera, I see a new level and degree of enthusiasm in Thomas as of late. This of course results in this some incredibly hot action!

Corbin Fisher: Baker Feeds Quinn (Bareback)

Baker Feeds Quinn (Bareback) at CorbinFisher

We’ve been hearing a lot of good stuff about Baker. Whether it’s his boyish face, hot body and cock, his open mind about trying out new experiences every chance he’s offered – or a combination of it all! – people are liking what they’re seeing when it comes to the young jock!

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