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Dylan James Fucks Michael DelRay in ‘Hitting It Raw’ Scene 4 at Lucas Entertainment

Hitting It Raw (Dylan James Fucks Michael DelRay) (Scene 4) at LucasEntertainment

Michael DelRay has the look of a wise-cracking smart ass with plenty of attitude… which is why it’s so satisfying watching Lucas Entertainment exclusive beefcake Dylan James bend him over and pork him in the butt bareback. Michael is a lean guy with a huge cock, but it’s his hole that gets used in this encounter.

Dolf Dietrich Fucks Rafael Lords in ‘Hitting It Raw’ Scene 2 at LucasEntertainment

Hitting It Raw (Dolf Dietrich Fucks Rafael Lords) at LucasEntertainment

Dolf Dietrich is very tall and Rafael Lords is rather short (the scene photography doesn’t lie). And it’s exactly this reason why Dolf and Rafael wanted to give it a go — they’re both up for a challenge. And when these two men get together — two men that love wild and kinky sex — the energy explodes.

Ashton Summers Bottoms For Jonah Fontana in ‘Hitting It Raw’ Scene 1 at Lucas Entertainment

Hitting It Raw (Ashton Summers Bottoms For Jonah Fontana) at LucasEntertainment

Jonah Fontana is back for more action, and this time around he wants to get his dick wet in Ashton Summers. Here’s the question, though: how easy will Ashton give it up to Jonah’ You don’t have to look far for the answer…