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Str8 Chaser: James (Unemployed Skater Makes a Quick Buck)

James (Unemployed Skater Makes a Quick Buck) at Str8 Chaser

James is a hot and unemployed skater looking to make a quick buck. It didn’t take much for him to show me what he can do with those juicy lips of his, and for just a bit more cash, he let me fuck his tight ass right there and then in the woods. Needless to say it was the easiest fuck I’ve ever had.

RealityTHUGS: Day Day Fucks Adrian

Day Day Fucks Adrian at RealityDudesNetwork

Adrian and Day Day have one thing on their minds: those big dicks of theirs. They waste no time getting down to business with Adrian diving straight for Day Day’s massive cock and deep-throating it. Things heat up when Day Day flips Adrian around and starts eating and slurping his big ass, then shoves his huge cock deep inside Adrian.

Str8 Chaser: Jake (Extra Cash to Pound That Perfectly Muscular Ass)

Jake (Cash To Get Him Out Of Those Tight Shorts) at Str8 Chaser

When I caught up with Jake at the park he was kind of bummed cause he just lost his job as a personal trainer, so I tried to cheer him up to see that beautiful smile on his face. Wanting more than a smile, I offered him more and more cash until he let me pound his perfectly muscular ass!

Reality THUGS: Quake Fucks Kacey Jones

Quake Fucks Kacey Jones at RealityDudesNetwork

Kacey Jones and Quake are super horny and can’t wait to get their hands on each other. As soon as Kacey walks in, he kneels in front of Quake’s massive cock and deep-throats him. He continues to blow Quake until Quake flips him on all fours and buries his big black cock inside Kacey and pounds mercilessly away.

Str8 Chaser: Pierce (He Was Worth The High Price)

Pierce (He Was Worth The High Price) at Str8 Chaser

I found Pierce jogging in the park, and his pretty face and muscular physique attracted me to him right away. I knew getting him to do what I wanted would come at a high price but he was worth it. His juicy mouth and plump ass were better than I could imagine. Hope you enjoy as much as I did.

Reality Thugs: Kino Knight Fucks Dustin Steele

Kino Knight Fucks Dustin Steele at RealityDudesNetwork

Both Kino Knight and Dustin Steele are ready to bust a nut, so it’s no surprise when as soon as Kino sees Dustin, he unzips his pants and Dustin dives straight for his big back cock. After blowing each other’s massive dicks, Kino starts rimming Dustin’s round ass, then shoves his cock deep inside and fucks him hard and fast until Dustin blows his load all over himself.

Str8Chaser: Bobby (Cash To Get Him Out Of Those Tight Shorts)

Bobby (Cash To Get Him Out Of Those Tight Shorts) at Str8 Chaser

Bobby is a bit down on his luck, but lucky for him, I have an offer that he can’t refuse. I gave him enough to get into those tight shorts and experience that hot ass of his, and he didn’t disappoint.

RealityThugs: Divo Fucks Joey Rico

Divo Fucks Joey Rico at RealityDudesNetwork

Divo and Joey Rico come together for this hot interracial scene. Sexy, tall, dark and handsome Divo slings his huge BBC in all its glory for chiseled white boy Joey to enjoy. The pair certainly waste no time going down on each other, with Divo wrapping his sensuous plump lips around Joey’s thick uncut cock. He then flips Joey around to properly eat his hot ass before dipping his big cock deep inside.

Reality Thugs: Sleepy Reed & Leo North (Flip-Fuck)

Sleepy Reed Fucks Leo North at RealityDudesNetwork

It is laundry day but Leo North and Sleepy Reed are in a mood for raunchier things. They turn the laundry room into a fuck room when Sleepy starts undressing to reveal his huge black cock. Leo immediately starts sucking him off and deep-throat that massive cock. Sleepy then eats Leo’s big ass before sliding deep into it, slowly at first, then pounding him faster and faster. The two flip-fuck until they cum all over the room.

DickDorm: 2-Way Bareback (Brandon Evans Fucks Tobias)

2-Way Bareback (Brandon Evans Fucks Tobias) at

While Brandon Evans is watching porn, we have Tobias sucking on his huge cock. Tobias is so good at deep-throating that Brandon wants to know how good his ass is. He has him ride him like a cowboy, bareback, and fucks him long and hard until they both jizz all over themselves.

Str8Chaser: Rocke (Money Well-Spent To Fuck A Perfect Ass)

Rocke (Money Well-Spent To Fuck A Perfect Ass) at Str8 Chaser

Rocke is this seriously hot dude I stumbled upon in the woods. He’s pretty chill and easy-going which made it easier for me to offer him a little payout in exchange for a peek at that impeccable body.

Dick Dorm: Butt Pong (Tobias & Donny Forza Fuck Brandon Evans) (Bareback)

Butt Pong (Bareback) at

Donny Forza, Brandon Evans and Tobias are always in the mood to make things interesting. This time they strap a red cup to their buddy’s ass and compete in a “Butt Pong” competition. The winner gets to fuck his perfect ass first. Frankly it doesn’t matter because we all win when the guys start unleashing their massive cocks on him, fucking him rough and raw and making him moan like the fuck-toy he is.

Str8 Chaser: Ben (Hairy Construction Worker Hoping To Make Extra Cash)

Ben (Hairy Construction Worker From MS) at Str8 Chaser

Ben is a hairy construction worker from Mississippi on vacation, and looking to make some extra cash. He seems shy at first, but when presented with some money, he doesn’t skip a beat and starts sucking my dick in the woods. He’s so good that I offer him more to get to fuck him, and man, his hairy ass was the sweetest hole I’ve fucked in a long while.

Dick Dorm: Roulette

Roulette at

What’s better than a Vegas themed party? A Vegas themed gangbang of course, and these guys sure know how to play. When their mate loses the game, they start taking turns fucking his tight round ass bareback. He takes one big cock after another like a champ until they cum all over his ass and face.

RealityThugs: Black Ice Fucks Marvelous

Black Ice Fucks Marvelous at RealityDudesNetwork

Black Ice and Marvelous need to release some tension. They choose to do so by whipping out their massive Black dicks and blowing each other. When just sucking on a delicious big black cock isn’t enough, Marvelous gets on all fours and Black Ice is more than happy to fuck him deep and long until the two shoot their huge loads.

Str8Chaser: Scott (Fucking This Muscle Daddy’s Perfect Ass)

Scott (Married Man Needs More Cash) at Str8 Chaser

I caught Scott playing Pokemon Go in the park and his nerdy/muscle dude look instantly turned me on. We chatted for a while and I discovered that he was a bit of an exhibitionist, so it was a bit easier to get him to take his shirt off and touch his statuesque body in public. I offered him some money to jerk me off and seeing his massive hands on my dick turned me on even more, so I got him to bend over and let me fuck his perfect ass…for the right price of course.

Reality THUGS: Derek Maximus Fucks Phoenix

Derek Maximus Fucks Phoenix at RealityDudesNetwork

Derek Maximus is a little nervous about his performance, but Phoenix knows exactly what to do to get him going. When Derek pulls out his thick black meat, Phoenix gets right down on his knees and starts blowing him until Derek is hard enough for him to sit and ride that fat cock. That’s when Derek takes over and starts plowing Phoenix’s ass mercilessly before covering him with his load.

Str8Chaser: Max London (Married Man Needs More Cash)

Max London (Married Man Needs More Cash) at Str8 Chaser

Married Man Max London is tall, handsome, and jacked, and while visiting the West Coast for the first time, he’s looking to explore his kinkier side. I offered him a bit of cash and off came the shirt revealing his perfect torso and rock hard abs. I obviously had to see more, so I offered more cash, and the result was better than I ever dreamed of. Not only is Max great at sucking a big cock, but he’s even better at taking one up his muscled ass.

Reality THUGS: Philly Mack Attack Fucks Jason Barr

Philly Mack Attack Fucks Jason Barr at RealityDudesNetwork

Philly Mack Attack is Back and ready to pound Jason Barr’s hot little white ass. He starts by testing out Jason’s blowjob skills, then fucks him deep and hard until he cums all over his back.

Str8Chaser: Alex (It Takes More Cash To Fuck Him)

Alex (It Takes More Cash To Fuck Him) at Str8 Chaser

When I offered Alex some money in exchange for a peek at his hot body, he was a bit hesitant but went for it. I offered him a bit more and he showed me how good he looks with a big dick in his mouth. I gave him even more cash and I got to fuck him hard with my big cock.