Corbin Fisher Veteran CALAN Returns to Rub One Out with ELI

Veteran CALAN Returns to Rub One Out with ELI at CorbinFisher

Veteran CALAN Returns to Rub One Out with ELI at CorbinFisher
Veteran CALAN Returns to Rub One Out with ELI at CorbinFisher
Veteran CALAN Returns to Rub One Out with ELI at CorbinFisher

Veteran CALAN Returns to Rub One Out with ELI at CorbinFisher
Veteran CALAN Returns to Rub One Out with ELI at CorbinFisher
Veteran CALAN Returns to Rub One Out with ELI at CorbinFisher

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Calan Returns to Rub One Out with Eli at Corbin Fisher:

If you follow us on social media, you know, Calan, a popular face (and popular butt, and body, and dick!) returned to Corbin Fisher for the first time in several years. We’re thrilled to have this young stud back in a new round of blazing hot action, and figured it’d be quite fitting to have a popular brand new face be the one to welcome him back!

Eli was more than happy to be the one to welcome Calan back to Corbin Fisher with a sexy, sensual massage complete with a happy ending. And when I say Eli was happy to be the one to do it, he was really, really happy! The instant these two met, there was obvious chemistry between them and Eli wanted to get his hands on Calan right away. Eli wanted to get his lips on him, as well!

You’ll notice we’re being a bit of a tease right now, and not telling you who has returned. The holiday season is approaching, so you’ll have to “unwrap” this little surprise gift to see who it is! But we have no doubt at all you’ll be as thrilled with their return as Eli was, and as thrilled to see them back as Eli was to see (and rub, and stroke, and suck) them for the first time!

Watch Calan & Eli at Corbin Fisher

Watch Calan & Eli at Corbin Fisher

Stephensteven says:

I liked it, a pleasing appetiser and I’m looking forward to the next course. Would have been nice if they used some massage oils to make it more sensual. I like Eli, the hairy arms and pits, pity he shaved the fur from his chest though but he’s still a cutie pie.

Fummer43 says:

Calan was and is spectacular…… he should be fucked as often as possible….. he is easily among the best looking guys on their roster….. my only concern is that this is a quick hit to publicize an OnlyFan account…

Jay says:

Glad to see Calan is dipping back into the water.
Maybe, if he sees people appreciate it, he’ll do more.

BottomBoyFromBrazil says:

Calan is looking great and he’s a great addition to their roster but man what a weird concept for a comeback scene. It ended up being incredibly underwhelming given the hype that was built. Hopefully the next scenes he’s in will make up for this one which was filled with missed opportunities (not Calan’s fault at all, he did the best he could – the production team is to blame here).

Kj says:

Calan & Eli are a bottom of the 9th inning grand slam walk off home run

Colton, The Major Hussy says:

Calan looks AMAZING! Always love him.
This, however, feels like such a missed opportunity. Two hot guys and only a massage and oral? *sigh
Hope Calan is back for some good man to man sex. Would love to see him with Roman, Liam and Rocky.

moondoggy says:

I’m wondering if amid the other poaching, CF hired some “creative” director from Mindgeek who is occasionally coming in with deeply stupid suggestions. I don’t have that big a problem with this scene, particularly when the pace of their releases has picked up, but as you point out in your other comment, there are minor things they could have done to make this interesting to people who have been fans of the site long enough to be bored by this. And this comes on the heels of that recent scene with the awful lighting.

Fummer43 says:

Calan is lying flat on his back, hands behind his head, legs in the air, completely shaved and fully hard……totally vulnerable…’s a beautiful photo with Calan primed to be porked….. yet no fucking….. huh.

david david says:

Eli, tell me honestly… Did you eat Taco Bell right before filming this scene? Gurl… I’m sorry but this is some OnlyFans level of nonsense and I’m not with it. Listen… You didn’t have to waste an entire update just to do a non-sex scene with a veteran model. Jeez… Whatever happened to doing a surprise cameo like y’all did with Travis’ return few years ago? Also, they’ve could’ve at least ended it in a full oral cumshot with legit cum swallow like they did with Timothy/Barron instead of a usual jerk-off ending since it’s also only an oral scene. After all, Eli seems to be quite a cum slut so I’m sure he can easily take an oral cumshot and swallow it. Oh well… I hope the next time we see these two together, it’s gonna be a full-blown sex with legit cum swallow ending.

On the bright side, I LOVE me some Calan and I’m so glad he’s back. Lawd know his presence is very much needed right now. But sir… You didn’t have to steal Rocky’s new man right away. 🤣

Colton, The Major Hussy says:

Agree, this should have been, as you say, like when Travis came back.
And an oral scene with nocum eating and snowballing? Come on CF!

david david says:

This could’ve been a much bigger surprise but their current staff seems to lack creativity.

moondoggy says:

jinx! look at my comment below, lol

david david says:

LMFAO! I mean… Something’s noticeably off with them lately. It’s like someone else is running the show.

swan says:

I don’t care cum eating. Why someone is so obsessed with cum eating like David. He always focus and claim legit cum into a mouth 🥱. Cum-eating is the weird shot to cover the face, it focuses on only the dick. I usually can’t see orgasm face of model

swan says:

Eli is an annoying bottom for sure. He’s just a replacement of Noah with small dick can’t fuck anyone

Quietist says:

Nice to see Calan back for sure.
I’m not against scenes without anal penetration, I can enjoy a good oral scene. But as remarked already by you and others, it should have ended with a cum in the mouth / swallowing.
I haven’t seen the scene yet, but I love the last picture above. I can fantasize that this was the moment of Calan’s ejaculation, but it should have been for real.
It seems like Eli licks up some cum and kisses Calan right after. Al least that is something. Another positive point: judging by the photo’s it looks like Eli reaches orgasm by the jerking of Calan.
Calan never did a bi-scene or str8-scene. I hope it stays that way. But what Calan also never did was letting his scene partner ejaculate in his mouth.
He should make up for that now in his second CF round.

The original write-up on CF’s website is silly and mysterious at the same time. The attempt to make it mysterious by not giving the returned model a name is just plain silly. As if nobody knew.
The real mystery is in the use of a plural up to three times, suggesting that Calan is not the only model from the past to return. It’s also in the not completely original write-up as reproduced above.

“But we have no doubt at all you’ll be as thrilled with their return as Eli was, and as thrilled to see them back as Eli was to see (and rub, and stroke, and suck) them for the first time!”

????? Typo’s ??? Or is there a real mystery here ???

david david says:

I’m not totally against oral scenes either but this one really does feel like a waste given that both guys have already done full gay sex scenes before. Besides, for me this is more like a substitute for a solo scene than a replacement for a full gay sex scene. This is something you’d expect from an OnlyFans content creator and not an established studio.

Yep, Eli licked off the cum but that’s still not the same as taking a full oral cumshot and legit cum swallowing, which is what an oral scene needs. The jerk off ending just added more fan site feel to the scene. Calan plays for our team. I’m glad we’re starting to get good quality gay models again. We’ll be needing that especially now that the coed section is becoming more and more of a priority for the studio lately.

I think the pronouns are just typos since they were really trying to add mystery to Calan’s identity in the write-up. I wouldn’t keep my hopes up if I were you or you’ll get disappointed when no other veteran model returns. If someone else returned, that would be great but right now, the chance of that happening is slim to none.

C A says:

I remember the SC Curtis and Jess scene and at the end Jess cums on Curtis’ chest and then slides down kneeling and licks his cum off and he and Curtis share a cummy kiss. That to me was the hottest part of the scene. I love a good snowballing kiss.

david david says:

A good snowball kiss is pretty hot too, though I still personally prefer a full oral cumshot and legit cum swallowing. To me, nothing’s hotter than seeing the guy gulp down cum. This scene, however, did neither. Eli licked very little and avoided licking the bigger puddle of cum so there was no real snowballing here. ☹️

C A says:

Agreed. He wasted it, because Barron would’ve ATE!

Quietist says:

Surprise, surprise, …
There seems to be a legit swallowing of Jax’s cum by Rocky in the new coed update today 😏.
I just read it in the write-up, but have not seen it yet.
“The fun’s not over for Rocky or Jax until they’ve both shot huge loads, though, and Rocky’s [sic] guzzled Jax’s load down!”

It looks like they are not being able to keep the regular update schedule they had for some time now. It’s becoming irregular again. (Not so on BCF and HCF, both are regular like a clock.)

Scrapple says:

Whew, Chile! The ghetto!

Quietist says:

There is something peculiar about CF’s scenes lately.
This Calan/Eli scene is not recorded at the model house / studio where “all” the scenes come from since mid-2019.
It is definitely recorded somewhere else and the same goes for the solo of Wyatt III (aka Kane Hardy).
Wyatt’s interview is not in a CF room and his shower is not in one of the bathrooms in CF’s model house / studio. The outdoor footage is not from a usual ‘CF’ location.
And the massage table with Calan/Eli wasn’t situated there either.
I’m not 100% sure but I also don’t think these scenes were recorded at Jason’s private home.
Maybe they moved to a new location again? Or were these scenes recorded at the new model’s own homes?
Like: CF travelled to the models instead of the models travelling to CF? This would be a novelty.

sasuk388 says:

calan is back. but what the fuck is this update. SERIOUSLY. BS

DeeGee says:

What exactly is this in aid of?

swan says:

What a waste! Stupid idea making video of a veteran’s return by an oral video. It makes him more interesting or teasing the subscribers? It sucks. 😑

simp says:

Not thrilled for this oral scene but still wanna drop a comment to show my appreciation of Calan returning. As written, this is certainly a harbinger of more Calan scenes to come and I am looking forward to those.

Scrapple says:

Calan went from snack to full meal. A dick in Eli’s mouth for an entire scene is one way to keep him quiet. But an oral scene? What is this, Chaos Men?
You brought this near-legend back for an amateur massage from a professional collaborator. I guess Mason Wyler wasn’t the only CF vet to be welcomed back with lukewarm oatmeal.

david david says:

For a moment, I thought CF is now buying content from OF considering Eli used to be(?) an OF model. But yes, Calan is so fucking fine. It’s like he hasn’t aged a day, except he’s gotten hotter. Now, let me go back and rewatch Barron/Calan. If only Barron is still here. Ugh…

Which reminds me, I haven’t watched AHS NYC yet. Is it any good? The last season was really tragic.

Scrapple says:

The current season of AHS is gayer than the current season of Corbin Fisher.

david david says:

Really? Hmm… That’s interesting. They’ve always added some gay elements in past seasons but it sounds like they went full-on gay this time. I like that. My only worry is it might be awkward to watch this season with my sister. LOL!

Scrapple says:

It’s set in NYC during the 80s. So basically a lot of gay themes and an allegorical representation of AIDS in the form of an actual disease and a big muscled leather daddy who terrorizes people. Not even kidding about that last part.

I’m surprised you went to Calan/Barron first. Yes, it’s a classic, but Calan/Baker ends with Baker getting his mouth filled. The first one I went to was Calan with Tom. I love that scene. The threesome with those two and Dane I liked too, although Dane wasn’t full Dane back then. Still, Tom getting spitroasted is always going to be hot. The POV scene with Quinn I watched too. That scene was the first one where I thought a POV was handled perfectly. I just have to remind myself that was shot before anyone knew Quin was a disgusting, ignorant, self-absorbed asshole.

david david says:

Oh… So this season is gay GAY? I’m in. Big muscled lea… That’s all you have to say. To hell with my sister. I’m watching this by myself. LMFAO!

Isn’t Calan/Baker the scene where they talked about hitting the spot? That was a great scene and the swallow ending was so *chef’s kiss*. Baker was definitely one of the swallow kings back then along with Barron and Dane. But Barron/Calan has a special significance to me. I was quite new at the time and that was the first scene where I truly felt what chemistry and connection means. I really thought they were real-life boyfriends with the way they were looking at each other. Ugh… Also, I think I just subbed when it came out and it was the scene that made me decide that I’m gonna stay with CF instead of studio hopping like I used to do the year prior. It also came out at the time when most of my faves from the previous batch were starting to disappear (which would eventually include Calan) and I needed a new fave to hold on to. That new fave was Barron and this was the scene that made me fall in love with him. It’s wishful thinking at this point but I seriously, seriously hope that Barron would come back and reunite with Calan. Anyway, Calan has truly made a mark in his short time with CF. The only thing I truly didn’t like was he had his bottoming debut with Henry. And although I totally agree he was great with Tom, I’m not the biggest fan of their threeway with Dane. I don’t even recall what happened in that scene so that speaks volumes on how uneventful that threeway was for me. LOL! But overall, Calan mostly had great scenes. I even enjoyed the Calan/Quinn scene despite my dislike for POV. But at this point I can’t bring myself to watch and rewatch Quinn’s scenes regardless of his scene partner. Anyway, it was really nice reminiscing about those days thanks to Calan’s return.

sassy princess says:

Calan got me resetting passwords and canceling my retirement from commenting here.

So happy he’s back! He’s one of my top 5 CF models. He came in, did what he had to do and got out. Hopefully, he sticks around a bit longer without overstaying welcome like Miss Rocky.

Gazzaq says:

No Problem WB re moderating my comment as I am having a bit of a rant this morning so resubmitting!

Gonna have rant guys. Saw this yesterday morning and thought WTF is this nonsense and I could not be bothered to download, watch it or comment on it!

Really Corbin Fisher, you tease us about Calan’s return and then you produce this crap! Really? You have two hot Gay Men in scene and do only a massage and mutual jerk off, what is E Lads? Jeez honestly you guys on here are far too generous with your praise for this rubbish!

Seriously I do detest the way that this supposingly ‘independent, gay-owned and gay-operated home of America’s hottest college men’, take their fans for fools, who will continue to fund and praise them unconditionally!

I could say more, but what is the point, it not life or death is it, it just bloody Gay Porn!

Ok rant over!

TomCNR says:

What a waste

Edwin Stoneback says:

Calen looks really sexy and gorgeous but too smooth for my tastes but his body is spot on sexy

1995briefs says:

Agreed. At least grow some trimmed pubes.