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GayRoom (Men POV): My Step Brother Has a Big Dick (Damian Black Fucks Leo Luckett)

My Step Brother Has a Big Dick (Damian Black Fucks Leo Luckett)

Bubble-butt bottom, Leo Luckett, dominates his step brother, Damian Black’s massive dick.

Dante Martin, Damian Black & Paul Canon in ‘Forgiving Cheaters’ at NextDoorRAW!

Forgiving Cheaters (Dante Martin, Damian Black & Paul Canon) (Bareback) at NextDoorRAW

With his boyfriend gone to work, Paul Canon fucks Damian Black on his sofa, unaware that Dante has doubled back to catch them in the act. Paul sucks Damian off and then mounts him, riding his long hard cock as Damian caresses his chest. Damian is just about to lose his nut when Dante walks in and busts them, but instead of getting upset, Dante curiously unzips his pants and takes up a spot on the couch next to them.

Dante Martin, Damian Black & Allen Lucas in ‘Closet Case Hookup’ at NextDoorBuddies

Closet Case Hookup (Dante Martin, Damian Black & Allen Lucas) at Next Door Buddies

As Dante Martin and his boyfriend Damian Black get busy in Dante’s bed, roommate Allen Lucas lurks in secret hiding in Dante’s closet. Stirring around, the two hear him and discover his spying. An irate Dante demands answers, but Allen can only offer up weak sauce excuses. Dante notices Allen staring at both of their cocks and asks Allen what he’s doing.

Damian Black Fucks Dillon Rossi in ‘Fucking on Pink Flamingos’ at CockyBoys

Damian Black Fucks Dillon Rossi at

Dillon Rossi loves to play — he beams with positive energy both inside and outside the bed sheets. So when he first met Damian Black, still a relatively new CockyBoy, you know he had all sorts of games and activities lined up for them as the summer winded down. They had a raft race in the pool, skipped rocks, and played a rather intense game of paddle ball. Something about their competitive nature was just so fucking sexy for some reason… so when Dillon abruptly leaned in and kissed Damian in the pool, it was smooth and effortless.

CockyBoys: Damian Black Fucks Levi Karter

Damian Black Fucks Levi Karter at

Levi Karter and Damian Black are a great match in this steamy outdoor summer scene. Levi, with his raw sexual energy and hungry appetite is complimented perfectly with Damian and his generous serving of giant throbbing cock.

CockyBoys: Damian Black Fucks Frankie V (Beat The Heat)

Damian Black Fucks Frankie V (Beat The Heat) at

Frankie V. is really coming into his own — his sweet personality, angelic face, his bad boy tats. Something about him is just so strikingly… masculine. All the guys love Frankie, and it was studly Damian Black’s turn to spend a sweltering summer day with him. The guys started making lemonade at first and eating watermelon, and then they went to go lay out by the pool and show off their impeccable bodies.

CockyBoys: Damian Black Fucks Jacob Ladder (Can’t Get Enough Of…)

Damian Black Fucks Jacob Ladder (Can't Get Enough Of...) at

Damian Black and Jacob Ladder have only been CockyBoys for a short while, but they’ve both already grown up so much! Damian in particular has really come out of his shell — he’s so much more of a vocal top now and gave Jacob succinct directions from the get-go when they were hanging out in their underwear. And Jacob, too, has really upped his game, his very presence just oozing sex on camera.

CockyBoys: Damian Black Fucks Liam Riley

Damian Black Fucks Liam Riley at

Liam Riley has a weakness for shy guys with big cocks, so of course he and our new CockyBoy Damian Black clicked together instantly. Damian might be modest, but that doesn’t mean he lacks confidence. When seeing him together with Liam, Damian really came out of his shell the more and more Liam pushed him.