CockyBoys: Daniel Evans Fucks Tyler Wu in ‘Morning Blows’

Daniel Evans Fucks Tyler Wu at CockyBoys

Daniel Evans Fucks Tyler Wu at CockyBoys
Daniel Evans Fucks Tyler Wu at CockyBoys

Daniel Evans Fucks Tyler Wu in ‘Morning Blows’ at CockyBoys:

Welcome back Tyler Wu (@tylerwu.hoo on Instagram & @TylerWu_97 on Twitter) for “Morning Blows”, another special collaboration, this time co-starring CockyBoys Exclusive Daniel Evans! Tyler greets the day giving Daniel a blowjob under the sheets, a wake-up Daniel definitely loves getting. And, after they make out, Daniel promises some fucking ahead prompting Tyler to suck him more and slick up his cock.

Daniel thoroughly enjoys the oral attention and soon reaches over to finger Tyler’s hole, getting turned on even more watching himself in the mirror. As much as Daniel loves this, he really wants to fuck and easily gets Tyler to ride his cock and take his deep thrusts—all while they gaze deeply into each other’s eyes face-to-face.

Soon enough, Daniel gets his wish again to eat ass and with Tyler bent over, Daniel not only rims him, he sucks his cock & balls and strokes him from behind. This all leads to Daniel fulfilling his promise to slide his cock into Tyler and fuck him. Daniel doesn’t hold back either, pumping and drilling Tyler hard, often holding him tight and holding him by the throat.

Eventually Daniel takes Tyler to the bed to finish him off by fucking him on his back with the same unbridled sexual energy. With his hand firmly grasping Tyler by the throat he keeps going and until he makes Tyler shoot his load. It’s no long before Daniel pulls out to shoot a thick load over Tyler’s hole and breed him with it. Virtually spent, Daniel plops down next to Tyler who’s quite pleased with what he started.

Watch as Daniel Evans Fucks Tyler Wu at CockyBoys

Watch as Daniel Evans Fucks Tyler Wu at CockyBoys

Elza says:

I really like seeing guys smile goofily/naturally during sex, I think that immediately lifts a scene and my liking for the actors. Cockyboys does it pretty well, I think.

Cos really, what’s the point of sex if you’re not having fun?

Legondex says:

The more Daniel Evans the better 😀

Elza says:

Same with Evan Knoxx 😋

MisandryMorgan says:

I don’t think anyone will agree with me but there’s something so off putting about Tyler. I wish he’d go away

swan says:

I’d like to see Daniel bottoms instead, this studio often pairs the hot guys with unattractive annoying bottoms, it would be hot to see Kane Fox fucks daniel or Daniel fucks Kane. Cody seiya , Tyler wu and some other skinny bottoms I don’t remember the name are unattractive and so annoying. Wasted pairing.

Kanaka says:

Cody and Tyler huh? Gee what do have in common Ugly? 🤔

Scrapple says:

When I had a quick glance at this I thought Daniel was paired with Dane Jaxon, which I was all for. When I realized it was really Tyler, I was still all for it. I think CB is best when it gets out of its own way, while getting out of the way of the models. You can do art without doing pretentious art. This is that. It’s not part of their current series, but it shares some of the same elements of the scene with Cody and Kane. Intimate sex, mixture of camera angles, unobtrusive environment, cohesiveness. It’s all there, which allows the sex to stand on its own. When the sex is hot, the models are hot, and the models are into what they’re doing, you don’t need to tack on extras.

Elza says:

Louder for MEN in the back

Kj says:

You had me at Daniel Evans

Paulbon23 says:

Really hot!