Gabriel at EnglishLads

Gabriel at EnglishLads

Gabriel at EnglishLads

Gabriel is new to EnglishLads and is pretty soon out of his shirt and in his tight briefs with his hard dick straining to come out. His briefs come off and he relaxes while you see some cock close ups and he then grabs his dick and seconds later its fully hard!

He loves playing with his dick, its pretty big at least 8.5 inches! He can go from small and soft to very big, solid and pulsing in a matter of seconds! Gabriel then wanks upside down, tries to suck himself and shows off his ass. He wanks off on his back, gets rock hard and shoots loads of cum all over his abs.

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Life Is Better With BelAmi 2022 – Superwide & Tall

Brent at Sean Cody

Brent at SeanCody

Sean Cody spotted Brent in front of an apartment building where he was tooling his bike. Sean had seen him several times before, but never had that perfect moment to approach him. Brent always seemed to have his shirt off, with his pants hanging low around his hips. Such a hot guy with a cute face and nice torso…

Brent came to the studio to do his video in his pickup truck, with his bike in the back. They thought it would be fun to take him to some of the local trails and film him doing some tricks. Luckily, it had rained recently, so they were able to get him nice and muddy before taking him back for a nice, hot bath.


Scotty The Shooter

Scotty at Randy Blue

Scotty is one of those oh so adorable straight guys that really loves to show it all off no matter who is looking. As soon as the camera started clicking he was immediately aroused and yet relaxed. Scotty admits he loves his body and that he loves sex. He loves sex with partners and he loves sex with himself. Either way he just loves sex. Scotty’s body is naturally toned and muscular. He has a great cock and a really nice blonde red bush that just frames it perfectly. You are going to love Scotty in his photos and his upcoming video. And yes he is a shooter!

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Sean & Jake

Sean & Jake of HornyHounDogs

Pretty boy Sean is a worry wart by nature, but this time, it’s a legitimate dilemma that he’s worried about. Sean is scheduled to do his first ever porn shoot….. with another guy. The pay is great, but he’s not sure about how to handle himself with another naked man. Now Sean knows his friend Jake has done this type of work before. So he visits his friend for some advice.

Sean tells his friend about the porn shoot and as Jake listens, a sly grin spreads across his face. Jake tells his good friend that he’s been in this situation before, and he could give him some pointers, but Sean has to take his clothes off…

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Life Is Better With BelAmi 2022 – Superwide & Tall

Jack at Military Classified

Jack was referred to Rob by a member who has an insatiable desire for straight Marines. When Rob’s friend showed him Jack’s pictures, he knew immediately that he had to have this stud puppy come in to do some video work. Jack is only 19 but has a very open mind and really doesn’t give a fuck what hole he sticks his dick in as long as it’s warm and he gets paid…. well he’s down!

Jack at Military Classified

He was pretty relaxed when he came in for the shoot and he came with a friend of his who Rob also thought was a stud and wanted to get in for some work. Stay tuned — I think we will be seeing his studly friend soon as well. Rob shot this video a little different than how he usually does. He had his friend who referred him the Marine to actually shoot the video also since he has had experience with a camera.

Rob loved planting his lips on that beautiful 6.5 incher cut cock. He has this little vein that protrudes from his shaft when it’s hard.. HOT HOT HOT!

Jack loved getting his dick sucked… which Marine doesn’t? Rob sucked him on the bed, sucked him standing up, licked and sucked on his beautiful smooth balls and just went to town as you’ll see.

Jack at Military Classified

This boy has ALOT of sex… for 19 I think this little hottie doesn’t ever go unsatisfied most evenings. He had great endurance and stamina, we can only imagine how he fucks.

After finally getting Jack on the bed and with his hands behind his head; Rob pounded his dick with no mercy. He increased the speed and got him so fucking hot and bothered that it didn’t take long before he blew his 19 year old load all over Rob’s hands.. God it was beautiful! Check it out!

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Vamos Rafael!

Rafael Nadal

Rising tennis pro Rafael Nadal is preparing for Wimbledon, which starts today. He is seeded fourth, and is in the bottom half of the draw. He will be scheduled to play on Tuesday.

Many thanks go out to my longtime friend, Jerry, who is a tennis pro in his own right, for turning me on to Rafael!

Rafael Nadal
Nice cup

Believe me, I searched high and low for pictures of Rafael that depict a bit more skin but was not so lucky in my quest.

Rafael Nadal

You can find more info at Rafael’s website.

Jason at Men At Play

Jason at Men At Play TV

What is so arousing about Jason is his many contradictions. The blonde haired, face of an angel on the shoulders of a hard manly body – his shy polite manner as he willingly shows off his erect dick – and knowing that he is adamantly straight yet so sexually charged he will try anything , all add up to make this hunk from Prague completely irresistible! Add to that his amazing thighs and ass, his cute accent and his ability to shoot his juice on command and we have ourselves a sure-fire MenAtPlay hit!!!

Jason at Men At Play TV

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Logan Fucks AJ at CorbinFisher

Logan and AJ at CorbinFisher

At CorbinFisher(CF), they have been so pleased with straight stud Logan’s exploration with the other guys! His past few vids have been nothing short of red hot! Last week’s update where he took the role of teacher with fellow straight stud Eric was a crowning achievement with him!

CF wanted to test the waters further though…with the exception of his blow job from Justin last year, Logan has never been paired up with another guy who is naturally into guys…and CF wanted to see just how voracious this straight stud’s appetite for genuine man sex really was!

CorbinFisher stud AJ, with his nicely toned physique and thick perma hard-on, was the natural choice! CF’s only instruction to Logan was for him to just let things flow naturally and not to be afraid to enjoy! The ensuing scene was positively electric!!

Logan tore into AJ with passionate kissing, rimming, mutual cock worship, and finger fucking before giving AJ a vigorous ass fucking he won’t soon forget! This is the REAL thing folks! Don’t miss this sweaty, hot straight stud do his thing with another guy!

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Military Classified: Berry, It’s Too BIG!

Berry at Military Classified is a granola eating navy boy from the midwest who is in San Diego stationed on Coronado Island for the time being trying to make a go in the military. He loves to hike and camp mostly but his favorite thing is getting his dick sucked. He gets alot of complaints from women because of the size of his cock, he says its too big for them to handle at a high rate of speed! If you know what I mean!

Berry’s kinda thin but practically hairless, very boyish and a dick that just wouldn’t quit. He was proud of that fucker too! The shoot starts with images of this boy from just about every angle and if you check out this guy’s photo gallery 95% of the photos you’ll see are of that beautiful dick of his! It is a beauty!

Military Classified is a website that was built to fulfill the desires of anyone who has had the fantastic designs of snagging a straight military boy.

In boldface, confident print atop the Military Classified website it states that they’re looking for “a few good men!” That they have found, but it’s not confinded to a mere few, mind you, but an entire cache of heterosexual delight.

There’s a long road ahead, sign up and start your tour of duty today!

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Versace Mini Cooper

Versace Mini Cooper

Donatella Versace designed an exclusive MINI, which premiered at the Aids charity event on May 21st, 2005. Let’s hope Elton John doesn’t get wind of this one. And if he does, his toupee is strapped and glued on tight.

The Versace MINI
Only a few automobiles arise as much attention in the fashion scene as MINI. Also the international acquainted fashion designer Donatella Versace had been inspired by it and thus designed a black MINI Cooper Convertible following the creative ideas of her own.
“It has been an unusual and stimulating challenge – said Donatella Versace -combining fashion with the technology and modernity of a car like the Mini. The fact that this helps to fight against AIDS was the ultimate decisive factor.”

The design reproduces the famous Versace “baroque” print. It is typical Versace style: elegant yet coltish. It therefore perfectly fits the colorful Life Ball event. The flower pattern is layered over the car lacquer like a second skin.

Versace Mini Cooper Versace Mini Cooper Versace Mini Cooper

The seats are covered with black leather, which are held together by golden seam. The gearshift, being the core element in the car’s cockpit, has been adorned with a silver Versace-type Medusa and is enframed by original Swarovski crystals. On the car’s c-pillar (the hindmost part of the cars soft-top) and the headrests of the front seats, one can find an embroided Versace Medusa. The interior has also been made by in-house Versace experts following the conceptional idea of Donatella Versace’s design and therefore perfectly fit the car’s exterior.

Auction on eBay
Following the Life Ball Event the Versace MINI will be auctioned off for a good cause on eBay (, and The proceeds go to the Life Ball, which supports several HIV and AIDS aid organizations with it.

MINI is available in a total of 7 model variants, from the MINI One D with 55 kW/75 bhp to the MINI Cooper S with 125 kW/170 bhp. In between there is the MINI One with 66 kW/90 bhp petrol engine and the MINI Cooper with 85 kW/115 bhp. The icing on the cake is the MINI Cabrio which has been available since Summer 2004 with electric soft top and a fresh design.

For more information regarding the MINI commitment at the 2005 Life Ball please visit and for general information.

English Lads Reviewed

English Lads

These English Lads, young blokes and sexy striplings are ready to take on America and take off their wee undies for the camera. Nick Baker, the site’s photographer, picks models from different walks in life with many of them exclusive to English Lads. Just over half of the models on the site are straight, by-golly-gee!

Just as you enter English Lads you’ll be excited to find all the features that are available to you. The entrance page includes links to search, videos, favourites, the newsletter and it even has a contact link for feedback on the site or for any problems that you as a member may have encountered.

English Lads Search

On the entrance page you can browse from A – Z, search by statistics(depicted below), view the most recent photo sets, look through the sets of duos and groups or all of the above on one page. All the recent updates are listed which includes a thumbnail preview of the young guys. There is even a brief preview for the following update on the current page.

English Lads Search

The photographic quality is exceptional. The pictures are clear, crisp and the photographer has included variations from fully clothed to naked, masturbating, guys enjoying the pleasures of a no-holds-barred blowjob or hardcore anal fucking. Included is a description about the guy or guys and the photo shoot written by the photographer Nick Baker. On a side note, Nick’s voice is sinfully enchanting.

The first photo set I viewed was one of the most recent additions to English Lads. Nick was able to capture the sporty footballer, Anthony(below) warming up with the ball and then pulling down his shorts and having a wank in the forest!.

English Lads

Videos: members have access to many pages filled with thumb previews of the guys and include showering, bath time guys, hardcore, blowjobs, full-length movies that play for 30 plus minutes or shorter clips for those on dial-up or who have a slower connection. The videos can be viewed using QuickTime.

You have the opportunity to watch the movies or save them for a later date when you have time to view the hours of randy, young guys that this site has to offer. As a member, you have access to around 110 models(at the time of this review) that appear in this site for you to admire.

As far as viewing the movies, the owner of the site has organized the movies for easy use in sets of model/models. The movies are crystal clear, the sound is ok and Nick encourages the Lads to enjoy themselves with his sinfully enchanting English accent; I’m reminded of Jeremy Irons. Who could resist? Be sure to look for outtake photographs of the most recent shoots.

Check out English Lads for yourself, you’ll be VERY glad you did!