Colt Rivers

Jack King Fucks Colt Rivers in ‘Sneaky Assistant’ at

Sneaky Assistant (Jack King Fucks Colt Rivers) at Drill My Hole

Jack King and Colt Rivers link up for some sloppy dick sucking and hole stretching. Jack blasts Colt from behind, filling him fully over the edge of the bed. Colt then hops on top for a ride, welcoming that cock back into his horny ass. Jack drills himself into Colt until both guys blow their loads.

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Sebastian Kross Fucks Colt Rivers in ‘About Last Night’ Scene 4 at Falcon Studios

About Last Night (Sebastian Kross Fucks Colt Rivers) (Scene 4) at FalconStudios

Sebastian Kross, searching for the bathroom in the packed club, accidentally stumbles into the alley. *Click* The door locks behind him. ‘Fuck!’ he exclaims–no chance of getting back in now. He pulls his dick out to piss in the alley when Colt Rivers leaves the club, heading for his car. Seeing Sebastian’s thick cock, Colt seizes the opportunity and extends an invite to hang out at his place. Sebastian accepts, and once inside, they waste no time getting down to business.

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Colt Rivers & JJ Knight in ‘Deep Release’ Scene 2 at FalconStudios

Deep Release (Colt Rivers & JJ Knight) (Scene 2) at FalconStudios

As Colt Rivers soaks his feet in the hot tub, JJ Knight makes himself comfortable on the ledge above. As JJ leans back, the towel wrapped around his waist falls open, revealing his massive cock. Turned on, Colt reaches for his hard cock, and starts stroking to catch JJ’s eye. JJ likes what he sees, and his cock swells. Standing up, JJ walks over and offers his enormous cock to Colt’s eager mouth. Sucking with his wet lips, licking with his tongue, and stroking with his hands, Colt’s expert cock sucking makes JJ shudder with ecstasy.

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Nick Capra Fucks Colt Rivers in ‘Backstage Pass’ Scene 2 at RagingStallion

Backstage Pass (Nick Capra Fucks Colt Rivers) (Scene 2) at Raging Stallion

Nick Capra and Colt Rivers sneak away backstage for some hole-gaping fun. Athletic Colt can’t wait to taste Nick’s tasty 9′ cock, so he yanks Nick’s shorts to his ankles. Nick tells Colt, ‘get it really wet; wax it.’ Nick has a broad chest, covered in fur, and he’s nearly twice the size of Colt. His nonstop barrage of nasty encouragement keeps Colt grinning and choking himself as he sucks harder.

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Tom Faulk Fucks Colt Rivers in ‘Sex Pad’ Scene 5 at FalconStudios

Sex Pad (Tom Faulk Fucks Colt Rivers) (Scene 5) at FalconStudios

Colt Rivers brings skater-hunk Tom Faulk to the Sex Pad for a hot fuck. Tom has scruffy facial hair, a shaggy blond mane that cascades to his shoulders and pubes that match his flowing locks. Tom is completely content in letting Colt pig out on his juicy cock. Colt, who’s smooth and athletic, swallows the whole fat cylinder expertly.

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MEN Series: Jay Landford Fucks Colt Rivers in ‘The Real Houseboys of West Hollywood, Part 3’

The Real Houseboys of West Hollywood (Jay Landford Fucks Colt Rivers) (Part 3) at Drill My Hole

After being betrayed by Luke and Alex, Colt Rivers has a plan to make it even, and that plan is to get fucked silly by Jay Landford’s thick, juicy cock! Jay gives Colt an epic pounding, the kind that only Colt can endure, before the two jizz a river!

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MEN Series: Bennett Anthony & Colt Rivers in ‘Ginger, Part 3’

Ginger (Bennett Anthony & Colt Rivers) (Part 3) at Drill My Hole

The mere thought of having fiery sex with a hot ginger makes Colt Rivers’ dick tingle. Colt spots Bennett Anthony who is more than willing to satisfy his ginger fetish. Colt dives his face into Bennett’s red hot pubes, before getting his face fucked by Bennett’s excited cock. Bennett fulfills Colt’s fantasy by pounding his ass hard, and then letting him ride his rock hard, ginger cock.

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MEN Series: Colt Callaghan & Colt Rivers in ‘Ginger, Part 2’

Ginger (Colt Callaghan & Colt Rivers) (Part 2) at Drill My Hole

Colt Rivers is back on the prowl for a ginger. He wants to lick ginger ass and be fucked by ginger cock. Colt Callaghan meets all the requirements, and then some. He is one sexy ginger with a hot cock and nice, big balls. Colt chokes on his ginger dick, and then gets his sweet ass plowed.

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FalconStudios: Poolside 2 (Jack King & Colt Rivers) (Scene 3)

Poolside 2 (Jack King & Colt Rivers) (Scene 3) at FalconStudios

Jack King and Colt Rivers are horsing around in the pool, blasting each other with their high-powered water guns. The playful competition awakens each man’s burning lust, and Colt begins by giving Jack a deep blowjob on an air mattress. Bright sun illuminates Jack’s glistening treasure trail and water laps his thighs while Colt squeezes his balls and sucks his cock. The crack of Colt’s ass, peering out from the top of his trunks, incites thoughts of fucking.

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NextDoorSTUDIOS: Colt Rivers & Jeremiah Dean in ‘Guess Who’s Cumming’

Guess Who's Cumming (Colt Rivers & Jeremiah Dean) at Next Door World

Colt Rivers loves having a big sister. Beyond the family bond and the close knit relationship, there are other fringe benefits as well. Chiefly, Colt makes it a habit to try and scam all of her hunky boyfriends, so when she calls and tells him she’s running late to meet her latest beau, Jeremiah Dean, Colt’s eyebrows perk up and he begins to contemplate a strategy. If everything goes right, Colt plans on testing out Jeremiah’s wares before sis and family even get home for dinner.

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MEN, Gods of Men: Colt Rivers and Jarec Wentworth in ‘Forever’

Forever (Colt Rivers & Jarec Wentworth) at Gods Of Men

Jarec Wentworth and Colt Rivers wake up in their fancy fuck-pad that includes a spectacular view of the city. With the shades wide open, Colt gets his horny, beautiful ass pounded by Jarecís fat dick. Colt lets out screams of sheer pleasure as Jarec absolutely drills his eager hole. Colt shoots his hot load while he is railed by Jarecís huge cock.

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MEN Series: Bennett Anthony, Brandon Moore & Colt Rivers in ‘Pretty Boy, Part 2’

Pretty Boy (Bennett Anthony, Brandon Moore & Colt Rivers) (Part 2) at Drill My Hole

Pretty boy Bennett Anthony wakes up to a lavish breakfast and an offer of $20,000 to spend the next week with wealthy businessman, Dirk Caber. With cash in hand, Bennett walks into a high end clothing store but the stuck up salesmen, Brandon Moore and Colt Rivers, would not serve him just because he looks like a hooker.

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DylanLucas: Can I Come Over (Colt Rivers & Kaydin Bennett)

Can I Come Over (Colt Rivers & Kaydin Bennett) at DylanLucas

Kaydin and Colt find each other on a gay social app., even though they are both really into each other. They’re just too shy. They talk all the time though for weeks, and as their connection grows Kaydin can’t help but ask the question that’s been on his mind this whole time. ‘Can I come over?’ When he shows up, the energy between them is intense and it doesn’t take more than two words before they have their hands and the lips all over each other. All those pent up feelings are finally let loose and the two go wild.

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